Can Ya Help a Girl Out, Here?

Do you like a cliffhanger?

A story that traps you, makes you want to know what happens next, and then doesn’t tell you?

I hate them.  I just hate them.  And when you, my bloggin’ buddy do it to me, well, I remember.

A little while ago, I read another damn cliffhanger, this time from Doobster at Mindful Digressions.  Doobster wrote half of a really great story.  A mystery.  His characters are realistic, the scene and plot work.  The dialog flows.


I yelled at him.  But he won’t finish it for me.

Would you?

Go on over there to Doobster’s, read it, and tell me what happens.

Please leave the comments over there at Doobster’s — he likes his stats.  You can also leave them here if you want.  I’d turn off comments, but well, I’m not only mystery-plot challenged, I am comment-stopping challenged.  Yeah, I know.  First World Problems.

Please go and read his story and finish it for me.  I gotta know what happens.

Thanks! You’re the best.


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51 responses to “Can Ya Help a Girl Out, Here?

  1. Sorry, he’s marked his blog as private & I’m not part of the “in” group I guess.

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  2. Endings are the hardest part of story-telling. I say just skip them.

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  4. Julie

    GAH!!!! I told Doobs to finish it. That was a great read, all the way up to it not ENDING!
    That X! I liked how he finished it.

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  5. Don’t you hate it when writers run out of ideas? I know I do!

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  6. I am just a pawn in your silly games.

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  7. Hold on … you yelled at him, and he didn’t do what you said? I say behead him!

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  8. Okay, Elyse, I posted my ending on Doobster’s post, and I think you might enjoy it.


  9. I know what happened.


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  11. The woman was me. I was shoveling a gigantic snowbank, couldn’t take it anymore and threw myself in front of a city snowplow.


  12. I don’t know what happened to the woman, but I’m just glad she isn’t me! (I’m having enough trouble working on my own WIP today. Apparently my creativity has taken the day off. Our maybe I just have no drive…)


  13. And here I thought you were going to create an ending for it yourself. But no, instead you reach out to your 4,000+ followers and put the monkey on their backs. Sheesh. Well, I hope at least one of them chooses to bail you out of this one, Elyse.

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    • Me too. My followers are the best. The very best. Did you hear me followers?

      I might have taken up the challenge, but I really don’t have any luck with mysteries. In fact when I read or watch them, I still never quite figure them out. I still do it though. Watch and read them. Not write. Nope. Not me.

      Anybody out there??? Anybody got a minute????

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