Blowin’ in the Wind

I take war pretty darn seriously when it comes, so I try to pay attention to the rumblings and rumors of yet another conflict.  That way, I can be sure to make my feelings known.

That probably comes from the fact that when I was in 9th grade everybody in my entire school got on a bus and drove down to Washington DC to that huge rally on the Mall.  Me and John C were the only two kids left behind.  Spending a day with John C was NOT my idea of a good time, but my parents wouldn’t let me go.  I’ve never gotten over it.

I DID make up for it though.  In 2003 I saw Peter Paul & Mary live on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, singing Blowin’ in the Wind and Give Peace A Chance, just like they had back in 1971.  We were all there to protest the impending invasion of Iraq the next day.  George W Bush flew overhead in Marine 1 on his way back from Camp David.  He hovered over us, just long enough for the assembled protesters to flip him the finger.  I’m sure he returned the gesture.

For this new war?  I got no warning, no notice, nothing from MoveOn.Org or Code Pink or anybody else.  How could that happen?  I’m on every single political email that goes out to special people like me.  And you know what a news junkie I am – I read everything.  Still I missed it.  Damn.  Because this war might be in my living room before long.  And yours.  Or maybe it will snake its way upstairs, into our bedrooms.

It’s The War on Men.

Yup.  At least according to Phyllis Schlafly’s niece, anyway.  Oh you remember Phyllis, don’t you?  She was one of the main spokespeople behind the anti Equal Rights for Women movement.

Why didn’t she just stay home and bake?

So, in keeping with having a family full of non-feminist women who stay home and bake cookies, Phil’s niece, Suzanne Venker works outside of the home.  She “stumbled” upon a bunch of men who are unhappy with women and who say that they aren’t going to get married.  Not no way, not no how.


Because “Women aren’t Women anymore.”

Well, I’ll be.  Excuse me while I check on my lady parts.

Now Suzie wrote about it (well sort of, it’s an article on Fox).  She claims that men haven’t changed.  Apparently they still have all the same instincts that they had back in the day.  But women?  They’ve changed.  And not for the better according to Suzie.

They’ve gotten uppity.  They want to work.  They want to get paid for working.  They want to use their hearts and their minds.  (And I bet they still want Equal Rights.)  THE NERVE!

Suzie also says that this whole attitude on the part of women, well

“[It] has not threatened men. It has pissed them off. It has also undermined their ability to become self-sufficient in the hopes of someday supporting a family. Men want to love women, not compete with them. They want to provide for and protect their families – it’s in their DNA. But modern women won’t let them.

It’s all so unfortunate – for women, not men. Feminism serves men very well: they can have sex at hello and even live with their girlfriends with no responsibilities whatsoever.

It’s the women who lose. [Sniff]  Not only are they saddled with the consequences of sex, by dismissing male nature they’re forever seeking a balanced life. The fact is, women need men’s linear career goals – they need men to pick up the slack at the office – in order to live the balanced life they seek.

So if men today are slackers, and if they’re retreating from marriage en masse, women should look in the mirror and ask themselves what role they’ve played to bring about this transformation.  [Emphasis mine all mine.]

Perhaps it is the fact that in the decades that most of us have lived in [and I think we can assume that Suzie has been stuck in a perpetual space-time continuum] well, we’ve been able to make our own choices about when to have children, and a whole mess of other economic issues that earlier generations of women couldn’t because they were barefoot and pregnant.

But fortunately, Suzie tells me not to worry about this war.  You see, I can actually do something about this one.  And actually, you can too.  I’m relieved.  Aren’t you?

Women have the power to turn everything around. All they have to do is surrender to their nature – their femininity – and let men surrender to theirs.


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102 responses to “Blowin’ in the Wind

  1. Elyse – You have many great comments here and I don’t want to muddy the water. I will say I’ve had enough war [of all kinds] to put me off of war for decades to come. However, I don’t see the end of war in any of its facets in our lifetime and that makes me truly sad.

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  2. I have a hard time figuring out why so many women advocate against having the same rights as men. Then again, my grandmother never got a driver’s license. I suspect she loved being chauffeured around. She might have been happier being born in Saudi Arabia.

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  3. Reblogged this on FiftyFourandAHalf and commented:

    I bet you thought that the death of Phyllis Schafly yesterday at age 92 meant that we women are now permitted to evolve. To be free. To live our lives as we want.

