This is NOT the behavior of a rational adult.

Who indeed will save us from a mentally unfit President?

Empty Nest, Full Life

I am unable to tear my eyes away from Donald Trump’s Twitter vomiting.

Its like seeing a terrible natural disaster;  you are horrified. You are filled with disbelief.

And yet.

You cannot look away.

I log on in the morning, and I cringe. I see the kind of vindictive, petty, immature ego stroking bullshit that the President-elect sends out to the world.

To be honest, if I had a 14 year old who spent his time tweeting nasty lies about other people just to make himself feel good, I’d take away his devices and get him into therapy.

Things like this:

I mean…I am a student of American history. I understand the vital importance of a…

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33 responses to “This is NOT the behavior of a rational adult.

  1. I tried following him on Twitter, but his followers are worse than him.

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  2. The danger is that we all get so overwhelmed with his stupidity and greed that we start to tune out. Ever see one of those uncontrollable kids in a restaurant or grocery store? The parents are so used to the tantrums that they don’t even notice them anymore. There is so much shit going down at once with this shithead and his band of merry billionaires who will be taking over that a lot is going to slide by without anyone noticing. Don’t count on the media to let us know either. We saw during the campaign that they are interested only in profits. They couldn’t give less of a shit about the country or us poor slobs. There are a few exceptions but not enough to cover anything more than a tiny percentage of the treasonous activities that will be going on. Happy new year! 🙄

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    • Actually, I know you’re right about this, Nonnie. I remember that clearly from the Dubya years. They’d do something so f’ing outrageous that folks would start organizing to fight, then they’d do something different and awful, and then another thing and another… we have to have dedicated focus areas to fight. Only focus attention on a couple of areas and let others focus on other areas so all bases are covered.

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  3. I hear he’s getting fitted for a crown and red robe.


  4. I had the chance to chat with a member of our Canadian parliament who is considering a run for the leader of the New Democrat Party. He said that he figured he better follow DJT on Twitter if he was going to keep abreast of the situation south of the border.

    Which, we all agreed, was as repugnant as it comes. I mean, there is no way I would “follow” that man, even if the term means “subscribe”. But what choice is there for the MP? And therein, I believe lies the crux of the matter.

    There is no domestic or foreign diplomatic mechanism to deal with this situation. Dare I say it? I dare: it’s unpresidented. We onlookers can do only that – look on. Sure, we can let our assorted elected officials know our feelings, but what are they going to do about it?

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    • Sadly, even as a citizen I feel the same way. I don’t believe that short of suspending our laws that they can remain in power long, but lord the damage they can do!

      Scary times.

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  5. Just when you think it couldn’t possibly get more delusional and then BAM! this appears. “Wow, the ratings are in and Arnold Schwarzenegger got “swamped” (or destroyed) by comparison to the ratings machine, DJT. So much for….
    Why the F*** is this a concern for the soon to be _________? I REFUSE to say it. Actually I can’t without vomiting.

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  6. LauraBelle

    I don’t follow his feed but every time I see someone post on Facebook about something he tweeted I go look to see if he really said that. It’s alway true. I can’t even fathom that he is the new president.

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  7. What is most amazing is the directive that apparently was delivered to all ambassadors that they should vacate their positions no later than inauguration day, which basically means that our embassies will be without ambassadors until he gets around to nominating replacements. Just kind of stunning.

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    • Actually, I’m finding it hard to figure out exactly what is “most amazing.” Usually it is whatever I’m looking at.

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    • As far as I understand, it’s a pretty standard practice, and it applies to only about 30% of ambassadors:
      The only thing that is not standard practice is refusing to allow grace periods on case-by-case basis.

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      • Of course, new Presidents replace the ambassadors, but there has historically been a willingness to retain the current ambassador until they have been replaced … and also to provide some amount of grace periods for many ambassadors who have served their country in foreign lands. Basically, all of these ambassadors have been told to be gone with less than 30 days notice. It says something about his management style and whether he cares about how his decisions impact the lives of others. And also how much importance he gives to stability and maintaining the right level of presence in these important places.

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        • Did you read the link in my comment? If not, please do.
          Unless CNN is wrong, there has been a standard to remove all politically appointed ambassadors at the end of the term of the president who appointed them. Grace periods were given in special circumstances, but not to just everyone, and certainly not until a replacement is appointed, because in the absence of an ambassador, there would be someone temporarily filling in for an ambassador. And if it’s a standard procedure, the embassy staff should be prepared to handle the situation, since the rest of the staff isn’t going anywhere because it’s not appointed by the president.

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          • I don’t think we’re disagreeing. I read the article last night. I agree that there is a piece of this that is standard procedure and it isn’t uncommon that an embassy is left in the charge of a professional, unappointed diplomat for some period of time. What is unusual is the blanket, across-the-board approach that doesn’t take into consideration the circumstances in-country or each ambassador’s circumstances.

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    • nkdwhtguy

      He also fails to consider the disruption to the families of these ambassadors. Uprooting entire families. Of course, he wouldn’t know about this, since he has never served his country, interested only in serving himself.

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  8. nkdwhtguy

    I’m with you. He’s not human.

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