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Like most parents, I worry.

Will my son, Jacob, succeed in life?  Will he pass Spanish?  Will he become a useful member of society or will he remain in the basement until he is dragged off by the Health Department?

But today I learned that I have one more worry to add to the pile.  You see, now I have to analyze his text messages for clues about his health.


Yup, it’s true.  Because today in an article I found on Reuters.com, I read that there is a new malady, called “Dystexia.”  It’s when a person texts back nonsense in response to a regular, ordinary question.  And it can involve a trip to the emergency room.

The article linked to above, talks about a husband who realized that there was something wrong with his pregnant wife when her texts didn’t make sense.  She was rushed to the hospital and they found out she had had a stroke.

Now if you have a child, aged 8 to 25, you’ve already figured out where I’m going with this.

Because personally, I think I’m going to start worrying when my son’s text messages start making sense. 

Text message 3

Unless, of course, he wants money.  Then I’ll be sure it’s him and that he’s broke in a whole different way.


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