WHOAH!!!! What happened?!?!

I admit, I’ve been doing a whole lot of this lately


Google Image, I'm sure

Google Image, I’m sure


But I was surprised how in two months during which I did almost no political posts whatsoever, that the world could have possibly gotten its knickers in a such twist.  Gone end-over-end.  Topsy Turvey.  All akimbo.

Two months ago, my company got two projects that would take us four months each to complete.  Both were due in two months.  Both got done.  I’ve been busy.

And I haven’t been paying attention.  I promise not to let that happen again.

Boy did I miss a whole lot.  I heard that they Congressman Issa cleared up that whole Benghazi thing!  And that Russia kept us out of war in Syria!  Somebody let me know if they admitted we’re doomed because of global climate change, ‘kay?

But the thing that has me most confused?

Apparently the country went from one where the GOP, the Republicans were interested in sticking things into women’s vaginas,


Yea, they like to do that.
(Google image)


Into one where it’s the proponents of the Affordable Healthcare Act

aka Obamacare — that want to do that!

Really!  Just look’ee here:



Only this time, they’re not just targeting the womenfolk.  They’re going after all the straight men, too.



Next, they’ll want to force all employees to wash their hands after using the restroom!




*     *     *


What sort of people campaign against people getting checkups?  What sort of people promote such ignorance?  What sort of stupid questions am I asking?  Because we all know the answer:


The Morally Bankrupt GOP (Google Image)

The Morally Bankrupt GOP
(Google Image)



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78 responses to “WHOAH!!!! What happened?!?!

  1. Some of us just like the government regulating the way we live, the way we are taxed or using the money they generate through our work to pay for Tykwesha in the ghetto’s string of welfare babies or Jose from Juarez jumping the border and cashing in on our schools and clinics.. We have to draw the line somewhere. I’ll pay my own way but damned if I am paying the wayof someone who wont work for what they get.


    • Carley,
      I have spent several hours pondering over your intentionally offensive comment. Trying to decide whether to (1) post it as it is; (2) edit the racist comments out but allow you to disagree with the points that I made; or (3) trash it. But I figured you would expect me to delete such racist remarks. So I figured I’d let them stand. After all, it is your moniker on it, not mine (although your blog is “private” — so clearly you troll around the internet leaving “insightful” comments like this, trying to get a rise out of people. You can stew in your own filth.

      You clearly didn’t read or understand the post before you commented on it.

      You see, the post was about the hypocrisy of the GOP who have spent the last two years wanting to force women to have unnecessary ultrasounds because of their anti-abortion fanaticism. They followed that up by trying to deny birth control – or even like Crazy Ken here in Virginia – try to outlaw birth control AND make it more difficult for women to divorce abusive husbands. What a guy!

      They then “twisted the ultrasound” try to scare young women away from getting insurance that will enable them to get screened for cancer! Nice!

      Now, you are clearly an idiot and don’t understand the purpose of government. Government is the result of the evolution of mankind to where a collective decision was made to work together to solve problems that are too big, too difficult, or too expensive to go alone. Senator Elizabeth Warren said it far better than I could – give a look at this site:

      Now, onto healthcare. There are practical reasons to provide healthcare for everybody.

      Have you ever heard of “communicable diseases”? These are diseases that can be transmitted through the air, through touching your nose or your eyes and then a doorknob, through spit and other bodily fluids. Flu, pneumonia, tuberculosis. Some annoying, some deadly. They don’t respect socio-economic barriers. They infect everybody. And if a poor man, for example, gets TB and can’t afford the medicine, then he develops the resistant form of the disease, which is also transmissible through the air. Low and behold, you, in spite of all your efforts to keep away from poor folks, and brown folks and other folks less fortunate than you, can get MULTI-DRUG RESISTANT TB. And good luck with that one.

      It is in your best interest (and mine) that we provide healthcare for everyone. It benefits everyone.

      Then there are the moral reasons. I’m wagering you consider yourself a Christian. Act like one. Help the poor, the sick. The downtrodden.

      You are blinded by your hatred. Get over it. You’re probably not a horrible person, so stop acting like one.

      Additional offensive comments — by you or your fellow trolls — will be placed in the trash where they belong.


  2. I have missed your political posts 🙂 I don’t think I’m going to be able to sleep after watching those ads.


  3. I have been MIA lately because I’m swamped at work, much of it trying to get knowledgeable about Obamacare. I don’t know if creepy ads are good or stupid, but my conclusion is that America is going to be in deep doo-doo with this massive new program. I hope I’m proven wrong.


