Blowin’ in the Wind

I bet you thought that the death of Phyllis Schafly yesterday at age 92 meant that we women are now permitted to evolve. To be free. To live our lives as we want.

But no. Like subsequent generations of Bushes, Cheneys, and Palins, there is another generation of Schaflys. Oh joy. Here’s an old piece on Suzanne Venker, Phil’s niece.

If you puke, you have to clean it up.  Even if you’re a guy.  ESPECIALLY if you’re a guy.


I take war pretty darn seriously when it comes, so I try to pay attention to the rumblings and rumors of yet another conflict.  That way, I can be sure to make my feelings known.

That probably comes from the fact that when I was in 9th grade everybody in my entire school got on a bus and drove down to Washington DC to that huge rally on the Mall.  Me and John C were the only two kids left behind.  Spending a day with John C was NOT my idea of a good time, but my parents wouldn’t let me go.  I’ve never gotten over it.

I DID make up for it though.  In 2003 I saw Peter Paul & Mary live on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, singing Blowin’ in the Wind and Give Peace A Chance, just like they had back in 1971.  We…

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26 responses to “Blowin’ in the Wind

  1. I just learned about her on NPR… what a cave woman!

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  2. When one nut-job goes under, there are always other nuts to take up the cause. Phyllis did a good job, though. Sexism is alive and well; feminism is the longest four-letter word I know.

    Just the other day I was telling the story about my grandmother getting pregnant with my mom in Paris before WWII and putting her in Catholic convent because she was half-Jewish. The man (who proclaimed his mission to help all women come out of their self-imposed shells and stop beating themselves down—yeah, I know) responded with, “I wonder why women insist on choosing to have more babies than they can properly take care of?”

    I was rendered speechless, an unfortunate reaction when I am startled, attacked, or in an accident. I’m not sure which scenario applied here. 😐

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  3. At some point, (and in some places today) the public opinion was (is) that it’s unbecoming for women’s femininity to vote and to drive a car. I wonder if Schafly held that opinion as well.

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  4. Elyse, how come you have so many wankers down there? I’ve never heard of this lady before, but she sounds nasty.

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  5. Sometimes you read things and you just have nothing left to add. I don’t even want to waste a shake on my head on her shit.

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  6. So some female Neanderthals survived.

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