Take Me Back

I’m a white woman of Irish descent, and so I am pretty sure that I can explain exactly why President Obama, and really, all African-American men and women, would do just about anything to return to the way life was before the Civil War.  Life was so much better way back then, don’t cha think?  Especially for people of color.


You gotta love Sarah Palin.  You gotta pay attention to the former candidate for Vice President of the United States.  Well, you gotta do something with her.  Slapping would work for me.

You see, she couldn’t keep quiet knowing that the new movie GAME CHANGE might just imply that she was, well, not the brightest star in the GOP firmament.  She couldn’t rest thinking that some people who once thought that she really did have a brain might see this movie and change their minds.  Instead, she made sure that nobody will mistake her for someone who should be allowed out without a muzzle.

I’ve got to say, though, she is so dog-gone creative in her criticism of the President.  You betcha!

[Sorry – this is an Obama fundraising ad – I’m not pushing you to give.  But the full video, surprise, surprise, seems to have been taken off of Fox News.]

Now, Poor Sarah has contended that this video was edited to quote her out of context.  So, here, you be the judge.  The stuff between the italics is what was edited out.

He is bringing us back to days, you can hearken back to days before the Civil War, [when unfortunately too many Americans mistakenly believed that not all men were created equal. And it was the Civil War that began the codification of the truth that here in America, yes we are equal, and we all have equal opportunities, not based on the color of your skin, you have equal opportunity to work hard and to succeed and to embrace God-given opportunities to develop resources and work extremely hard and as I say, to succeed. Now, it has taken all these years for many Americans to understand the gravity of that mistake that took place before the Civil War and why the Civil War had to really start changing America.] What Barack Obama seems to want to do is go back to before those days when we were in different classes based on income, based on color of skin. Why are we allowing our country to move backwards? [instead of moving forward with that understanding that as our charters of liberty spell out for us, we are all created equally?]


For my international readers, pre-Civil War America was not a nice place for blacks.  Trust me on that one.

But you know, only Sarah Palin would say out loud, and in front of a television camera, that a black man would want to go back to the days of slavery, of being sold away from your family, of being whipped to death for the smallest reason, or for no reason at all.  Only Freedom lovin’ Sarah Palin could even think that.  Yup, those were the days.  Who wouldn’t want to go back?   Those dresses were amazing. And the lifestyle?  Well, it was to die for”  You betcha, especially if you were a slave.

Apparently, it was very hot that day.

In fact, I bet Barack is irritated as hell that there is no “Way Back Machine.”  Because, although Sarah didn’t say it, I bet President Obama might also like to go back in time to the fifties, where being the biracial son of a white woman and a black man was the height of cool.  I bet he’d love those fire hoses — so refreshing on a hot summer’s eve.

And the dogs that sometimes greeted blacks like this one in Birmingham.

Hey, aren't you Rin Tin Tin?

Hey, the President is a dog lover — maybe he could bring Bo with him!

Look! They already know how to play!

Perhaps we can even throw in a visit to South Africa, say, sometime between 1948 and 1994, you know, during Apartheid!  He could hang with Nelson Mandela on Robben Island!  Who hooo – wouldn’t that be a time.

Nelson Mandela in prison on Robben Island in 1966

Me, I’d like to use the Way Back Machine to find a time when I’d never heard of Sarah Palin.

*     *    *

There is really nothing funny about Sarah Palin.  She is evil and dangerous.  Oh, and stupid.

All photos via Google Images


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69 responses to “Take Me Back

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  2. I agree Elyse. The burden of the cynical and irresponsible choice of Palin falls squarely on McCain’s shoulder. The writers “purposely” gave him a pass for whatever reasons I don’t know (maybe the POW thing–it still has a lot of cache). There is a dark side (an angry-man, high-stakes gambler personna) about McCain that fed into his underscoring of Palin and I hope someone has the courage to write that story someday. I think McCain felt the presidency was “owed” him and he did anything to win. It just backfired on him. John Edwards did the same thing with his campaign. (Can you imagine if that horror story had been elected as president. Yikes!) All the best.


