Sharing the Boss

Some things are just too good to keep to myself:



I found this at, and it made my morning– enjoy!


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47 responses to “Sharing the Boss

  1. I saw this episode the other night … it’s even more of a burn since Christie is such a Springsteen fan.

    While I don’t like to see anyone hated on … I can’t help but feel a bit of satisfaction that the bully Christie is finally having to face the consequences of his mean-spiritedness.


  2. I’ve watched this several times. It makes me very happy. Thanks for making me happy again, today!


    • Hi Ann, and welcome. This makes me happy too. I can’t believe Fallon did a better Boss than the Boss! I have it playing again as I type this (and while my husband is out of the room because he will go nuts if he hears it one more time).

      I just checked out your blog and think you have the best About post ever! I look forward to reading more of your posts.


  3. Snoring Dog Studio

    Brilliant. And a nice WTF to that idiot, Christie.


  4. Saw it yesterday and it’s a great chuckle. I’ll be the contrarian because I don’t look at as political commentary, but just great humor.


  5. God, how I love anything Jimmy Fallon does! Thanks for sharing this because I hadn’t seen it yet. Hope you have a good week, Elyse!


    • He is terrific — I don’t know why I don’t record his show. He is funny. He is nice. HE is talented. What’s not to like (I haven’t been happy since Johnny Carson retired. Yeah, I am OLD.)

      My week is almost over and that’s the best I can say about it! Oy! Hope you are having all the fun, Darls


  6. Haha amazing– thanks for that. Wish I too could have started my day on this.


    • Glad you liked it. I just played it again — I think it is an amazing clip. Fallon is great, the Boss is, well, the Boss. This is one of the ones that’ll be remembered!


  7. Saw this clip this morning and almost peed my pants laughing. Something tells me this is going to be for Christie what Tina Fey was for Sarah Palin–a career ender. Bye-bye WH.


  8. Saw this, LMAO.

    So, bet the Boss wants to take back his handshake now.


    • Yeah, I realized an hour after I posted it, that EVERYBODY had seen it except me! Oh well, it’s been a busy week. It is Friday, right?

      I actually saw The Boss hug The Guv! Ewwww….



  9. Love this! What a great find! And yes, even a Canadian from the NW knows about the traffic scandal & Governor Christie!


  10. One of the best parts of liking a celebrity is finding out they’re decent people and have a sense of humor too.

    (Not a huge Springsteen fan, but he was one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen. The guy puts out.)


    • Springsteen is good people, I think. He has done good stuff with his music, with his money and with his help. Good people. Bet he’s feeling a bit awkward about all those Christy hugs, though.

      And you get to see all the good bands …


  11. Thanks for sharing! It made my morning too!


  12. I have been sending it to everyone I know all morning. So thankful to live in NJ. Never leaves you at a loss for material!


    • I am embarrassed to say that as a native of southern CT, I am often laughing at New Jersey. It’s in my DNA.

      Maybe after this episode, I will have to stop laughing, though. It will become politically incorrect! 😉


  13. Isn’t that great? I saw it on CNN this morning. Fallon sounds more like The Boss than The Boss does!


  14. bigsheepcommunications

    Saw it – love it!


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