The Difference Between Me and You

Don’t you just HATE it when someone else picks your brain and expresses your innermost thoughts better than you can?

Me neither.

Dina is far more like me than them.

Special thank you to Melanie who unlocked the hidden location for the “Reblog” button (next to the “Like” button!)

Wine and Cheese (Doodles)

Dear Imagined, Supposed American Majority,

Just so we are clear. You do NOT speak for me. You do NOT represent me.

You do NOT represent me Mr. Trump, with your bombastic soundbites and your mob mentality. You do NOT represent me Ms. Davis, with your misguided crusade against something which has NO bearing upon your ability to freely practice your religion. You do NOT represent me Fox News, with your contortionist’s view of history. You do NOT represent me GOP, with your misguided war on my body and your continued attacks upon any fellow American who does not fit into your plastic mold.

YOU do NOT represent ME.

The difference between ME and YOU is this: I am not telling anyone else how they can or cannot, should or should not live their lives.

My way of life does not suppose or demand someone else be denied rights or guaranteed civil…

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21 responses to “The Difference Between Me and You

  1. Here, Here!! (or is it Hear, Hear??) A anyway, I wholeheartedly agree. Thanks for the reblog, Elyse.

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  2. From another member of that supposed majority: WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!

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  3. Dana

    So, can we elect her?

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  4. First time here … over via Elyse. Nice rant. All the above are the ITOM majority … In their own mind.

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  5. Thanks for this one Elyse, off to read the rest of it.

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  6. Well, this beats me saying it to the TV each time I see someone speaking for me. Thanks

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  7. Yes, good share. And was that ME? who showed you where the reblog button is? 🙂

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  8. Great post. Thanks for sharing it. I loved the paragraph about gun control, the lion, and Target. So true.

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  9. I’m just about to go and look at the original, but I have a feeling based on what I’ve read on this page that I’m going to love it.

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