    But no. Like subsequent generations of Bushes, Cheneys, and Palins, there is another generation of Schaflys. Oh joy. Here’s an old piece on Suzanne Venker, Phil’s niece. If you puke, you have to clean it up.


  4. I think the danger happens when we assume a large group of people all think and feel the same way, and want the same things. What’s so difficult about creating a system in which everyone is free to choose their own direction? It may have been impossible in the 1700s, but times have changed. I keep thinking we have, too. Maybe we just love war too much.

    The Flintstones cartoon was a nice touch, but even Wilma didn’t let Fred push her around. In a similar way, Alice Kramden spoke words of equality-wisdom on The Honeymooners — and that was more than fifty years ago.


    • Isn’t it funny how every disagreement is called a “war” nowadays? What happened to “tiffs” and “tussles” and “disagreements.” Does it always have to be a “war”? And are the rules of engagement for a war between men and women the same as say a nuclear war? It gets confusing enough to end up in one of your posts, Charles!

      And you’re right. Wilma put up with Fred’s antics only so far, as did all the 50s sitcom Moms/Wives (maybe that’s why Andy had no wife). Women back then were simply taught to convince their husbands that the great idea was the man’s instead of one planted by their wives.


  5. rohan7things

    Wow, this lady needs to read a book. Cultures have existed for thousands of years in which women have held equal status with men, not to mention the matriarchal systems. So much for ‘the nature of women’. Sounds like they just miss the 50’s for some reason, I can understand missing the music or the cars, but really? They miss the degradation and unequal rights? WOW!

    Great post! Thanks for sharing 🙂



    • Thanks, Rohan. It is amazing that there are so many folks advocating against themselves — against what is in their very own interest. It seems that there is a not-insignificant portion of folks in the US who do that — those who are unwilling to pay into society as well as those who harken back to a darker age. Crazy! Thanks for stopping by.


  6. Phyllis would definitely not have approved of my working on big ships, getting the same pay as the guys who were doing the same job. No siree Bob! And she would really have gotten riled up about my controlling my fertility so that I didn’t get pregnant until I was ready to be a mother (at 38); having worked and saved my ducats, got a house, and then a husband. Although she’s be pleased as punch to know that I now stay home with our son, while my husband goes off to work to support us. (I won’t tell her about my little home based business if you don’t). Quite frankly, my husband couldn’t handle being home full time with our special needs kiddo.

    Love the post!!


    • Thanks, M2M. I’m sure your right that Phyllis (and her niece) would disapprove of you. But then, I’m pretty sure they disapprove of me and any woman who wears pants! What Maroons!

      But don’t worry — I won’t tell your secrets. I promise.


  7. Ooh, I’m feeling a sense of uprising here…maybe Lysistrata would do us good to revisit.

    Make war not love.


  8. Michelle Gillies

    I do not recall (and I bet most wont) a time when I have been quite this speechless.


    • It is pretty astonishing that men like this can safely leave their parents’ basements and find asinine “journalists” to whine to, isn’t it.

      But they’d like you better speechless, I think Michelle. That way you would be certain to not correct them, to not express an opinion, to not show how much smarter you are than them. So for them, speechless is a good thing — especially accompanied by pearls and a Betty Crocker cookbook.


  9. Snoring Dog Studio

    All we’d have to do is get a lobotomy and then we’d be fine once again, back in the kitchen in pearls, heels and a frock. Gawd. Frankly, the men she’s talking about aren’t worth having. They’re called pimps and misogynists.


    • I do wonder where she went to find these guys, and if she needed a time machine to get there. Are these guys the dreamboats that they think they are? Somehow, I doubt it.

      And SDS, somehow I don’t see either of us (or any of my other bloggin’ buddies) as the lobotomy type — self-inflected stupidity would clash with our personalities.


  10. I’m a stay-at-home mom who does NOT wear an apron. This is my one, loud gesture of sticking it to The Man 🙂

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  11. Ughh! Phyllis Schlafly! Now there’s a name from the past that I was happy to forget for years until now… Who’s up next? Anita Bryant? Ugh! Somebody get the fruit pies ready for a full frontal facial launch! Remember that one, Elyse? Lol 😉

    The thing is that back in the day, I thought that people like Schlafly, Bryant, and Jerry Falwell were just temporary cultural aberrations in our society that would soon be relegated back out to the far reaches of the lunatic fringe where they belonged. But instead, they became fruitful and multiplied, and now they’re stronger and more mainstream than ever!