    • I hope you’re proven wrong, too, Peg. We will see, but I think it will take a while.

      You know, this issue is really near and dear to me. When I was 17, I had to make life decisions, ALL life decisions, based on insurance. Once, when I thought I’d lost coverage for my pre-existing condition as I was facing drastic surgery, I considered suicide. Something had to be done.

      But I truly hope it doesn’t kill you in the process, though. Because who else will explain my options to me?


  4. Another Canadian here, so I don’t get the resistance either. I have made good use of our healthcare system and am here to say that, because of it. If I lived in the US I probably would have died from my cancer back in 1992.
    Those Ads are terrifying. They should be ashamed for making such a farce out of the situation.


    • It’s not just Canadians who don’t get the resistance. I’ve had a pre-existing condition for 40 years …
      Glad you were living in the frozen north, especially back then.


  5. Well said once again but your humor is what kills me every time, Elyse 😀


  6. I’m not looking at those. Not doing it. It will piss me off too much. I really do not understand what is wrong with our country. I simply cannot grasp how/why so many people object to helping others. They’ve all been brainwashed into thinking it costs more, obviously, but it also smacks of a distinct lack of humanity, eg, I don’t give a crap about you because I don’t have to and you don’t deserve it. WTF??


  7. I SO object to the new healthcare initiative being referred to as Obamacare. It’s just a way to turn people off of it even more. It’s the Affordable Health Care Act. Ooh! Sounds just awful, doesn’t it? No? Oh, I guess that’s why the GOP chooses not to use the proper name for it!


    • I disagree. I want folks to realize who it was that gave them healthcare.

      Why run away from a moniker that says we care? I think we should embrace it. And recently, some democrats have been.


      • I see your point, but is the plan that’s in place everything what he wanted? I don’t think so. It is better than nothing, but it’s a far cry from what the country really needs. Compromise in the Congress watered it down to get it passed. So to still call it Obamacare is a bit of a misnomer.


  8. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    I don’t know much about Obamacare, but have seen the ads. Clearly, it’s not a good thing – but I still don’t know why? What does it offer? I don’t know. I’m in Australia so obviously it doesn’t affect me, but it really has me wondering what’s wrong with it.

    Those ads are horror!


    • I don’t think I can answer, really, except to say that there are folks in power in the US that checked their humanity at the door. Why? Probably for the age old reasons of greed, evil and vanity. What they can gain I really don’t get either. Senseless in my mind.


  9. Right. Opt out of Obamacare. Opt out of being healthy. Opt out of being able to afford treatment if you get sick. Live free and die quickly!
    And, umm, this may come as a surprise to some people, but no one is actually insured by “Obamacare”. It’s a all the same private insurance companies and Medicaid.


    • I really don’t understand the blatant and willful ignorance. And the evil twist of these ads is really warped. Who is it enacting mandatory ultrasound legislation? Ummmmm, let me think …


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  11. Moe

    The first ad is utterly remarkable – I can’t fathom how the GOP still hasn’t learned to stay away from anything ‘vagina’.


  12. Nice stuff. You asked for my email. awax@tampabay.rr.com


  13. Snoring Dog Studio

    The GOP have reached a sublime level of idiocy. Sadly, these ads reinforce the moronic beliefs about Obamacare in people who lack sense. I wondered the other day, what alternative solutions have been suggested by the GOP – and I realized there have been none. Way to govern – oppose everything.


  14. I was wondering why you hadn’t been around so often.


  15. I was wondering what the hell happened to your rants. Apparently you can’t even blink without missing a whole slew of material. There are really no words for those videos..oh, wait there might be one….Insane.


  16. I’m a Brit so the whole healthcare debate is a bit lost on me


  17. bigsheepcommunications

    Oh, hey, I thought I recognized that head in the sand next to mine 😀


  18. Burn your Obamacare Card! Problem with this one? There is no such thing.
    Don’t get Health Insurance! Problem with this one? You might get sick.

    Those ads are creepy as hell. Weirder yet, you know who is leading this campaign? The same guy who led the very successful campaign that led to 12 states enacting forced vaginal ultrasounds. Yeah, that is correct.

    Like you I have avoided political posts lately. My heart is stilled by American ignorance. What is the point?

    I love your, absolutely love your photos!


