Deja Boo-Hoo

Exactly five and a half years ago tonight, I was in a bit of a snit.  A tiff.  I was, in a word, miffed.

The result of those feelings was this blog.  And in fact, it was the reason* for the stupid name.  And my first post where I wrote:

Because I am fifty-four-and-a-half years old, the world is against me.   The world would be treating me just fine, thank you very much, if I were just six months older.  Read the news lately?  Some folks in Congress want to change Medicare — starting with me.  Starting with folks currently under 55.  Am I the only fifty-four-and-a-half-year-old who is seriously pissed off about this?

Well today, I’m no longer 54-1/2.  But I am not in  a snit.  A tiff.  And I’m no longer miffed.

Today I’m mad as hell.

Did you see that Donald of the small hands plans to put this guy in charge of Health and Human Services?  Congressman Tom Price (R (Suprise!)-GA).


Photo Image Credit: Gage Skidmore

Folks are lining up in opposition to Price.  Not only will he piss me off by trying (and god help us, failing) to derail Medicare, but as the Chairman of the House Budget Committee, he is the author of the House bills to repeal Obamacare.  He is adamantly opposed to abortion in all cases.  He opposes including provisions in Medicaid to permit low income women to afford birth control.  He’s probably in favor of hangers.

Here is Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly’s comment opposing Price:

Tom Price has led the charge to privatize Medicare, and for this reason, I cannot support his nomination. I am ready to work with anyone who wants to improve access to quality health care for Hoosier families and seniors, but the nomination of Tom Price would put us on a direct path to end Medicare as we know it, which would raise health care costs and break a fundamental promise to seniors. I have fought to protect Medicare, and I will continue to oppose efforts to privatize Medicare or turn it into a voucher program.

I, personally, will do what I can.  Because I really do fear that before long, this is what Trumpcare will look like:

You know I got this from Father Kane at the Last of the Millenniums, don’t you?


*Shortly after starting the blog with the stupid name, I realized that 54-1/2 was the average age my two late sisters reached.  I kept the name because, as the “sick” member of the family, it reminds me that really, every day is a gift.

I’ll continue to believe that.  Until, of course, I am an old Crohn’s patient whose Medicare has been taken away.  Then I will — literally — poop all over Congress and Donald Trump.

poop-4Google Image


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55 responses to “Deja Boo-Hoo

  1. Miffed is a nice way of putting it … chronically angry and wanting to spit fire might be another. Don’t know how we’ll manage to get through four years of constant disgust and nausea, but then again, maybe by some miracle, some unexpected event or circumstance might save us from this nightmare. Hey, I’ve heard that miracles really do happen. This would be a great time to experience one … you know, for the sake of humanity.

    However, speaking of putting things in perspective, my sister is due for another visit — arriving this evening — despite the fact that her home just burned to the ground (in the Tennessee fires in Gatlinburg). I recognize that I’m lucky and privileged and grateful to still have a sister, and that she is choosing to come for her scheduled visit even after losing her home, because, well … life goes on, until it doesn’t anymore. And because she’s just some sort of inexplicable kind of wonderful. So sad for them.

    Can’t believe they lost their home (again). They lost three homes to the hurricanes in Florida, and then moved to their dream home in Tennessee when they finally retired. They very recently finished a several-months-long renovation that included an entire wall that she painted by hand with a faux brick pattern. It was so intricate and beautiful. Now everything they own is nothing but ashes. Nothing left.

    Again, with the idea of perspective, we are all so grateful that they were visiting family in Florida over the Thanksgiving weekend, and were not home at the time, AND that they even had their beloved pooch with them. Sadly, she learned about the fire by seeing a video online of her home (and her neighbor’s home, too) burning to the ground. All caught on video, and splashed all over the news. While making Christmas ornaments with her grandson at the dining room table (which she continued to do). Resilience isn’t just a concept; it’s an irrefutable action. She decided to maximize the time she had with her grandchildren, and save all the worrying for later. And now she’s on her way to Texas to visit her sisters. Life keeps moving forward, even when we get hit hard between the eyes.

    I try to keep that in mind when he-that-shall-not-be-named pops up in my news feed, or I see that can’t-bear-to-look-at-his face when he blabbers and puffs out his chest on the TV news. Four years? Oh, the misery.

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    • Oh your poor sister. I am so very sorry. Fire is absolutely terrifying, but I am glad that they were elsewhere — although finding it out on the news would be devastating. Oh I am speechless by her ability to carry on. Resilience is an understatement.

      The miracle I am hoping for is a meteor. To put us out of our misery.

      Have a wonderful visit with your wonderful sister. Trump will have to wait!

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  2. I’m guessing we’re going to be miffed for at least four years…

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  3. oh man… this one made me laugh and cry…

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  4. Good old Tom Price. He not only wants to end Medicaid, Medicare and Obamacare, hates Planned Parenthood and any other measure to help women, but he hates gays, too. He’s the perfect Rethuglican! What gets me is that he’s a doctor, and this is how he thinks, I just blogged about him last night, but he has been my muse before. He was one of the Tea Party Caucus founders along with Batshit Bachmann. Oh, and check out Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. Old Tom is a member, and they think vaccines cause autism, abortion and breast cancer are connected, and being gay shortens your life. Every Rethug has their Price (dammit! Why didn’t I think of that when I needed a title?)

