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Please! Say it Ain’t So!

In the in-between time between sleep and being awake I thought I was hallucinating.  Dreaming.  Making shit up.

I had left the TV on in the next room so that I could hear just a little bit of a great MSNBC news show called The Last Word, hosted by Lawrence O’Donnell.

Now Laurence is an amazing guy, actually.  He worked for Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (one of my all-time favorite Senators) and later for the Senate Finance Committee including during 1986 when they revamped the whole tax code.  He was a writer/creator/producer for that wonderful TV show, The West Wing.  He understands politics from the inside and from the outside.  Lawrence is brilliant and funny and quite often finds interesting quirks in the day’s news.

But what I thought I heard as I drifted between states of consciousness must have been a dream.  It couldn’t be true.  It just couldn’t be.  Then I promptly forgot it, which made me positive that it was just a dream.

Until just now when I bought my lunch and pulled up one of my favorite websites, CrooksandLiars.com to read while I ate.  And I realized that my dream had come true.


Mitt Romney really did compare cleaning up after Hurricane Sandy to cleaning the field up after a high school football game.

[Lawrence:]  And to buff his own image as a disaster-relief specialist, Romney compared the Sandy relief effort to … his experience cleaning up the field after a high-school football game. Seriously.

[Mitt:]  I remember once we had a football field at my high school. The field was covered with rubbish and paper goods from people who’d had a big celebration there at the game. And there was a group of us there assigned to clean it up. And I thought, ‘how are we going to clean up all the mess on this football field?’ There were just a few of us. And the person responsible for organizing the effort said, ‘Just line up along the yard lines. You go between the goal line and the 10-yard line, and the next person between the 10 and 20, and just walk down and do your lane. And if everybody cleans their lanes, we’ll get it done.’ And so today, we’re cleaning one lane if you will.

You’ll have to click on the CrooksandLiars post above for the video.  I can’t embed.

Somewhere, deep down inside of me, I thought that perhaps I was wrong about Mitt being an oblivious heartless bastard who believes, along with Annie-poo, that he has suffered.  You remember how bad it was for him and Ann while in college and law/business school because he had to sell some of his stock portfolio and eat tuna while living in a basement apartment.  Perhaps I was missing something in his personality.  Perhaps he isn’t really such a dick.

But no.  I was wrong in being charitable to Mitt.  And (sadly if there is any chance at all of his being elected) I was right – he really is a dick.

Excuse me now.  I have to go find a brick wall to slam my head against.


Elections Matter — Please don’t let this guy get into the White House without a tour guide.


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