A Hard Time With This One

Let me see if I have this straight.

  1. The Russians hacked into both the DNC and the RNC, did nothing with the RNC but used selected information  gleaned from the DNC to attempt (and obviously succeed) in tilting the election towards Donald Trump
  2. The Obama Administration convened a meeting to fully disclose this frightening intelligence during which, REPUBLICAN Mitch McConnell downplayed the information, claiming that it was too political to disclose prior to the election;
  3. The FBI Director, James Comey, agreed that the intelligence regarding the Russian attempt to influence the U.S. election was not conclusive and full information should not be disclosed;
  4. The FBI Director, James Comey, did not disclose that the Russians were trying to tilt the election towards Donald Trump, but tilted the election towards Donald Trump significantly by disclosing — 11 days prior to the election — the existence of Anthony Weiner emails that had no bearing on Hillary Clinton  or her candidacy for president and that, two days prior to the election, said “never mind.”
  5. “President-elect” Donald Trump announces that his choice for Secretary of State is a man who received the “Order of Friendship,” one of the highest honors a foreigner may be awarded from Russia.

Yet, there are no calls to postpone the vote of the Electoral College.  Or the Inauguration.  No calls to question the legitimacy of Trump’s “Victory.”



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33 responses to “A Hard Time With This One

  1. How have we not impeached this guy yet… a pre-impeachment, that should be a thing.

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  2. Elyse, I am having a hard time with this whole fucking thing! Even if you take away the Russians, Benedict Comey, Anthony and his weiner, and even the incredibly biased reporting, there is still the fact that the Democrats will always have a higher mountain to climb as long as the whining white guys in the flyover states continue to have their Electoral College votes weighted so heavily in their favor. I thought this country was supposed to be based on “one person, one vote.” What a dumbshit I am! This is from Slate:

    The states with the fewest people per electoral vote, and therefore the highest “vote power,” are Wyoming, Vermont, and North Dakota. In Wyoming, there are 143,000 people for each of its three electoral votes. The states with the weakest votes are New York, Florida, and California. These states each have around 500,000 people for each electoral vote.

    In other words, one Wyoming voter has roughly the same vote power as four New York voters.

    How is any of this fair? The big states pay most of the taxes, and the small states are welfare states (which Rethugs should hate!), yet their votes are worth more than those of voters whose money they survive on (yes, I know I ended with a preposition, but seriously, how do you reword that and not sound like a grammar snob?)

    But, hell, how do we expect the news to cover any of this? Kanye went to visit Ivanka’s boyfriend!

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    • I know, Nonnie. I’m sobbing right along with you. I go between hyper attentiveness to what is happrning, to the ostrich way of dealing with it but only because I can’t think if I am inconstant exploding head mode.

      God help us all. Except perhaps trump voters. They can be damned.

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  3. I still wake up every morning and say, “Is this really happening?” I couldn’t write fiction this convincing!

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    • No, your fiction is quite believable. It’s reality that has an unrealistic, unnatural bent. It’s like we’re suddenly all finding ourselves in the Twilight Zone. Do do do do…

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  4. I don’t think it would be a good idea to damage our relations with Russia by preventing the inauguration of the first Russian president.

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  5. I think Trump won because crowds do not vote rationally but emotionally. It is monumental irony that most people do not understand economics. They were mad as hell and weren’t going to take it anymore, that’s what Trump tapped into. He promised, vaguely, that he would fix it all and “make America great again.” This tactic worked because he used social media to bypass the fourth estate, and by encouraging fake news, aided and abetted by Brietbart and, yes, Russia. Being pissed off, enough of us bought into it. Doesn’t matter that fixing it is impossible. Automation and globalization are trends that cannot be diminished by ordinary politics, but those are the root of the problem and the by-product is income inequality.

    Another irony: Hillary was too honest to promise a fix for the problem. A sign of the times, lately in the news: Amazon Go, a Wal-Mart-type store manned (?) mostly by machines.

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  6. I’m scared to death. With each announcement, I think it can’t getting worse than this. And then it does. How do the electors sleep at night? Besides the fact that the primary responsibility of the Electoral College is to protect us from an unfit president, which is clearly indisputable in this case, the electors are U.S. citizens who live in this country too. Why aren’t THEY scared to death?

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  7. Still speechless. Been like this since 11/9. What’s interesting is that the folks who voted for him are closet people. Are they ashamed? I’m hoping (as one of your other commenters said) that people will be so fed up in 2 years they will kick out the majority in the house and senate. I’m waiting for the White House reality show. Maybe next season?

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    • Yes, Kate, I have some friends who sheepishly told me after the election that they voted for Trump. They admit they voted for a candidate they were embarrassed about and weren’t proud of and felt he wasn’t going to keep his promises,but voted for him anyway. My hope and prayer is that we put more money into education which teaches people how to make discerning, logical decisions. If we do, there’ll be hope for the future generations.

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      • There was supposed to be a secret group of women who weren’t admitting to their husbands that they were. Outing for Hillary. Ahhhh.

        All the stuff I’m reading about the majority of Trump voters is that they didn’t believe he’d do the things they don’t like! What a way to vote!

        I agree with you on education in general and civics in particular.


  8. Welcome to the new normal. Buckle up. It won’t be boring.

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  9. Looks like WTF is going to be the new normal. Which is really scary in itself. But as for conspiracy theories, I don’t buy that Trump knew. His expression when he won showed surprise, and he’s just not that good an actor.

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  10. I read PowerLine on a daily basis. It’s fascinating watching the hypocrisy. All of the posts that denigrate this as an issue while criticizing Obama and Clinton for their Russian re-set. They applaud the appointment of Laura McMahon to the Small Business Administration while ignoring the millions she has donated to the Trump Foundation and the millions more she donated to the Trump campaign. Can you imagine their outrage if Clinton had won and awarded an appointment to somebody with a similar donor history?

    The silence of much of the right to the Russian paradox in this election and in the Trump campaign speaks volumes. Of their hypocrisy, stupidity, and a whole lot of other things.

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  11. Most of this information was out there before the election, and people still voted for Trump. Maybe they like the idea of Vladimir Putin running our country by proxy. The voters in hicksville can be a strange lot.

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  12. Deb

    I think we’re going to be saying WTF a lot over the next 4 years

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  13. Oh one more thing… I think Trump was right when he was whining pre-election that the electoral process was corrupt. And he promised that he wouldn’t contest the outcome…if he won. Is he psychic or something? Or is it possible that he and his cronies knew about the Russian hacks all along? My crystal ball says “Yes.”

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  14. But, but, he won the Electoral College by a LANDSLIDE, Elyse. (NOT)! As you told me so succinctly, it’s only a crime if Hillary does it.

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