Sometimes, There’s Just Nothin’ to Add

Sometimes, I am left speechless.

Sometimes, I feel my gag reflex going into hyper-drive.

And sometimes, I just need to get out of the way and let some folks speak for themselves.

So I’m gonna do just that tonight.

Here is GOP Presidential Candidate neurosurgeon Ben Carson, MD

And since I know you, and I KNOW you didn’t click on that video, I will have to step back up to the plate and tell you that the good doctor explained that we Democrats are all wrong.

It’s true, apparently.

Dr. Carson let all of us know that the GOP, well, they aren’t so bad.  Women should like them, even.

So says the No. 2 (in some polls) Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson.  It’s true.  He said on Thursday that Democrats were wrong to allege Republicans were waging a “war on women.”

“They tell you that there’s a war on women,” he said. “There is no war on women. There may be a war on what’s inside of women, but there is no war on women in this country.”

This guy should be headlining in the Poconos.  What an eff’in commedian.

Oh, well, maybe I do have something else to add:


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72 responses to “Sometimes, There’s Just Nothin’ to Add

  1. Hmmm. I somehow feel I’ve just been sliced and quartered. Ouch.

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  2. Isn’t what’s inside of women…women? I’m confused.


  3. well I feel much better about the republitards now…

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  4. “There may be a war on what’s inside of women…”

    SOOOOO GLAD the good doctor cleared that up! I’m curious: exactly which of the parts on his own inside does Dr. Ben here believe are *not* a part of him?

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  5. You’re beautiful when you’re angry. Anyone ever tell you that?

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  6. Ben Carson strikes me as a perfect complement to Clarence Thomas. Each is so full of his own achievements that he lives in a bubble of unreality. Their adoption of the conservative myth that effort alone will outweigh all obstacles is a form of narcissism.

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  7. I would say I want to beat my head into a wall after watching that, but really that isn’t true. What I want to do is put my shit kickers on and use them to kick the living shit out of him. What a maroon, indeed.

    How did we get here? Really, I want to know, how did we sink this low?

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  8. First, your tags rule, Elyse!

    Second, I did watch the video. I wonder what the difference is between a war on women and a war on what’s inside of women? I mean, I know he’s a surgeon and all, but how can he separate the two (ideologically, not literally)? Bet no one in that rally–not even the women–thought about that!

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    • I love to message with tags. Recently people have started commenting on them, which is always a bonus. So thanks!

      I think he is trying to pretend that they don’t hate women. They just want to completely control what we do with our bodies. (And Lorna, I think you will join me in adding that many of us women (with chronic conditions) can’t even control what WE do with them!)

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      • Absolutely. He and his blind followers are delusional to think that 1.) they can control anything (including anyone’s body) and 2.) the mere idea of wanting to control anyone bodies is not tantamount to stripping them of respect and dignity, which in my book is as close to hatred as it get. I mean, that’s what soldiers do to the enemy to make it easier to kill them, right? Dehumanize them so it’s easier to subjugate and eliminate them.

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  9. Dana

    So, they like me, they just hate my guts!

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  10. I am in true danger of going ostrich during this next chapter. It’s all I can do to lift my head up and uncover my ears. I’m quickly losing any hope of getting through this without regurgitating at least once. I think back to what it felt like twelve years ago, or sixteen, and I remember the revulsion. Am I tough enough to withstand the onslaught of what is to come? I hope so.

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  11. I didn’t watch the video, but is there any explanation for that line? Maybe I’m dense, but I seriously don’t get whatever point it is that he was trying to make.

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  12. I just don’t get how people so dumb are so successful financially.


    • Isn’t it amazing? I guess as long as you get enough folks to go along … George W used to say that the “A” students usually ended up working for the “C” students. On of his more perceptive comments, but then he was the C student in question.

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  13. When I tell you that I had to look up what “GOP” stood for on Google before I realised it was the Republican party you will realise how out of touch I am with American politics. However, as a blogger, I am in touch with a reasonable number of American citizens, and I’m often surprised by the extremes of opinions expressed in that country. Why that is I have no idea.


    • Peter, I suspect that the majority of my countrymen and women would like to be similarly out of touch!

      As for e second part of your comment, well for some U fathomable reason, compromise and getting along has become passe,


  14. There’s no racism directed at African Americans. There may be racism directed at the melanin in African Americans’ skin, but there is no racism directed at African Americans.

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  15. I watched that whole thing. The ‘war with what’s inside of women’ line caught me but I think that was the most directly objectionable thing in this speech. The rest of it was entirely objectionable but in a sort of subtler way, I was more concerned with that. I mean, yeah, if we don’t get off our butts, someone else may take control of space… sure. And yeah having all these other people here and giving them care is definitely going to destabilize the economy; it’s not like inviting people in didn’t build your country.

    I find this sort of speech so entirely political. I don’t learn anything from it. It’s just positioning and posturing and there’s not a single worthy idea in it. I know we commonly decry the moral crepitude of politics, but it’s now a farce in truth. We send our weakest people to be our politicians at times, to play the more reprehensible games, as though politics is a game and not a means of serving the people. I object to that. We need better leaders and stronger ideas, the type that built the world; not these other ones, that appear more designed to derail it.

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    • I’m traveling so can’t answer at length.

      But ISO believe that the fact that nobody in politics can be human or make a mistake is a huge problem. Nobody is perfect. Sex and power, money and power etc all go together. We need to look at what people do at their actions and then decide whether they are for for office.


  16. Just another from a very strong line up of GOP contenders. (Yes, this is sarcasm.)

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  17. Paul

    Wow, Americans sure have some dandy choices in this election, don’t you? Hmmm, President Clinton …it has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? If I were an American, I wouldn’t normally vote for her, but as the best of a bad lot, she comes out waaaaaay on top. Personally I think she is too political – doing what would get her votes as opposed to what she felt was right – this leads to situational ethics, something her husband was quite good at (joke there).

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  18. aFrankAngle

    First of all, and most important, glad to see the Bugs clip is still close to your heart. Next, Ben Carson doesn’t get to me because I don’t listen to him.

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  19. Glazed

    The scary thing is, this guy operates on brains.

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  20. Of course I didn’t click on the video, it has Ben Carson in it! But I admit, I do like his logic. “Not a war on women, but a war on what’s inside the women”.
    In related news, I don’t want to raise taxes on rich people. I just want to raise taxes on their incomes.

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  21. Isn’t that something else? I don’t know if you follow Dr. Jen Gunter, an OB/GYN, but she talked about this on her blog recently too. (Here’s the link if you’re interested: It really does leave one speechless.

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  22. We are only as important as our reproductive parts, apparently. The rest of us is juuuuuuuust fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. Except maybe our pretty little brains. (Amazing they even let us vote…)

    I am not always this sarcastic. These folks bring out the worst in me. The problem is, THEY BRING OUT THE WORST IN *ALL* OF US! I want to vote for someone who is trying to bring out the best in us. Won’t find it here, folks.

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