    • I’m quite happy the election worked out the way it did in 2008. It’s entirely because I worked for Obama. I admit it, I am a President maker. Little old me!

      I just wish we could go back to where we hadn’t heard of Sarah (or when the other GOP clowns had sense enough to keep in their tents and not run for president).

      It’ll be a long time until November.

      Thanks Eleanor. It’s always nice to hear from you!


  3. Hi Elyse. I’m just catching up on my emails and am just popping over to your site. You are so right, my lady, to be afraid of the Sarah Palin personna because the religious right that is worshipping at her feet is strong and monied. Most of all they think Sarah was “called by God” to run and that mantra is dangerous coming from any religion. I know this to be true because I used to walk in their midst, until they became less like Christ and more like the “anti-Christ.” Did you see Game Change? If you haven’t, you must. I believe you can catch it on Hulu. I was stunned. I thought I knew how absurd Sarah Palin was, but I had no idea the depth of her stupidity, arrogance, and what lengths she would lie to protect her “stardom.” It will take your breath away.

    My blog this week (“Bracket and Blog It”) is about March Madness but it uses the Game Change revelations as a jumping off point, and I have already had to delete the haters from my blog comments. Check it out when you get a chance because it references an article that once you read it, you will indeed “be afraid, be very afraid.” Nice work! Keep it up!


    • Thanks for sending me back there, Eleanor. It’s a great post.
      I’ve seen the movie and know a few folks who know folks who were on the team. According to my sources, the portrayal is accurate. I am very mad that they let John McCain off so easily though. He put her on his ticket. The first “executive” decision he had to make and he blew it for all of us forever. There is a special place in hell reserved for him in my book.

      And I am DAMN tired of folks doing stupid things and telling me that God told them to. God has better things to do, I’d say than talk to someone as stupid as Sarah Palin or Rick Santorum.

      Thanks too for the heads up on the Richard Cohen column.


  4. Money does that to a person. Makes them say nasty things all for the love of attention and …well more money.


    • Yes, PW, the money certainly made her worse. But she was pouting ignorance, stupidity, and inflammatory rhetoric since she stepped on the national stage. Nasty woman. I wish she’d just go back to Alaska and live with the moose.


  5. She makes me long for the “good old days” of silent film…


  6. cooper

    she’s a distraction to keep everyone from seeing how evil/effed up/clueless and frightening Santorum and Romney are.


    • She is a distraction to keep everyone’s head in the toilet, puking. At least that’s where mine is whenever she re-emerges.

      I think it is up to intelligent people like us to enlighten folks about Santorum and Romney. And to work against them. Well, us and the dogs against Romney folks: http://www.dogsagainstromney.com/


  7. She makes my head hurt whenever she speaks. Those sentences! Argh!

    You’re right in saying that many people DO listen to what she says, and that’s rather a terrifying thought. And, the people who listen to her are people who actually vote! Oftentimes we snub our noses at people like her, wondering why people think she’s important, and, many of those who laugh at her don’t even bother to show up at the polls. So, really, she’s much more influential than many realize. She may be an idiot, but she gets people to the voting booth.


    • You betcha, John! Folks listen to her, they vote, and they spout the hate. It is difficult to combat with her Fox platform and the need for some people to be show where and whom to hate.


  8. This is the person who said publicly that Paul Revere warned the British… and then publicly defended this statement as being accurate. Maybe she’s dyslexic. That’s the level of aggressively ignorant arrogance that we’re dealing with here, with Palin and her admirers.
    Great post Eyse! Thank you.


    • Great post by you as well, ELyse! Now I’m getting the L outta here, so folks who can speLL your name right have a chance to comment. LoLL! 🙂


      • Thanks Chris, but don’t worry about misspelling my name — everybody does! I only flog folks who mispronounce it (a lease, yeah, that correct).

