Don’t Make Me Do It

You won’t be at all surprised to learn that I am sitting here at my computer figuratively shitting bricks about the latest news about the latest attempt of the Senate GOP to repeal Obamacare.

I’ve already written to my Senators (who will vote against it, they’re both Dems), to Senator Collins and Murkowski urging them to stand fast.  I sent a link to my story of how loss of insurance in 1982 led me to a suicide attempt (albeit a stupid one) to Senator John McCain.  I’ve called everybody I can.

You can reach your senators via this link:

You can call your Senators via this phone number

(202) 224-3121

Because if we don’t succeed, I will have to take drastic measures.  And I know just what to do.

I recently read an article about a “Mad Pooper” who is on the loose in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  She’s a jogger, who periodically drops her drawers and poops.


Now, in spite of 45 years of bowel problems, I do have a smattering of pride left.  So I don’t want to do this.

But loss of insurance once led me to contemplate drastic action with a tetherball thing-y on Capitol property.  Dropping my drawers and producing something nasty would be a breeze.  And I will poop up and down the hallways of the United States Senate.

So call your Senators.  Get them to vote AGAINST the Cassidy-Graham bill.








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27 responses to “Don’t Make Me Do It

  1. Do it… leave a message…

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  2. I both called Senator Rubio’s office and sent an email. It is empowering to do something. – Marty

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  3. Sorry, but I have to make the obvious joke: I hope you’re not driven to taking action, but I kind of think the shit-in has possibilities.

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  4. I am afraid that unless Democrats can stall this bill (see what I did here?), this turd of a bill might well pass. After all, McCain was the swing vote last time, and he’s Graham’s BFF.

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    • I know! That’s a huge fear. And he is claiming that it isn’t the fact it will rob millions, but it’s the PROCESS — no hearings. So they are going to hold a hearing … I am very worried. Again.


  5. When I was living in the pre-gentrified Lower East Side of Manhattan there was a guy who would poop in the vestibule of our building overnight. No one knew who did it. To us residents, he was “The Shitter.” One night, the building superintendent, sick of cleaning it up, stayed up all night to catch him. It never happened again.

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  6. If you are dealing with a Mad Pooper, I am not so sure you really want to start a smear campaign.

    As for this bill written by Lindseypoo and Dr. Cassidy, it is a disgrace. More than a disgrace, this will wind up kicking the economy right in the balls. You would think that would give the Rethugs pause (the fact that it is inhumane and morally wrong doesn’t bother them one iota). We are all just one illness or one accident away from bankruptcy under the new bill. It just robs from blue states and gives to red states and will result in millions of people not being able to afford insurance. The fact that one of these assholes is a doctor makes the whole thing even more disgusting.

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  7. This Mad Pooper reminds me of the GOP. They seem to show up on a regular basis with their Obamacare repeal, drop their drawers, and poop all over us. Let’s hope they’ll be sent on their way, yet again.

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  8. Ugh on both the poo-poo woman and the attempts to repeal the law again. I wonder how these people would feel if they had the threat of losing their healthcare looming over their heads. Has to be a terrifying experience, one it sounds like you’re all too familiar with.

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  9. Hi Elyse, Do the idiots in our government realize that it costs $100,000 a year to treat and manage this damned disease? Do they know that insurance pays very little of that cost (I’m in debt up to my ears right now)? Do they know that in flare up this disease could cost up to $500,000 a year? How are we to survive financially? Even Obamacare was not helpful to me, and my current employer’s insurance plan bites! I will definitely be letting the politicians know! And I want Ford and Chevy to put toilets in the driver’s seats of their cars! LOL!

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    • Rachel, I will tell you that MY reps do know how much my infusions cost ($26K a pop!). I worked with the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation and went around to congressional offices in December last year to let folks know. But you can do the same thing with an email and a phone call.

      But the truth is, healthy folks don’t know how expensive it is to be sick. Until it is their turn, or that of a family member -someone whose bills they will have to pay.

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      • People who would vote to hurt us all think that illness is due to personal fault, and if you can’t pay for it, that also is your fault. They don’t see the same issues with their close relatives. Their closest ones — spouses and children — are insured because WE pay for it. (Have we not done all this already? Seems like Groundhog Day. Again.)

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