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Bloggin’ Buddy Birthday

Rumor has it, that today is my bloggin’ buddy John Erickson’s birthday.  You know John, of Commentality.  Approximately 60 seconds after I first “met” John, he became the top commenter on my blog.  He is interested in a million things, particularly history, space travel and sci-fi movies, TV and likely books. John is quite well versed on stuff.  All kinds of stuff.  He is smart, funny, and sweet.  Not necessarily all at the same time though.  He spreads it out.

I will admit that John’s comments don’t necessarily make sense, but they are great for your statistics.  So encourage John.  Really.  You’ll be glad you did.

Now Ill tell you a secret.  Unlike most folks approaching the half-way mark, John has been a wee bit apprehensive about this birthday, because it is a biggie.  The Big 5-0.

Fifty.  Yup.


To welcome John into the Old-timers Blogging Group, I will play age appropriate music:

Still, I am pretty sure that John won’t go down without a fight.  Not a guy who has spent nearly 50 years studying military history.  He knows the details of every battle fought between 1412 and 1945, and just exactly how to load a flintlock.  Nope, John will never give up; he’ll never surrender.  (He could use a Coke and a couple of Advil, though.)  Here is a clip of a younger John taken from some important “Historical Documents.”  Only they couldn’t get the goat in the picture.

By Grapthar’s Hammer, John, I’m wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays.  And I am wishing you health, wealth and good cheer for all the years to come.

But just like me, you ARE  gettin’ gross.  But I’m pretty sure you can deal with it!  But to soften the blow, if it’s OK with Frank of AFrankAngle I will be happy to use my newly acquired Queenly powers to knight you.

Arise, Sir John. I command you to celebrate!

*     *     *

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List cheerfully stolen from Frank.


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