Rights?!? WTF is Wrong With Us?

Look into the eyes of a terrorist.  A threat to your safety and mine.  Something should be done about her.  Ammirite? 


Macie.  Photo from owner Susan R. Smith, courtesy of the Loudoun Times.

Oh wait!  Something was done about her!  I feel safer already.

Virginia, where I live, is an “Open Carry” state.  Where folks can pack their pistols and take them with them no matter where they go.

  • To the grocery store (always a terrifying experience — what if they bruise my apples?).
  • To a bar (because, really, what could possibly go wrong?)
  • When taking a leisurely stroll in the park.

Maybe your state is among them!  Wouldn’t that be great?


Photo from the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal.  And Google, natch.

Now what connection could that picture and that map possibly have?

Well, guess what happened on Tuesday?  Just guess.

Macie, an 11 month old lab mix was running in a park on a beautiful day.  Her crimes were many.  Serious.

  • She was off the leash
  • She was friendly
  • She did not respond immediately to her owners call

So naturally she deserved to be shot.  Oh, and killed.

I guess I should back up a bit.

Macie was running off-leash in a park where she wasn’t supposed to be off-leash but where everybody lets their dog run off leash.

Smith said her dog approached the couple and jumped in the air. She said the dog was leaping behind the man but was not barking at the time.

At that point, the man yelled out, “Call your dog,” Smith said. “He said it once, maybe twice.”

Smith said she and her friend then started running toward the dogs, who were about 20 yards away.

“We called for our dogs,” Smith said. Then she said she saw the man’s arm “go to his side” and across his body. “He sees us coming,” she said. The man pulled out a gun and fired it at the dog.

The man faces no charges.  He was legally carrying a gun and reportedly “fired in self-defense.”  But really, there was no threat.  The owner was coming for the dog.  She was a fucking puppy saying hello.

Sources:  The Washington Post, The Loudoun Times


This story has me pretty upset.  Because I walk Duncan not too far from the scene of Marcie’s killing.  Duncan is often off-leash, too.  Because it is a beautiful place to let him run.  There aren’t many places where off-leash is permitted around here.  Those places that exist are small fenced in dog parks that reek of pee.

Duncan is quite good at coming when I call him — he always gets a treat.  But he’s friendly, and I have to (and do) restrain him when I see an unfamiliar walker or jogger coming towards him.  He loves to say hello.


Duncan and I walk here most days.  Not far from where Macie died.

To me, this man is a perfect example of exactly the problem with folks carrying around guns.  They use them.  Stupidly.  And without consequence. 

Common sense and restraint don’t enter into the picture.

We need to do something about our society where folks feel the need to carry a gun, and feel entitled to use it.


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67 responses to “Rights?!? WTF is Wrong With Us?

  1. See, I might shoot at a person shooting at a puppy…


  2. I’m enraged at the action this man took. Did he get away with it, with no repercussions? The poor dog, and think of his family. I do, and I cry for them. I don’t understand our country and this ‘carry’ ruling. I hope that when sense prevails, it will be shot down. That’s the only thing I want shot down!

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    • There were no repercussions. They ruled that he felt threatened and shot in self defense. The dog was supposed to be on a leash. Of course nobody obeys that law …

      I too would love it if that law were shot down. Fat chance, I fear.

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      • Let’s not give up on good sense. We need people like you, writing your words, spreading the word of the non-sense of the law. Thank you!

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      • I hate this “if you feel threatened” standard like I hate evil. Because it is evil. Because it only applies to certain people. Because certain people’s irrational fear becomes an excuse for a wide range of violent and dangerous behavior. Because other people [Other People] are never allowed to have fear, even if rational and reasonable fear. Because this woman’s dog is dead. Because the same deplorable standard means that other women’s children are dead. Because angry, impatient men are walking around with lethal weapons — and with angry, impatient fear.

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  3. I am increasingly frightened that he’s going to win.

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  4. This is the fear black mothers feel when their sons go out. That man shot the dog out of fear when there was nothing to fear. People react without thinking and that’s enough to justify their action.

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  5. Wow, I have no words. I am so sorry for the owners and that puppy. I live in Canada so it’s really hard for me to even imagine what society would be like to have such excessive freedom with firearm. You hear about it often, but it’s really hard to put into perspective until you compared it to walking your own pooch nearby.