        I remember the Paul Revere statement quite well. But this one takes her stupidity to such heights (or such lows) that it boggles my mind. A black man who wants to go back to slavery. Of course, wouldn’t you? Oy, oy, oy.

        You know what they say, In the dictionary under “stupid” is her picture.


  9. Whenever I hear Sarah Palin talk, I think of those mazes where they let the rat go, and the rat tries to get out of the maze. It bumps into walls, it goes backwards, it goes down the wrong path, and eventually comes out the other side. Then it gets the cheese, or in this case, another interview on FOX. I say, let her keep talkin’. It’s fun to watch a confused rat looking for cheese.


    • If the folks listening to this rat were not buying everything she says whole hog then I would agree. But there are too many folks who listen, believe, and perpetuate the idiocy. She is a force for evil in the discourse today — part of why folks don’t talk to each other. Part of why they don’t try to reach consensus.

      And she is so stupid that it is painful to know that there are people in my country who believe her.


      • Elyse–I understand and know it’s painful. I guess it’s like letting the KKK have a parade–it’s better to have them vocalize what they’re thinking than to keep it from being out in the open.
        When I see Rick Santorum winning southern states, I know there will always be people whose thinking is so confounding I can never perceive it. So I won’t change their minds, but hopefully allow them some rope.


  10. Stupid is one thing. She is free to be stupid in the confines of her own home, but she is given the opportunity to be stupid in front a microphone.


  11. I am so confused. I am so God-given and God-fearing confused in this great nation of ours with the freedom and the whatnot, you betcha!


    • Darla, I couldn’t have said it better! Hey maybe you can be Governor of Maine — that’s near Canada. Can you see Russia from your house?


  12. Evil, dangerous and stupid sum her up perfectly. Unfortunately, there are still entirely too many people just like her roaming the land … free to reproduce and free to vote.

    Messages like yours need to reach more ears!


    • Thanks D&O. There are a lot of stupid people out there, and they need to be educated. I just don’t know how we can all do it. It is a crime that folks in this country swallow BS and then vote entirely against their own interests. I don’t get it.


  13. I’m not reading about Sarah. I’m not reading about Sarah. I’m not reading about Sarah. I’m not reading about Sarah … because she is a nincompoop. http://afrankangle.wordpress.com/2010/11/11/on-nincompoop/


  14. Why is anybody interviewing her now anyway? She quit the one post that her state actually elected her for, so I suppose she can’t understand not only having the fortitude to stick to it when the going is rough, but to volunteer for more.


  15. bigsheepcommunications

    I tried scratching my head in confusion, but when that didn’t work, I tried banging my head against the wall. Still baffled, but now my head hurts too.


    • My head hurts and I haven’t hit my head. I just re-read this piece and replayed that tape. Now I may be sick.

      I never thought much of her smarts, but for her to say that black people want to go back to the pre-Civil war is perhaps the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard anyone say.


      • bigsheepcommunications

        It’s definitely among the stupidest, but it’s hard to pick when there are people saying that women should hold an aspirin between their knees as a form of contraception. Soooo many stupid comments to choose from …


  16. nigelld

    Thank you Elyse for the blog.
    As an outsider, UK, just think, she has a meal ticket, whereas, if she had to work for a living she would be sacked/laid off every other day. If she conformed to sensible argument, she would be one among many so would be of no use to her party, so would have to work for etc.
    Maybe the Democrats are setting her up for a fall, so by getting shot of her, at a future date, they can make themselves look good because they ditched her.
    From an Obama perspective, maybe if he gets enough negativity against the Republicans out there by highlighting ‘Lobotomy Girl’, maybe enough will stick, whether she’s a real contender or not the blow is struck.
    There are so many ifs, buts and maybes in this whole situation we could debate forever, but one thing will not change, ‘Lobotomy Girl’ will still be ‘Lobotomy Girl’ a super hero tasked with saving people-kind from Obama. Personally I would compare that to being saved from a shipwreck by a shark.


    • Good to have your outside perspective. Yes, if she worked for me I would fire her within days. She no only doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but she can’t even fake it.