    A War on Men??? Well, if it’s the feminists who are launching the invasion, then I’ll be more than happy to surrender immediately, and do what you will with me ladies, after taking me prisoner, cause you know I’ll just enjoy it! 😀

    But if it’s Schlafly, Bryant and their progeny, well they better learn to yell “Incoming!!!” real loud, cause I’ll have all my fruit pies ready for a devastating counterattack!


    • Chris I had thought that Anita was dead — that in fact, she had drowned in a large vat of OJ. But no, she’s still ticking. I once underestimated these folks, but I will do so no longer. They are dangerous and there are other folks who pine for the 1950s (that did not resemble those TV shows). They make life difficult for the rest of us with their stupidity.

      Nevertheless, I like pie and don’t want to waste too much. So choose wisely. Like these folks:

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      • Honestly, I wasn’t sure that Bryant was still with us either, since I had also heard that rumor about her drowning in a large vat of Florida Golden Goodness, but I googled her, and yep, she’s still kicking, and apparently hard enough to swim out of large vats of OJ.

        Totally agree with you that we can never underestimate the potential political power of even the worst of the right wing nuts these days. Three years ago, as I was driving by our local post office, I saw two guys standing on the front steps with Tea Party “Obama as Hitler” signs. I stopped the car and laughed derisively in their faces as I asked them if they even knew what state they were in, and then pointed the way back down south while strongly suggesting they move quickly in that direction.

        Less than a year later, we had a Republican sitting in Ted Kennedy’s US Senate seat, thanks in large part to Tea Party contributions to his campaign, and suddenly I was no longer laughing… But I’m smiling now, cause he’s no longer sitting in that seat, after a woman named Elizabeth Warren kicked him out! Guess that some of us here who forgot, managed to remember what state WE were in on November 6th, and hopefully we’ll never forget again!

        TY for including the pie video, since I enjoyed reliving the moment, and I need to learn how to post videos in comments and replies. Later, Elyse. 🙂

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        • If you can put videos on your website (for which there’s a fee to WP), you can put them in comments. I just separate them from the text and insert the URL from YouTube. That’s all it takes.

          And I am so delighted about Elizabeth Warren’s election. But one of the news shows last night was saying that Brown is likely to run again in a special election if Kerry becomes Secretary of State or Defense. Lordy!


          • Thanks for the help on posting videos on my comments, Elyse. 🙂 I can and have been posting videos on my blog for some time now, so I guess that I must be good to go!

            I was also delighted when Elizabeth Warren won, and of course, when that other guy won too! (the one with the funny name – you know who I mean. lol) My wife and I both worked our tails off for Obama via phone banking and door to door canvasing in New Hampshire, and the last couple weeks before the election, we were doing the same for Warren, so it was really great to see them both win.

            Especially Obama, because I honestly didn’t think he was going to get reelected and the thought of a Romney presidency was just killing me. Enough so, that shortly before the election, in a comment on another blog, I vowed that if I heard the words “President Elect Romney” my love affair with America would be over, and I was leaving. I was deadly serious, Elyse. For over 30 years I’ve watched this nation that I love, become degraded and perverted into an obscene distortion of the principles it was originally founded upon, along with the true greatness that America once was, and could be once again. A “President Elect Romney” would have been the last straw for me, and my wife and I are at a point in our lives where we could have made that move, and that’s for real.

            I know you’ll understand, even if “President Elect Romney” wouldn’t have driven you to renounce your U.S. citizenship and leave, because I know that these things matter just as much to you, as they do to me. Which is why I have a certain affinity for you, Elyse… because you get it. BUT… Obama won the election.

            My wife and I have this thing we do now, when we’re feeling stressed out by the latest GOP/right wing outrage – such as the likelihood that the US Supreme Court will soon gut the voting rights act of 1964, because five of them think (or cynically claim to think) that the southern states of the old Confederacy have reformed enough by now, that the voting rights of Blacks and other minorities no longer need Federal protection in those states… My wife and I both take a deep breath and repeat to each other three times, “Obama won the election.” It helps us to hold onto our hope for America’s future.