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  6. Some wise person said “you can not simultaneously prevent and prepare for war.” There is little chance things will be solved peacefully by someone carrying a gun. It’s just to easy to reach for it and hurt someone (or a little four-legged someone) in the heat of the moment. 🙂

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  7. This is horrendous, Elyse. I couldn’t agree with you more !

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  8. There are no words….just a heavy sigh….

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  9. When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Sorry for my language, Elyse, but when does this fucking madness end? When my sister and I took my mom to vote, there was a retired cop standing outside the polling place. My mom walked up to him to tell him that she voted for Hillary and was so happy about it. He wasn’t nasty or anything, but he said that he voted for Trump, because Hillary hates cops. He doesn’t know how lucky he is that I have laryngitis, because I would have been screaming within inches of his face. She hates cops, because she doesn’t want innocent people, including children, shot down in the streets? When did this country revert back into being the Old West? When did we decide that every problem must be solved using deadly force? I am so angry and sad right now. There is no reason that beautiful loving dog should be dead right now. Do we have to start demanding gun-free zones so there are places for those of us who do not live in constant fear of the boogie man can feel safe? I’m just babbling incoherently at this point, because I am so distressed. We now live in a country where peaceful dissent and protest is a crime and armed insurrection on government lands is just fine. Killing innocent people, children and dogs is just an inconvenient consequence of allowing assholes to assert their precious 2nd amendment rights.

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    • Nonnie, Nonnie, Nonnie. You know that gun-free zones will just alert the bad guys to where they can rape, pillage and plunder without fear of retribution! Silly you.

      I just got back from making calls for Hillary. It made me feel good. In spite of the attempted coup by the FBI director, I’m pretty sure things will be better. Not with the guns, of course, because fuck, folks gotta have guns ammirite?

      We really have created such a horrible culture of guns. And the more gun violence we have, the more people feel they need one too. The NRA’s dream world. Makes me fucking puke.

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  10. Somebody stop the planet, please. I’d like to get off…

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  11. Well written and reasoned and I respect and share your righteous disgust. Something is wrong with me. I don’t feel safer around strangers and their guns. I would need a gun, so I could feel safer? It is insanity perpretrated by morons.

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  12. Poor dog. Punished for being friendly. Karma will get that guy. Somehow, sometime.

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    • I believe that, too, Kate.

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    • I don’t like waiting for karma, I hope the picture of the asshole who shot that sweet dog is posted everywhere. I don’t want him to be physically harmed in any way, but people need to be aware that he is dangerous. Some shaming wouldn’t be bad either. I hope he has nightmares.

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      • I haven’t seen it, nor do I remember reading his name (rather cowardly of the big bad guy with the gun to insist on anonymity, don’t you think).

        But given that he took this action not far from where I walk my dog, I would certainly like to know what he looks like.

        I’m not into bullying or shaming. But warnings? Oh yeah. Of course there are too many bozos like this guy out there.

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  13. I’m so glad to live in the U.K. Where people do not carry guns, execute puppies, or face the very real threat of an orange faced Trumpet with his p-grabbing finger on the nuclear button.

    (I still think your blog needs a WTF button. “Like” isn’t working for me here.)

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  14. This was very unfortunate, but puppies ARE puppies and they need to be trained not to jump at people. I think the owner does bear some responsibility here. That does not excuse the asshole with the gun.

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  15. I cannot imagine what our parks here would be like if everyone carried a gun – I thank my lucky stars that we do not (as yet) have this issue in the UK. 😦

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    • Not everybody does here, thank god. But you never know. And it’s dangerous. People have disagreements over all sorts of things — mild to serious. If one or both of them has a gun … it’s a whole different story. And not a good one.

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  16. I read an article about this too, and am very torn about how to distribute the blame. The shooter claimed the dog was aggressive, but without any evidence the dog attacked him, it seems much more like the dog was acting like the puppy it was. Where do we draw the line on use of deadly force? What I don’t know is how authorities determined that the people in this case were not in danger from the shooter, since even brandishing a gun at someone constitutes assault with a deadly weapon. If the dog owners were nearby and running at their dogs, I’d be surprised to hear they didn’t feel threatened or unsafe given the presence of a gun-wielding, trigger-happy individual.

