You know how they say one picture is worth a thousand words?

It’s true.

Credit:  Tastefully offensive

Credit: Tastefully offensive

I found this picture on The Last of the Milleniums today.  I often steal stuff from my buddy Father Kane.  Not all of them hit quite this close to home, though!


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49 responses to “Yup.

  1. I am also math-challenged! If it has an x or a y in the question I walk away!

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  2. This sweatshirt was made for me in mind. I bet if you looked on the tag, it would say, “Eleanor Chic.” LOL!

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  3. I love that .. I want one. Please

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  4. Love it! I once took an math anxiety class to learn how to stop saying, “Oh Crap! I can’t do this,” each time I was faced with figuring out the 62% off sale at Macy’s.


  5. Good one … but I like math and numbers. 😉


  6. Yeah, when they switched to that “new math,” everything went to pot. Literally. 😉

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  7. merbear74

    I hate math, too.


  8. Don’t ya just hate it when it hits so close to home?

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  9. That’s so funny because I can relate..lol

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  10. Classic. We should order that in bulk. But then we would have to count. Never mind.

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  11. Math and I have a hate-hate relationship. Back in high school, I never made the honor roll because of algebra.


  12. I cannot have more than 20 problems. That’s when I run out of fingers and toes to count them with.

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  13. I always laugh when this one goes around: manyhttp://www.someecards.com/usercards/viewcard/MjAxMi1mOThmZjNhOGJiYmE5YzMy. That said, I always liked math other than word problems and logic. My brain doesn’t do logic problems. Sadly one of the reasons I never pursued a higher degree was fear of the GREs which include a huge portion of logic problems. Ugh.

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  14. That’s a good one. I love math when I’m learning it. Math class was always one of my favorites. But then I get away from it and forget it all. I’d run hiding if asked to solve a calculus problem today, though I do enjoy statistics.


  15. I don’t need to be good in math to know how many problems I’m supposed to have. 🙂


  16. This had me remembering my mindset when I went back to finish my college degree in my late thirties, (while working for a corporation that paid one hundred percent of the cost of classes, as long as you passed the class). It was a deal too good to pass up, and also a way to finally realize the dream of finishing my degree. Even though I was blazing every sort of rising star trail at work, I nearly didn’t go for it, for one reason only – because I was so afraid of failing Algebra.

    I was absolutely certain there was no way I would get through that class, so on the spur of the moment, I did something radical to help improve my chances. I volunteered to tutor a deaf student in the class, believing that maybe if I had to learn it well enough to teach Algebra to a deaf student, (which required meticulous handwritten notes), that maybe, just maybe, I would actually manage to squeak through the class.

    It worked. My first time around, (while teaching the deaf student), I got a C in the class, but I wasn’t about to let Algebra be the only class that ruined my grade point average. So I took the class again, and this time I got the A that I was aiming for, and in the process, proved that sometimes, the only way to succeed is to be willing to fail miserably. I was absolutely certain I would fail, but I tried anyway.

    It was a lesson that has served me well in other areas of my life. I hadn’t set out to become my own hero, but I remember feeling so powerful and proud of my accomplishment when I finally got that A in Algebra. The impossible had become possible. Imagine how surprised I was to eventually make my living by crunching numbers. *rolling eyes*


  17. Reblogged this on pensitivity101 and commented:
    This is funny


  18. Must be Common Core Math.

    Back in the day I did well in Calculus, Elementary Analytics, Trogonometry, Geometry, etc. These days, my 8 year old brings home her 2nd grade Common Core Math and I have no idea what some of it means. CC tends to go around the coffee cup huntin’ the handle.

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  19. Paul

    Ha! That’s funny Elyse. I saw a great line the other day. An algebra professor came into his classroom and found the following on the chalk board: “Dear Sir: Please stop asking us to find your X, she is gone and won’t be coming back.”


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