            And yeah, Scott Brown may get another chance here in Mass… I guess the fun just never stops, Elyse. Lol 🙂


          • Elyse, you can put videos on your WordPress blog and in comments for free, without the video upgrade. The video upgrade allows you to load directly onto your blog from your own content. But all the YouTube videos etc are free. I am guessing you paid for the video upgrade? Rrrrrrrrrrrrriiiipppppped Off! Sorry. We starving artists figure out fast how to do things cheaply and/or at other peoples expense 😉


  12. So, men are helpless slaves to their own emotions who crumble at the slightest hint of competition, and because of that, we should depend on them to provide for us and our children and to perform all work not directly related to house-cleaning or child-rearing? Sounds perfectly logical to me.


    • Now now Laura. Stop trying to be logical! Stop trying to make sense. Go back to making excuses for that portion of the “stronger sex” who have their heads up their asses. It works soooooo much better for them.

      I should point out that these men are a small and dying breed. They are heading towards the tar pits.


  13. It blows my mind when women spew this crap – what is it 1954?


  14. cooper

    Are these the same women that experienced non-legitimate rape??? Although I do admit that I am happy I did not see Ann Coulter until after I was married. I might have been a celibate monk otherwise….


    • You ask a great question, Cooper. Seriously — where have these women been hanging out and what have they been wearing? Suzie “stumbled” on these marriage haters — obviously she had been drinking. So it’s all her fault.

      And Ann Coulter. What a horrible person. Glad you escaped her clutches.


  15. if women were meant to be subservient, wouldn’t we LIKE it? Or have dumber brains?


  16. Huh… I can never figure out why celebrating women diminishes men…or celebrating men diminishes women. Aren’t we all in this together?


  17. Oh, jeez!
    This crap makes me SO happy that I am the mother of young adults of both genders who actually laugh out loud at this. As if my independent, smart, professional of a daughter would ever look at a guy who wanted her to be at home baking cookies while he worked! As if my smart, strong, secure sons would ever be attracted to a woman who wanted him to do all the decision making and heavy lifting.
    As I think every time I look in the mirror: the old clock ain’t turning back any time soon, so why worry about it!?


    • It must be awful to have an unequal relationship of that sort. Seriously. We are raising our kids to respect women, to share chores, to involve themselves. Good for fuckin’ us.

      I was home with my son for 8 years — we were really lucky to be able to do that. But my husband didn’t discount my intelligence (although he did like the cookies). That’s what a partnership is all about! Jeez!


  18. EEeeeek may her lady parts freeze and shatter.

    Oh, shut my mouth, I did not just say that. How rude. Okay, may the man part she desires freeze on approach and shatter on entry. Oh no, I didn’t just say that either.

    Oh, never mind. I am not at war. No indeed not. I love men. See, I bought purty boots with high high heels and a nice collar; for him dang it.


    • You’re an intelligent working woman who doesn’t hate men? Who doesn’t just go all Lorena Bobbitt on them regularly?

      Aren’t these folks something else? I think you had it right in your first reactions. Or at least, let their pearl-strings pop at the mall.


  19. I came across that article via I was amused by the punchline where they asked how that fit in with her running her own business.

    And I guess this doesn’t hit the right tone of manliness, but capable strong women are hot.
    Just saying.


    • Capable women ARE hot. Thanks for being the first to say that Guap. So when the major battles come, I will be sure to spare you.

      Aren’t these “I’m working to protect the traditional female roles” folks something else? Lord help us!


      • Would I get any points to admitting (and usually being jeered at by guys for it) that I think Michelle Rodriguez is WAY hot? I re-watched Avatar on Sunday, and whether flying the sci-fi helo or breaking the guys out of the brig, I want HER on my side – you can keep your fluffy blondes! (Well, except for Farrah. I wouldn’t care if I’d have had to teach her how to breathe! 😉 )


        • No points, John, but I’ll give you this:


          • Hey, it’s the truth, I’ve always loved Michelle, ever since the first Fast and Furious movie. It’s also why I prefer Biel over Alba in the battle of the Jessicas. Biel looks correct in her Navy uniform in “Stealth”. Alba looks like a fashion model showing off longjohns in “The Fantastic Four”. And of course, Sigourney in the whole “Alien” franchise – the gold standard in hot-chick-kicking-ass!


            • You’re way beyond me now. Galaxies. And it’s too late for me to go on any quests, John.


              • Well, unless you’re a comic book fan, Fantastic Four was meh. “Steath” had its’ moments, but still pulls a D+ at best. But you MUST know of the “Alien” group, especially the 2nd movie, “Aliens”, a great military AND sci-fi AND horror movie, all wrapped into one with some of the greatest butt-kicking-chick lines EVER. If you haven’t seen it, catch “Aliens” – it’s worth it. The rest? Meh. 😀


  20. I doing sooooo good. I refrained from listing to talk radio. My drive to and from work was calm again. Then BAM you find freaking Phyllis! Before FOX lets anyone speak, they really need to run it by some normal people. Thanks for getting the juices going again!


