The Beast

Lemme get this straight.


Photo Credit:  Jacob

A big fat guy in a red suit

will come down the chimney,

And I’m Supposed to Let Him In?



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29 responses to “The Beast

  1. Funny how that use to seem so sweet and innocent…Santa entering your home through the chimney, etc. … These days it sounds kind of creepy and scary and he would probably be arrested at his first stop.

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  2. Duncan has grown up to be a handsome man! And if he’s like Fozzie, If the big intruder dressed in red is packing a treat for Duncan, everyone will escape the evening unscathed and happy. 🙂 ❤

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  3. Only between 10pm on 12/24/2016 and 4am on 12/25/2016. At all other times, any big fat guy in a red suit coming down a chimney is on his own.

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  4. Look at the big sweetie!

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  5. Santa Claus is very quick. I think he can outrun your little dog.

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  6. Hits the love button…it does exist.

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  7. Ho, Ho, Ho, yes, he may have something really nice just for you! Love your photo 🙂

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