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  5. Trump campaigned on keeping both Social Security and Medicare the same. And in doing that he pissed off a lot of the Paul Ryan branch of the GOP. I’ve been beside myself with angst in the last 24 hours since the HHS nomination was announced. What I’m hoping it means — given how one-dimensional Trump’s mind seems to work– is that he chose Price specifically to keep the promise he made about Obamacare. I’m choosing to believe that when it comes time to “reform” Medicare and Social Security, he’ll fight the proposals. His joy in messing with his own party over the Secretary of State nominee gives me some confidence in predicting this. Of course, I could also be wrong. And, yes, happy quasi-blog-anniversary!

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    • If only Trump weren’t a pathological liar, I would feel better.

      I’m actually doing an advocacy walk on the Hill tomorrow. Maybe I’ll learn something. 😕

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    • I hope you are correct, but I fear the worse. It doesn’t matter what the orange turd said on the campaign trail. The Cowardly Ryan has been dying to get rid of Medicare and Medicaid for years. He already has a bill ready, and all it needs is a signature. The orange turd listens to the last person he speaks to. Someone told him to choose Price. I doubt the turd even knew the name beforehand. Just the fact that he chose him means that they are going to go all the way to the right when it comes to health care. Farewell Medicare, Medicaid, Planned Parenthood, et al.

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  6. I don’t think that the gif you posted is and accurate representation of the Republican plan for healthcare. If it were, the medic wouldn’t fall on the patient accidentally, but smash him with the stretcher and just keep walking.

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  7. First, I’m stunned that you are not 54-1/2 (even though I’ve followed you for years). Second, I can always come up with a good poop so I’ll join you. I’m on Medicare and (while I’m grateful) the drug sups stink. Only routine generics are affordable. My last prescription costs $415/month and it’s not “approved” because it’s so new. Nope, didn’t fill it. I’d love someone to tweak up Medicare so it’s more comprehensive and there isn’t so much paper shuffling (often my Medicare sup plan pays less than $5 but there is such a string of paperwork that I has to cost them more administratively) but not by someone who doesn’t believe in it.

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    • I know — I kept my age a secret for so very long! Although truth be told you’d think I would be smarter and choose a nicer age than 54-1/2!

      I did know that you were on Medicare — and had heard nothing particularly good about it from anyone I know who is on it. Yet it is something. In the future we’ll have our vouchers and will have to go for private insurance. And I’m sure that folks like me — with an expensive, chronic condition — will be fought after by insurers nationwide.

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  8. Hey, what a coincidence, my mom says the same as Life’s mom!

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  9. As my mother said recently: “I’m 90, I’m not going to be around, but I pray for the rest of you every day.” She would no doubt, at 90, attend the shitting on Congress extravaganza.

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  10. Oh the prospect of pooping over our politicians just for the hell of it! Knowing my luck though they’d get my DNA and then I’d really be in the S***.

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  11. Well if Trump and the A-hole get their way there will be so many dead folks that all the funeral homes will be more than filthy rich. What will poor people do? Well no one can afford health care without insurance and without Medicare fplks will be dying like flies sprayed with the old DDT.

    Trump’s is scraping the bottom of the barrel with his choices. I knew it would be bad but gee manneti it is bad- real bad. We are in for some hard times but I sure do hope he proves our fears to be wrong.

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  12. Happy Blogoversary! … but until there is a GOP senator who lines up against Mr. Price, odds are very high he’ll get the post.

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  13. There are a lot of reasons to “be concerned” about trump’s presidency. I’ve told you before my son is in the military, and the notion that his commander in chief is this thin-skinned, amoral man is horrifying. But from a purely selfish standpoint, my fear is about healthcare. I am a bit younger than you, just turned 56. And if ACA is repealed, I might be able to get by with little to no healthcare for 8 years (assuming I have coverage until the end of 2017) until Medicare kicks in, but then that could disappear, too. And that’s just MY fear for MYself. What about people who have big health problems?!?!?!?! What about people who already are on Medicare? I worked with a lot of older people, retired and up into their 90s. WHO will take care of them? WHY already do we force them to choose supplement and drug plans, and keep track of the paperwork? HOW much worse will it be? I can only imagine. I HOPE I can only imagine… Oh Elyse…

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  14. Although I really hope it doesn’t come to that, I would buy tickets to see you poop all over congress and the orange hair ball. In fact, we could probably sell enough tickets, plus the media rights, to fund Medicare for a long, long time.

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  15. Looks like they may be sharpening their meat axes. Perhaps there should be a law that whatever they try to replace Medicare with, all members of Congress should have to try for a few years first.

    Meanwhile, I’m saying my Hail Mary’s for the recount.

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  16. Poop over him. Just on principle since he has none.

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