Keeping Our Heads for Four Years

If you were a news junkie during the George W. Bush era, you’re already experiencing deja vu.  That sinking feeling already makes your eyes roll automatically when Putin’s President appears.  It settled into the back of your neck from the whiplash as you shake your head and shout “no, no, no, no, no, no, no!” over the latest outrage or tweet.  And it’s there in the pit of your stomach, when you try not to vomit whenever you see the color orange.

Yup, it’s started.  The Deluge.  The Flood.  The Trump shit storm.


During the Bush years, I would just be ready to pounce on one issue, when another hit the fan and took the wind out of my sails. Resistance is hard if there is just so much to resist.

How, I worried in the days since November 8, will I survive Trump.  I feared a heart attack.  A stroke.  Getting so scared I’d shit in my pants.   Of course I worry about the last one sometimes during a scary movie.

Anyway, I’ve come up with a strategy for a hybrid Resister/Surviving Human.  I’m going to become a political centaur!


Google Image.  No shit will be given by this filly.


I’m going to take my mother’s marital and parental advice and apply it to my activism.  She said:

Choose Your Battles!

Me, I’m going to try to focus on issues I know about and/or that are closest to my heart.  The ones I write about here on FiftyFourAndAHalf.

But that won’t be all I do.  I will look for and follow the lead of others who are knowledgeable about other issues, and I will try to help to the extent I can.  It’s not hard, really, to make calls to Congress and the White House.  Really, it just takes a minute.  You or I can even just cut and paste and hit “send.”

But I will try my very best to keep my blood pressure — and my outrage to livable levels.

George W. Bush kept us all off balance because there were so many things to be outraged about, that we couldn’t keep it up.  Different bad presidents need different tactics.

And Trump will make the Dubya years look like a walk in the park.  And that park is in Baghdad.




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51 responses to “Keeping Our Heads for Four Years

  1. I will sure be interesting four years with the president Trumpsky in charge.

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  2. A noble aspiration, Elyse. And also exactly how I thought I might approach the coming calamity as a blogger– pick one or two issues and focus on those only. For me it’ll be the “reforms” on Medicare and Social Security. That’s enough for one [scared] boy. – Marty

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  3. Yes, the fact that I keep getting semi-sentimental about the Bush years is just terrifying. And learning to manage my anger, fear and stress, I suspect, is going to be my mission for the next four years. Finding the balance between not twitching at every single thing he does and not retreating is my second challenge. I need to stay galvanized, but not obsessed. You don’t suppose the universe really did do this as a teaching moment, do you?

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  4. I would take W over DT in a heartbeat … no question asked because it’s not even close … and I wasn’t a W fan.

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  5. I wrote my congress people about not repealing the ACA. Normally in January I have a feeling of renewed hope, even with the crappy weather. But not this year, Elyse. Ugh.

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  6. Talking to my boyfriend, I have compared these moments leading up to inauguration, as society waiting at the gates of hell. The nearer the date comes, the gates incrementally open.

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  7. I’ve been so good. Quiet. In my zen. Then there was the press conference. How many f-bombs can one person use in a day? COUNTLESS! Today I woke up to ALL of the good parts of the ACA voted down in the middle of the night. For a group of people who have done Z E R O in the past 8 years, they’ve sure been busy. I’ll have to pick my battles, because lord knows I don;t have the strength to fight them all.
    Are you Marching on DC next week? I’ll be Marching in Philly!

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  8. Stay vigilant. We all will. ☮️ As a side note, I am not surprised at my own personal, tearful reaction to all of the current administration’s farewell appearances, speeches, awards, etc. I don’t ever remember crying about a political transition. Strength moving forward.

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  9. You’re absolutely right, Elyse. I wrote to my congresswoman and she replied back with an acknowledgement and affirmation. This is an excerpt:
    “Any attacks on the rights of women, immigrants, LGBTQ individuals, Muslims, Latinos, African Americans, or other marginalized communities are un-American, unacceptable, and must be denounced at every turn….I stand ready to work with Donald Trump and his administration to find bipartisan solutions that will expand our economy, improve our infrastructure, and keep our nation safe. I will also oppose him forcefully any time he takes steps to endanger our nation or the families I represent.”

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  10. Good advice. Jim and I are both swearing much more than usual, and “usual” increased from a healthy rate last year, even. But yes, pick the battles. Healthcare. Food security. Voting rights. Reproductive rights. That’s still A LOT. Dammit. and fuck. and fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Edit if you please. won’t bother me.

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  11. 9 years ago I couldn’t possibly have imagined a day would come that I long to have the Bush administration back in office. Hell indeed has frozen over.

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  12. Becoming a political centaur might protect your bottom line from most politicians. But I doubt it would dissuade a guy like Trump, and his groping little fingers.

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  13. I am still feeling devoid of all hope, but I had to comment just to tell you that your boobs look amazing!

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