Mansplainin’ 101

I’m still without a computer, but thought I’d share this clip.


Because I love you, I am adding a picture I forgot about.  The real reason why men fear vaginas.

SteckengebliebenBecause they get stuck in them.

[This is from a post of a while back — happily recalled when Lisa (Tops) from Life in the Top Down commented.

Life, and blogging, can be so damn much fun!


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45 responses to “Mansplainin’ 101

  1. This was fun and funny. Not a big fun of Hilary, but she is a good sport.

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  2. Dana

    Hillary is so awesome! Fingers crossed, fingers crossed, fingers crossed! (Not as in lying. As in wishing and hoping she wins!)

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  3. Emphasis, mine:

    Lots of things in life are beautiful, but brother,
    There is one particular thing that is nothin’ whatsoever
    In any way, shape or form like any other.

    There is nothin’ like a dame,
    Nothin’ in the world,
    There is nothin’ you can name
    That is anything like a dame!

    Nothin’ else is built the same,
    Nothin’ in the world
    As the soft and wavy frame
    Like the silhouette of a dame!

    There is absolutely nothin’ like the frame of a dame.

    So suppose a dame ain’t right
    Or completely free from flaws,
    Or as faithful as a bird dog,
    Or as kind as Santa Claus,
    It’s a waste of time to worry
    Over things that they have not,
    Be thankful for the things they got!

    There is nothin’ you can name
    That is anythin’ like a dame!

    There are no books like a dame,
    And nothin’ looks like a dame.
    There are no drinks like a dame,
    And nothin’ thinks like a dame,
    Nothin’ acts like a dame,
    Or attracts like a dame.
    There ain’t a thing that’s wrong with any man here
    That can’t be cured by putting him near
    A girly, womanly, female, feminine dame!
    From South Pacific

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    • OH yeah. Starting with that cheerful moniker “Dame”!

      It really is so ingrained in our society…


    • I was thinking while I was out doing errands, Jim. Does anybody still use “Dame”? any more? I haven’t heard it in years, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never been called a “dame.”


      • I’d say you’re right, Elyse, “dame” is passé’. I picked this lyric, however, because to my mind it captures the essence of that essential difference between the sexes, and that includes the male instinct to be protective of the female. You dames are our equals in terms of intellectual capacity, including ambition, determination, and fortitude, but the feminine filter will, I submit, forever distinguish us and tint the product of your labors. Vive’ la difference!

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  4. She is such a good sport. I have always been a fan. She is smart. That’s so much more than I can say about….um…….where’s that vagina picture?

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  5. Love this! Thanks, Elyse.

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  6. Heheheheh…I’m glad you shared this. It gave me my morning giggle. I think she was a good sport and it looked to me as if she was having a tough time not smiling.

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  7. Not a female executive over 35 who can’t relate to this in the corporate world:).

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  8. Paul

    Even though I’m a Canadian, I’m with NQC’s husband – Hillary was fine and now she is shrill – not sure why.

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  9. You missed the mark, Elyse. I think you don’t quite understand what mansplainin’ is. It’s sort of like, well maybe I should write the post on it. It’s hard to explain to a girl.

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  10. Saw this today too. Hysterical and unfortunately true.

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