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Does This Make Sense To You?

All this talk by the GOP about banning contraception, particularly for poor women, has me a little bit confused. And for good reasons.

The first one is because I’m pretty sure that the poor and downtrodden aren’t really the GOP’s base.  So why do they want more poor people?

Then there’s the money part of this question.  Because, last I heard, Republicans are really big investors.  Don’t Republicans invest in drug companies that sell contraceptives? You know, birth control?  Products that keep people from having babies when they, umm, you know.  Don’t Republicans want to make money from their investments?

But the third and most baffling reason I don’t understand their desire to prevent women, and particularly single women, from getting contraceptives — making it more likely they’ll have babies — is because of what single women can and have done:

From Dailykos.com

Politics is so gosh darn confusing.




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