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    • Legally, the blame rests entirely with the dog owner. The dog was not supposed to be off the leash. That’s the law. But it is one of those laws, like speeding, that is frequently broken and enforced only in extreme cases. This doesn’t strike me as an extreme case.

      But really, I see this as another situation where someone over-reacted. And when that someone has a gun, the outcome is never going to be good.

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  17. I’m not totally opposed to open carry. In fact, I recently was issued my own unrestricted carry permit. Not that I plan to become a pistol-packing mama, but it’s good to know that I could legally have a gun with me if I felt a need. But having unrestricted carry does not automatically mean that someone can start shooting dogs or annoying people. A cool head and common sense must come into play. Even when my psycho neighbor from across the street tried to break down my door, my first thought was not to get the gun and shoot him, my first thought was to call 911 and let them deal with it. Although had he actually gotten through the door, things might have gone a whole lot differently.

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    • I’ve read your stories about your crazy neighbor, and so I understand your concern. I think it is real and valid.

      But going anywhere with a gun carries doesn’t authorize that person to use it willy nilly. At least around here there are no fucking requirements. And certainly no checking to see if the person with the gun has anger management issues. Or a reckless attitude. Or a fucking lack of common sense and self control.

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      • It took over a year from the time I applied for my pistol permit to the time it was issued. I had to go through a training class, as well as fingerprint and background checks. I even had to go to the local police department for an interview. I think they do everything they can here to keep loony-tunes from getting legal guns, but people can have hidden psychological problems and can also get illegal guns. As I said, I have no intention of actually carrying a pistol unless things change to the point that I feel it becomes necessary.

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  18. I completely agree with you about the insanity of open carry, but let me counter your point about dogs not on leashes. I go for runs in my neighborhood and occasionally along a river trail in the city where I live. Any time I see a dog off leash, I consider it a threat. Why? Because I don’t know the dog. I don’t know if it is trained. I don’t know if it is friendly or protective or some combination of both. I don’t know the owner. I don’t know any of these things.

    I totally get the desire to let dogs off leash and let them run, but I wish more dog owners would realize what that does to people who don’t know their dogs.

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    • Your point is completely valid. There are a lot of irresponsible dog owners and when you’re running you just don’t know. You shouldn’t be harassed.

      And the dog owner was breaking the law. Of course, there is nowhere to legally allow your dog to run loose here — in spite of the plethora of parks around NoVA.

      But just because folks can carry guns freely doesn’t mean they can shoot that gun. There has to be some restraint. Some common sense. Some sense of decency. In this case, there was none of the above.

      What if it had been somebody startling him as they flew by on an (equally illegal) mountain bike? There are a lot of “what if’s” here. None of them are good.

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  19. I was a mailman for over 20 years, and carried pepper spray for dogs. In all those years I was threatened many times by dogs, but only had to use the spray once. I was also bit once, but that was such a surprise attack, I had no time to use the pepper spray or take any other action. But I wasn’t bit hard.

    I found that common sense was the best protection against dog bite. Seems to me like that man was lacking in common sense, or he was just pissed off enough to use his weapon. And that’s the problem with open carry. The handgun is right there and convenient for quick use, for anyone lacking common sense, or who has trouble controlling their temper.

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    • Yes … I should add to my comment about dogs off leash. As far as I’m concerned if I see a person on the street with a gun, I’m going to automatically assume that person is a bad person. That person is a threat to me and my safety. There is nothing good that comes from people being able to carry guns in public. Nothing.

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      • I know what you mean. I live in California, where open carry is not allowed. But any time I’m around anyone with a gun, even if it’s a cop, I feel a little nervous.

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        • I’m in California also. Have a couple of friends who have concealed carry permits. One of the makes sense because he’s a real estate agent who deals in distressed properties — unhappy owners losing their homes and squatters. The other one though doesn’t make sense. He has no reason to have to have a gun with them. I guess it makes him feel safer while making the rest of us feel less safe.

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          • It always amazes me, knowing the statistics about personal gun ownership, that having a gun makes anyone feel safer. Gun owners are far more likely to kill themselves or someone they know than to shoot a bad guy.

            Penny wise …

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    • That’s my point exactly, Tippy. And it comes from the perfect expert!

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