Am I Too Late for the Debate Debate?

Sorry guys.  I’ve let you down.  I know that you rely on me for news.  And I failed you.

I haven’t written a single word about the GOP candidate kerfluffle on the debate and all those mean questions that the CNBC moderators asked.

So I thought I’d leave it to my spokesman to make my comments for me:

I mean, what more could I offer?  What more can be said about these clowns and their “‘First Percent’ Running For Prez” problems?  Not much.

Frankly even I, a political junkie, am getting sick of it all.

So I’ve been trying to figure out just what we can do to get a little bit of relief from it all, without, well, getting too much relief from it all.  And I have a few ideas:

  • We could restrict GOP access to one channel (Fox would do nicely).  Who wouldn’t want to listen to this:

  • We could gamble on the odds of the various GOP contenders getting the nomination (there’s actually a website that does this:  Me, I’m planning on making a mint by betting on Scott Walker becoming the 45th President of These United States.  Nobody else will think to bet on him!  I will clean up!
  • Or we could eliminate all news of the GOP and fill the airtime with additional CSI series in different American cities!  Because, really, you just can’t have too many gun-drug-sex related crime shows set in America’s cities, now can we?

I must confess, I’m leaning towards the last one.  Because I have just the city for the show!  A city that combines crime with a Democratic Tradition!

Image Wikimedia

Image Wikimedia

The Park City — Bridgeport, Connecticut!

Wait, wait!  Don’t go.  I’m not done!  And I have good reason to suggest this location!

You see, I, personally, was born in Bridgeport– as were all of my family members whom you’ve come to know and love.  The fact that we moved away really has no bearing on the issue of whether a good crime drama could be situated in Bpt.

Equally important, one of my relatives once served as Mayor of this fine city.  I never met this cousin 238 times removed.  But still, blood is blood and that’s important in any crime drama.

Lastly, on Tuesday, the City of Bridgeport — my home town — elected an  ex-convict Mayor.

Ex-Con In Jail For Seven Years Elected Mayor of Bridgeport, CT


Image: Breitbart News (Still, it is really actually true — they DID elect an ex-con who’d gone to jail for cheating the City of Bridgeport!)

Voters in Bridgeport, Connecticut elected as their next mayor an ex-convict who spent seven years in federal prison after being convicted on 16 corruption charges.

Democrat Joe Ganim, 56, had served as mayor of Bridgeport – the state’s largest city – 12 years ago, from 1991 to 2003, when he resigned after being convicted of accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars from individuals and companies in exchange for sending city contracts in their direction, the New York Times reports.

Since he was released from prison five years ago, Ganim has worked as a legal assistant at his family’s law firm in Bridgeport, though he has not been able to have his law license restored.

Now tell me, which would you choose?  To watch the GOP or to watch a colorful Democrat?


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41 responses to “Am I Too Late for the Debate Debate?

  1. It really is getting to be too much, isn’t it. I can actually see why so many people are falling for the idea of voting for an outsider… but not outside the evolutionary process… oooh… I need to tweet that…

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  2. You know I have no love in my heart for the current version of the GOP. But, I’m sorry, those questions were a disgrace. Those CNBC clowns deserved all the scorn heaped on them. I could never convince you of that because you are a one-way street. I’m going to go out in a limb and say if Hillary or Bernie were treated that way by Fox News you’d be on the warpath.


    • Time for true confessions, Mark. I didn’t actually watch that debate. I did see some clips though. And the questions were pretty asinine. But were they any more so than the 7+ years Obama has gotten over his birth certificate? Whether he is a muslim? Whether he is the anti-Christ?

      The public is the one who should be outraged at the crappy questions, not the candidates. They need to suck it up and stop whining. Because as my guy (the Christian U.S. Citizen who I am pretty sure is not the anti-Christ) put it, the Russians and the Chinese aren’t going to take them seriously.

      From the clips I’ve seen (and I didn’t watch Friday’s Dem debate, either) I think Rachel Maddow should moderate all the debates.

      But you’re right. I’d probably be griping. And I do every time Obama goes on Fox News.and they lob their idiocy at him and he has to take them seriously. Hillary and Bernie will get stupid questions, too, no doubt. And I will grouse. But I bet they won’t.


      • Do you know who set the bar surprisingly high? The Fox News commentators! Did you see that first GOP debate? It was glorious. I thought it was going to be two hours of softball questions but the candidates were put on a wrack and tortured. All of their weak points were discussed. A series of tough questions. Really impressive. I can’t believe I’m typing these words!!!

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        • I don’t really remember it — good or bad. My lasting impression was just that there were too damn many people up there that there wasn’t time to get anything of substance said.


  3. You know, it occurs to me that the primary-party system in this country is a huge problem. The participants in both parties are forced to positions to pander to intra-party extremist factions. It would be better to hold debates between contenders of different parties rather than among those of the same party. I think it would clarify the issues much better. How to do it? It would have to become policy by both Republican and Democratic party organizations. Given the chaos the last few years I would think the GOP especially would get this. Maybe Trump’ the final straw?

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    • That would be nice. But pandering to the GOP base is how they get their voters out — and why off-year elections always favor them. But it would certainly serve the country better.

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  4. I never thought I would say it, I am already burned out on the stupid.

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  5. I can’t bring myself to watch any of the insanity. Just listening to the “highlights” the next day is enough for me.
    No words on the mayor issue, other than maybe we should get our names on a ballot. Thelma & Louise take the White House by storm!

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  6. Of course I didn’t watch the debate continuing my 4 for 4 streak. However, some of the CNBC questions were poor. Interestingly, one of the ideas floating from the recent summit of the candidates was debate clusters of 4-5 candidates. Hmmmm …. didn’t I suggest that way back when?

    Meanwhile, the CNBC moderators had trouble controlling the flock … a sign they need my debate rules … but yet, me as the moderator, judge, and jury. Candidates don’t like the question, thus start babbling … mic off and into the cone of silence.

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  7. This is almost as hilarious as the GOP refusing to grant media access to the Daily Show cause they might get mocked.

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  8. I would pick the test pattern over the GOP debate, Elise, but unfortunately it’s not an option. Thanks anyway. I suggest, however, that when they do air the next debate they pick some appropriate theme music:

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  9. It’s interesting that the new mayor couldn’t get his law license back, but could run for office. Clearly, the strictness of ethics standards for politicians and lawyers seems to be the opposite of what it should be.

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  10. Glazed

    Obama is entertainment enough. I love the zinger, and all the other ones he so cleverly delivers.

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  11. “CSI Bridgeport, a must-see! And stay tuned for CSI Cleveland after.”—I’m there. Especially if the presidential candidates all play a role. I think Trump would make quite the medical examiner, wouldn’t he? Combover flapping in the breeze as he goes about his work…

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  12. Dana

    Does this mean, there’s hope for Blago?

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  13. I want more CSI series. Or how about another year of Bones? My husband hates all the gore but as long as I don’t see the actual killing, I’m good with blood and guts (as long as I don’t have to touch them).

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  14. You never fail to entertain. 🙂


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