Cough, Cough




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36 responses to “Cough, Cough

  1. I always love your “filed under” categories – you’re an original!

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  2. Anne Lamott once wrote: I thought such awful thoughts I cannot even say them out loud because they would make Jesus want to drink gin straight out of the cat dish.
    Clearly, she’s a g-d prophet, because if that sentence isn’t meant for this election cycle, I don’t know what is.

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    • Brilliant!!!! I love her. My favorite of hers (until now) was: I figure my chances of winning the lottery are the same whether I buy a ticket or not.


      • Not that I’m trying to start an Anne Lamott quote-off (although I would attend the HELL out of that), but my absolute favorite quote of hers directly applies to my blog and my family: “You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.”
        She’s a freaking genius.

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  3. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Agree with all this, except wish Hillary was more forthcoming when she came out of Chelsea’s apartment. “I’m great!” was clearly not true. I wish she’d said, “Was dehydrated but feel better now.” Her answer feeds into her trust issues. Believe me, I’ll vote for her, but that moment bugged me.

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  5. People are getting dumber by the second. Do they have any C L U E about the serious medical conditions of previous Presidents? Roosevelt was in a damn wheelchair for god sakes and elected to 3 terms. JFK with his chronic back issues and he was a young man. The list goes on. I just don’t understand why a cough puts her at death’s door. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t have a penis.

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  6. Such is the state of things.

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  7. What a deplorable thing to say.

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  8. And yeah… isn’t that amazing, but I’m sure people are going to hang her on the illness. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump can say anything he wants and people will laud him. I seriously think there is some weird silent double standard being applied here.

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  9. Paul

    That’s petty much the deepest topic being seriously considered. The candidates views on the big topics are either nonsensical or a rehash of current policies.

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    • I agree on the Trump side. I think that Hillary has some good ideas that differentiate between her and Obama. Then again, the economy is stronger, jobs growing … Obama ain’t so bad.


  10. I worry that people will really make the switch because of that. Your comic points out the absurdity of it, but there are some twisted minds out there.

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  11. I’ve often wondered how candidates stay healthy on the campaign trail, shaking hands with all those people and the grueling hours and schedule.

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    • Every time someone says she’s hiding some illness, i want to write about what having a chronic illness does to one’s energy level. It eliminates it!

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      • Hate to butt in on this conversation, but you make a good point. If she were chronically ill, I doubt she would have chosen to run for prez.

        By the way, since you are so erudite today, we’re going to pose your next question on Gibber tomorrow.

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        • Feel free to butt in any old time, Tippy.

          Honestly, she could not do it with a chronic illness. No way. I should write that post…

          I’ll look out for Gibber tomorrow! Thanks for the heads’ up!

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  12. aFrankAngle

    Yep … there are people who think like that.

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