Dear Electors

Today’s New York Times broke my heart by informing me (can you believe it? — A Newspaper!) that while the electors in the Electoral College will vote tomorrow (Monday, December 19), we won’t actually know the results until January 6.  Shit.


I was wrong.  I misunderstood.  Perhaps I read the Russian rules.

Trump just now went over the 270 needed to become the 45th (and possibly last) President of the United States.


Now back to my original post which is now completely irrelevant:

Still, I want to take just one more opportunity to beg:

Dear Electors:

Please don’t let Donald Trump actually become President of the United States.  He’s cray-cray.  And could you possibly imagine listening to that 6th grade speaking style for 4 years?  Not to mention the fact that he’s already pissed off most of Asia.

Oh and there is that whole bit about Russia interfering with our election.


Google Image

So please, please, vote carefully.  Vote as if the future of the world is in your hands.  Because it is.


2.8 Million (and counting) American Voters


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30 responses to “Dear Electors

  1. Elyse, the 2nd season of America’s Been Trumped! is more than half over. The 1st season got off to a slow start down an escalator and there was talk that it wouldn’t be renewed after going off the bus tracks, but The Donald pulled strings (Russian balalaikas), and they got optioned for 13 more episodes.

    Unlike the 1st season, Season 2 started STRONG with Kidd Rock and the loser from Happy Days doing ’em proud in that “this country sucks, but I still love her” big shindig. Now ratings are wobbling—The Don traded in his baseball cap for hobnobbing with rich white guys and enemies of the state. Plus, there are rumors that the star is bored and sick of practicing saying big words (even more tired of hearing them). So, it’s anyone’s guess about what will happen in the season’s finale.

    If it all weren’t so bloody serious, it is the stuff of comedic heaven.

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  2. Dang! I can’t see the video. I know it would be perfect for the piece though because your choices always are. I guess we all hold our breath until Jan. 6.

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  3. Hail Mary, full of grace . . . catch that football.

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  4. Your whistling down a dark alley. I understand. You’ve got company.

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  5. I laughed and cried at that SNL video. Thanks for at least giving us something to laugh through during these crazy days.

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    • It is a particularly good one, I think. Although I found myself wondering how she managed to get them to the correct one. I was looking for the trick the whole time!


  6. So, let’s play this out. Let’s say enough electors vote contrary to the vote of their state. Do you think the chaos of that would be better? You’ve seen enough of my comments on your blog to know that I am a liberal, a progressive, no fan of Trump. But I’m really not sure the consequences of what you are proposing are better.

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  7. It will take 18 days to count the electoral college votes? Why? So someone has time to let the Russians hack into the system? I keep hoping there is some loophole that will keep this from happening…

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  8. The system is cray-cray. And to all a good night.

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  9. Every day a new horror. Every day another stupid comment, controversy, or appointment. And that’s just Trump – if we include his mouthpieces? It just never ends.

    Please, someone, make it end.

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  10. I just can’t let myself get too excited that something could change… for the better… I think this is the end of America as we knew it… and stupid won.

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  11. January 6 is my birthday. I wish for no other gift than to be saved from this nightmare.

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  12. Speechless, still waiting to wake up…that’s happening a lot these days.

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