Scarier than Any Ghost

What’s scarier than a slasher?  Things that go bump in the night?  A monster under the bed?

The possibility that these two will live in the White House.  At 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, DC.


From my friend Father Kane at The Last of the Milleniums.


There is an answer, though.


Google.  Oh and Hillary.


And this is pretty damn important too.


Because they’re already planning to oppose anything she tries to do as President.



But since I love you all, I’ll give you a break.  You can watch this.

Happy Halloween!


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27 responses to “Scarier than Any Ghost

  1. I just can’t wrap my head around how close the polls are. What is wrong with this country?

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  2. What’s really scary is that the ugly underbelly of society has been emboldened by the stale hairy Cheez Doodle, and they won’t be going away even after Hillary wins. The Rethugs in Congress need to get their asses whupped, or the same obstructionist behavior will continue. Unfortunately, the Rethugs are too damned stupid to figure out that, just like the Teabaggers before them, the Trumpelthinskin supporters hate them almost as much as they hate Democrats. They allowed the Teabagging morons a lot of rope, and they strangled the mainstream Rethugs with it. Now they are offering the rope to the Alt-right, and I don’t see how what’s left of the Rethug party survives. They did an autopsy before and didn’t change a thing. Not sure what kind of test you can do on zombies.

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  3. My teeth are chattering. My palms are sweaty. My heart’s racing. If I don’t make it past next Tuesday, it’s been nice knowing you…

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  4. True. The thought of DT winning terrifies me.

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  5. Those owls are fantastic! Are they up for election? I do hope so.

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  6. If you really wanted to scare people, just show the latest polls, where he’s gaining.

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  7. Hopefully it will be the end of the saga It’s mad, mad, mad world on fright night.

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