“Cyber Brownshirts”

If he did it in a vacuum, it wouldn’t matter.  If nobody listened to him, it wouldn’t matter.  If nobody took it upon themselves to act on his comments, it wouldn’t matter.

But people do.  When Donald Trump Tweets, others act.

And it’s never pleasant.

We’ve all heard the stories.  Most recently it was this one:

Chuck Jones, who is President of United Steelworkers 1999, has done a terrible job representing workers. No wonder companies flee country!

What happens after Trump Tweets?

Threats.  In phone calls, on social media, in the mail.

Trump himself doesn’t threaten.  Like the folks who clean his toilets, he has people for that.

“Cyber Brownshirts” will do the dirty work.

Buckle Up.

I know he’s a Hitler Youth, not a Brownshirt.


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22 responses to ““Cyber Brownshirts”

  1. “Play nice.” Well Mr. Orange hair and makeup and all, won by something very simple. He literally brain washed the masses who were already seething because a black man had been in office for 8 years plus other things such as the folks that are racist and bigoted. He had the ability to actually work up a crowd into a hate filled frenzy just like a cheerleader, leading folks to believe he was the new savior who was crowned to save us from ourselves. Reminded me of a tent revival evangelist. I could go on and on but his ability to lie about Clinton was like the kettle calling the pot black. His “lock her up” at every rally was over the top very popular. But the real capper is how did he get away with not releasing his tax returns. Plus, to me it was obvious that he was in collusion with Putin. Just look at who he named for secretary of state. Someone that is friendly with Putin. It just gets worse witch each nomination.

    Furthermore I do think that Russia is cahoots with the Assange fellow. Why is he so quiet now? It’s because he helped get Trump elected by quickly dispensing Clinton. The world is a crooked place and I’ve been saying for 30 years that our country will one day be in big trouble.

    Actually I’m afraid to comment anymore for fear that he is going to come after us that are putting him down. After all he’s doing this on Twitter- he just can’t take criticism. He possess a whole lot of character flaws.

    All in all I hope the man can effectively run our country and not create havoc with Medicare and Social Security and assistance to the poor and the sick. In the mean time we can all shake in our boots.

    Sorry for the long rant.

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  2. The man needs to either stay off that tool or learn how to effectively use it.

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  3. My understanding of Hitler history, is that Hitler was considered something of a joke after he was elected. But then he delivered a very eloquent and moving speech over the radio, and gained a moment of immense popularity. He used that moment to have sweeping legislation passed that profoundly changed Germany very quickly.

    Perhaps this is what we have to guard against.

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  4. Sometimes I think I’m the only one who sees this stuff. He did it during the campaign. Nothing sticks to him. He tosses out a comment and his minions take deadly action. Following the WikiLeaks stories with interest. They deny it was Russia but won’t say who it was. Me thinks there was “stuff” going on in the background that caused his success. Stuff that won’t “stick” to him.

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  5. I never really understood how Hitler was able to draw followers into his demented circle of hatred and savagery, turning humans against humans. Frightfully, I’m beginning to not only comprehend it but envision it.

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  6. The big, huge, very, very, very huge questions I have are: “WHY HAS NO ONE TAKEN HIS DAMN PHONE?” and “WHY IS THE TWITTER ACCOUNT STILL ACTIVE?”

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  7. I’ve always wondered how a country descends into madness.
    Sadly, now I know…

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  8. Well, at least WE are waking up. When will we effectively Roar?

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    • I don’t know, Cindy. A lot of us are, but I think there are just so many shocking things that we can’t figure out where to channel our outrage, our roars.

      Scary times.


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