      I do wish she would just go away. Of course, I don’t want to wish her on any of my friends, either.


  17. Hi,
    As I have stated on other posts, where I live we are about to have our State elections, thank goodness it will be over soon, we vote on the 24th March. The amount of political spin is just unreal.
    I feel sorry for everyone over in your country, as I understand it elections are a long way off.


    • Sorry I keep writing about our politics — I had a whole different post half done when I heard this clip and my blood started boiling and my fingers started typing.

      I am thinking of moving to OZ — maybe March 25!


  18. Her appeal defies logic. When that idiocy first flew across her lips I couldn’t believe my ears. Then I just thought to myself, clearly she is so stupid she doesn’t understand the irony of what she just said. That anyone pays any attention to her simply proves ignorance is bliss.


  19. I wish we could just use Palin as entertainment at this point. God knows she’s funny, if it’s not a sin to laugh at the mentally ill, ’cause this woman is bat crap crazy. And I agree that she’s dangerous. There are way too many people who are perfectly willing to swallow her asinine statements whole without even considering that they make no sense. All she has to do is throw in a few words like “valor” and plenty of people don’t even hear the rest. She sits there like a botoxed Barbie Doll, and expects people to believe that although, in her opinion, Mr. Obama doesn’t embody a quality like valor, SHE DOES! Very sad, disgusting, and disturbing. On the upside, this is an extraordinarily well done piece, Elyse. Congratulations. You just get better and better.


    • Thanks, Delajus.

      I’ve been hoping that she would just fade away. Why do people care. Why do they listen? Why does she make me so crazy? Oh yeah, she’s an idiot and she appeals to the people who most need to be educated — by someone who knows what they’re talking about.


  20. Jueseppi B.



  21. Jueseppi B.

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    Juast found this blog, (Thank You TotsyMae), and it is stunningly close to my way of thinking when it comes to Stupid Sarah Palin. the blog is: “FiftyFourandAHalf’. Check her out.


  22. It defies comprehension, if you ask me. I think there is a special place in hell reserved for John McCain and the team that brought us Sarah.


  23. I thought she had maxed out stupid but as we well see, there’s more to come. Now, she’s challenged the Prez to a debate. She’s an absolute wild woman for the media. At this point, I think the media is using her. They know she’s stupid and right now, she’s playing the airwaves like a Kardashian reality show. The media has come to expect this characteristic of her and because she was an unknown who became a phenomena, they will continue to use her. I tell you what though, the people in her camp can’t love her or they’d tell her to chill out, that she’s the most stupid woman in America and most of the world is laughing at her.


  24. I remember when she said it, and all hell broke loose.
    How her fifteen minutes aren’t up yet is something that both stupefies and appalls me.


  25. It wasn’t very nice for Irish immigrants either after they got off the boats in New Orleans – considered less valuable than slave. Don’t know if Palin is evil, but she is odd, annoying, stupid, and irrelevant


    • And she’s not running for president, so WTF? Why is she such a threat that even before a republican nomination, the Obama election machine is spending its money on this?


      • HI Laura,
        Word Press really didn’t want me answering these comments!

        The Democrats are spending money to point out what an idiot she is because there are so many people who, sadly, swallow what she says in spite of how ignorant those statements are.

        She still has fans and they repeat the stupid things that Sarah Palin says.


    • Word Press is messin’ with me. This comment is a reply to Phil, above.
      No, it wasn’t great for any of the millions of poor folks who came to the US. It still isn’t. But slavery was on a whole different level of evil and hardship and shame.

      Sarah Palin is behind many of the terrible things that the far right wing swallows wholesale. I think she is evil, dangerous and destructive.

      And I do not understand why anyone would follow such a dope.


    • There are a lot of people who DO listen to Sarah Palin — and they parrot her idiotic statements. As I said, I believe that she is dangerous. She is behind the “palling around with terrorists” and many of the nasty, often racist negativity we’re getting on a daily basis.

      She never conceded defeat.


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