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Fantastic Foolishness

Today’s music is A Very Good Year

Woo-hoo!  It’s not Friday!  But it IS Guapola’s Birthday!  So Happy Birthday, Guap.

Wait a minute, you don’t know El Guapola?  What are you waiting for go!

As all Guap’s bloggin’ buddies know, this is a good year to put behind him so he can go on to sharing more good tunes, checking out all the blogs we haven’t gotten to yet, and doing all those extreme sports that make me wet my pants very uncomfortable.  For the hardships he had, I am glad the year is over, but I’m glad he spent time with me on my blog and that I got to spend time with him on his.

Of course, the biggest news is that Guap is completely nuts.  Oh, you mean you knew that? It’s not news?  Oh.  My bad.

Still I love hearing what Guap is up to.  I say that (1) as a total coward; and (2) as someone who refuses to climb stairs too fast.  Yes, this year, Guap did his first Bungee jump.  I don’t know what he looked like when he did it.  I played the film but closed my eyes and plugged my ears.  I’m told it was memorable, though.  I’m also told he survived.

Today I’m joining with other bloggin’ buddies of Guap’s to wish him a great birthday, and to offer up my own Word Press Poll

But seriously, Guap, you rock.  Thanks for all the smiles you’ve given me throughout the year.  May the coming year bring you nothing but good fortune, good health and good humor.

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