    • I think many of us on our side have been quiet, and that’s going to show. There’s an election here in November for Governor (Guvernor Crazy Cook Cuccinelli?) so things are starting to pick up. But it’s the Bush administration all over again — choose your outrage because nobody has enough energy to be outraged over all of the outrageous things happening out there. And that are being spoon-fed to folks who don’t pay attention. They lap it up.

      And aren’t those last two photos perfect? I think they are emus, though, not ostriches, though, now that I look more closely.


  19. See, this is why I’m very content being clueless at school all day long.


    • Just watch out for Uncle SAMs wearing latex gloves and you’ll be fine. I’ll warn you when you need to join the rest of the townsfolk with your pitchfork.


  20. lifespaller

    Hey Elyse – nice ostriches. In Australia, we have a mixed public and private health system. I use both. They are both brilliant. Not perfect, but I am satisfied I get looked after in a timely manner, to the best clinical standards currently available at a cost I can cope with. (OK, the public hospital catering needs a bit of work, but that’s where foodie friends feel good about making a contribution. And I always take my own tea bags).

    Now, it could be just because I’m completely bonkers with flaring Crohn’s but I just don’t get the healthcare debate in the USA. Surely, the economy of scale offered by a government health care system would actually drop costs. As for privacy issues (which I think these weird ads might be alluding to but who knows) why would a private company holding my medical details be any safer than the government? Would private data not be worth selling on?

    You guys in the USA provide the rest of the World with so much to puzzle and ponder about. But we love you anyway, especially for HBO (which has been better medicine for my own Crohn’s than most drugs).

    But I shouldn’t be too smug. We have a relative of ostriches – the emu – and a new conservative government where the minister for women is a former trainee catholic priest and boxer.


    • There is much to be confused about in our healthcare system, and I have been for many years. There are way too many times that we ‘Mericans act (by which I mean vote) against our own self interests that I can and do scream. And the fact that the GOP is trying to twist this message makes me want to bite something.

      Americans like me with insurance can get great healthcare. Those who don’t have it die, live shortened lives, or live in pain or bankruptcy. It is horrible.

      Mr, I’m really lucky because with insurance I can take Remicade which is helping my Crohn’s wonderfully well.

      But I DO know emus! My son’s favorite book was Edward the Emu, a magical children’s book.


  21. That was just … that was … what was that?


  22. I’m Australian, we have a government run health system & it works absolutely fine. I get sick, I go to the doctors and swipe my card.
    I don’t understand why Americans resist the change. From an outsider looking in, I think these ads are funded by pharmaceutical companies. Am I wrong?


    • I don’t think the pharmaceutical companies have anything to do with these, except that like ALL US corporations, they are heavily invested in the GOP. In fact, the pharmaceutical industry will probably make more money when folks are all insured (that day way far into the future) because they will sell more drugs.

      You guys are crazy socialists who believe in taking care of each other. Silly you. THAT’s why you’re always pictured as upside down, right?

      As someone with life-long health problems, I don’t know, just don’t understand why the GOP is so dead set against anything that helps other people. Just yesterday they voted to take food away from the hungry to toughen them up. I live in a crazy country. Can I come to Italy with you?


  23. Jueseppi B.

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat™.


  24. I’d really like to hope that we’re smart enough to not fall for those…


    • We are. But the GOP has a talent for convincing folks to vote against their own interests. They do it all the time and each time I think folks won’t fall for it. And each time they do.


  25. Those videos are creepy beyond belief! And as if Uncle Sam wasn’t creepy enough, they threw in the carnival music. I think I’m going to have nightmares now.


  26. OK. I watched them. I think my brain was just violated.


  27. I’m a Canadian. I am completely and utterly baffled by the angst about government health care south of the border. Our system isn’t perfect– no system is– but frankly it’s the reason I’m alive.


    • I promise. As soon as I figure out what the problem people have with it (other people, that is) I’ll let you know.

      Our current system is obscenely expensive, pays more attention to trying to give 15 extra minutes to someone with no hope at the cost of $$$$$$ while not taking care of preventive care and vaccines. What’s wrong with this picture?

      I love your blog name. Which has nothing to do with healthcare I realize. But I noticed it earlier and just now as I was about to hit the “reply” button.


  28. Couldn’t click on the ads. Nope. Couldn’t do it. Sorry you had to undergo such a rude awakening. Work is bliss.


    • Actually, they’re fascinating. If I were a guy, though, I’d prefer to watch the one intended to intimidate women.

      Work for me is actually pretty terrific. Not 14 hour a day terrific, but still pretty terrific. Great job, great boss, great colleagues and million dollar view out of my office. Things could be much worse.


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