Sometimes, I’m Passive Aggressive

Did you hear about Trump’s kerfuffle with NBC news?  At the meeting King Donald held last week with the heads of the networks, Trump harangued NBC News for using unflattering pictures of him.  Like this picture of him.  Which he hates.


Photo credit:

As they say at,

Trump is angry at NBC News for using this photo of him, so please don’t use this enhanced, enlarged version of it for anything.

Please.  Don’t use this picture whenever you need a picture of our new Fearless Leader.  Pretty please with sugar on top.

Oh, and please don’t review the latest, greatest Christmas Ornament that you’re sure to want for your Christmas tree:


Image Credit:

And whatever you do, don’t read the product reviews.  Or leave a review of your own.  Because I think the good ones are all taken.



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36 responses to “Sometimes, I’m Passive Aggressive

  1. I think I have used almost every unflattering picture of that guy.

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  2. Oh, in a year, Trump will be out of office for one reason or another. Resignation or conviction. He is too unpredictable. The Republicans want to work with Pence. And considering Pence took money from the tobacco lobby, I don’t think he would have issues playing Iago.

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  3. What do you mean “sometimes?”

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  4. Regarding the ornament, I wonder if there is a version to lights … even blinks!

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  5. If he hates that picture so much, why does he always make that face? LOL 🙂

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  6. Maybe Trump can build a wall around his double chin? Who builds better than him? Nobody.

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  7. I guess the next Trump’s enemy will be that boingboing website. But if anything happens to them, google search for “unflattering picture of Donald Trump” should give plenty of great alternatives.

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  8. I am praying that there is only 4 years of this and not 8. Does he not know he’s old and pudgy? The fact that he gets beautiful wives is a tribute to his money and lifestyle not his sparkling personality or devilish good looks. Or (God forbid) his humanitarianism or philanthropy.

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  9. It I see ONE tree with that ornament, I will not be responsible for my actions.


  10. That was good for a chuckle, thanks Elyse!

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  11. I spent the entire afternoon reading the reviews for the MAGA Xmas ornament. I tried to leave one of my own, but Amazon rejected it. I don’t know why. It was very respectful, of course. 😛

    When I get over my deep despair, I will dust off Photoshop and find every picture there is of the disgusting man-pig that shows his double chin. Then I will use them, maybe in a collage, or maybe I’ll save them for future pics. He will probably never see any of them, but they will be out in the universe, and that’s enough for me.

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  12. Has made it a public domain photo? They really should. It would be a public service to America.

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  13. Yea, Trump is mad at Alex Baldwin too. The man needs to get over himself.

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  14. If I DON’T use this picture, will all my wildest dreams come true? Come on, whaddya have to lose?

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