    • Hey Tops, that’s a great idea! We can offer ourselves as sounding boards for Fox News!
      “Does this sound stupid to you girls?”
      “Does this?”
      “And this?”

      AND WE’D GET PAID FOR IT. (On second thought, probably not well enough.)


  21. I surrendered to my nature a long time ago. But I guess coming out wasn’t quite what Suzie is talking about. Poor guys. Now they have to compete in the bedroom as well as the boardroom. It must be so hard to be a man. Let me just run and go put on a skirt to make their lives easier.


    • Suzie would cover her ears and stamp her feet and say “nnaananananananan” as loudly as she could to prevent hearing that you came out, or even that there might just be more to a closet than evening wear and accessories!

      But I don’t really think it’s hard to be a man. It’s just hard to be a man who listens to Fox!


  22. Of COURSE it’s all your fault (all women, that is). You go WAVING those … those … THINGS in front of us, get us all confused and worked up, then you start trying to have a conversation with us while we’re all horny and the blood is all down south! I suppose next, you’re gonna want to vote and have one of YOURS even being Secretary of State! Egad, no WONDER we have two wars going and a couple warming up. Curse you, vile womanhood! 😉
    (The previous rant in no way reflects the views of this commenter, or any other person with more than 2 IQ points – i.e. any non-FOX viewer. This has been a test of the Emergency Misogynist System. This was ONLY a test. 😀 )


  23. In the Victorian days in the UK women used to be advised to “..lay back and and think of England”


    • Well, Bill, aren’t you glad you weren’t alive then? I certainly am! I would not have made a good Victorian lady, I’m afraid. Or a good proper Englishwoman of any earlier age. Probably because I’m Irish. No other reason I can think of!


  24. I think these people exist to keep us on our toes–ever ready to fight the good fight. By the way, did the Fox News lady mention that her Party’s trickle down economics and trashing of the economy have made it so that in a male/female marriage, both partners have to work just to survive! Most women don’t have a choice, and most men would prefer the grace an additional solid income brings into the family than their women trying to fit into an antiquated stereotype. So go get ’em, Tiger, cause the Phyllis Schlaflys of the world need a good smack down!

    Irony: Phyllis Schlafly has made millions flying all over the country for years giving paid speeches about how important it is to stay home, live on your hubbie’s income, and stay barefoot and pregnant. “Don’t do as I do; do as I say.” (On another note: did you notice how all of the people who argued against providing healthcare for those who couldn’t afford it were ALL covered by healthcare?)


    • You know it’s funny, Eleanor. They never mention the fact that their policies have forced more women to forgo staying with their kids. I guess they forgot, right? Slipped their minds. Because, of course, they have nannies and housekeepers and yardworkers and and and …

      And I’m with you about Phyllis and her ilk. What a hypocrite! Stay home, bake cookies, raise your kids and then your grandchildren. Leave the speachifyin’ to the menfolk. Teach your grand daughters that they are less equal than your grand sons. Yup, Phyllis, you go girl.

      Sorry for the rant. I would dearly love to slap that old hag.


  25. GOF

    Thanks for reminding me of Peter, Paul and Mary who, along with Bob Dylan, awakened an entire generation of Australian baby boomers to the fact that all was not well in the world.


    • Weren’t they wonderful, GOF? Their music changed a generation. It helped do so many things. It ended a war. It helped the poor and the downtrodden. It moved mountains and brought an army back home.

      And while our little vigil in 2003 didn’t have an impact, well, I felt good just being there.

      They sang this one too:


      • GOF

        And was it Peter who did all the wonderful microphone sound effect comedy sketches during their concerts? I’ll never forget ‘Mr Businessman’ drag racing from the traffic lights and burning out his automatic transmission. I’m still smiling at it today.
        Now I’ll go checkout the video above. Thanks.


  26. bigsheepcommunications

    You know, I was hoping that now that the election is over I’d be able to stop banging my head against the wall, but apparently I was wrong. BTW, I have no plans to surrender – not now, not ever.


  27. It’s so nice to know that neanderthals still exist that get you cranked up. Unfortunately, too many of them get press, worse yet, get power.


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