I Will Register

This election depends on me.

But it also depends on you.

My most important job this year is to vote. Yours too.

Will you be able to?  Are you registered to vote?  Or will you feel as foolish as Donald Trump’s kids who weren’t registered to vote in the primaries

I’m registered.  I just double checked, because a lot of monkey business has been going on.  I wanted to be sure.

You can register or check to make sure you’re still registered. here:


You can do this from your living room.  Your office.  Your phone while waiting in line at the grocery store.

Do it today.


Elections Matter.

Don’t let Donald Trump sit in the Oval Office.


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39 responses to “I Will Register

  1. Just went to check. No monkey business for me. I’m registered. I’m voting for Hillary and whats-his-name!

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  2. Very important reminder for everyone. All the loud posturing we hear on the internet is just empty wind, if people don’t back it up at the voting booth where it actually means something.

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  3. Ah yes, I see you’re tackling the important stuff too! The EU Referendum over here was the first election that I’ve REALLY cared about. Even though the polls were showing it as close, I genuinely thought that people don’t like change, and so if they weren’t sure, would vote to stay. Boy was I wrong. I really care about your election too because of course what happens with that, affects the rest of the world.

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  4. I can’t remember an election where voting mattered more. Truly frightening. He’s a madman.

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  5. Reblogged this on ReBirth: The Pursuit of Porsha and commented:
    I’ve been voting since my 18th birthday; November 2nd, 1995, when helped vote Bill Clinton into office. I pray that this *Generation Millennial* follows suit.!!! 😕

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  6. Although I’m registered, a good reminder for all.

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    • I wasn’t kidding when I said that problems occur. I’ve seen people arrive at the poles and find their names missing. So I like to remind folks that things happen!


  7. Whoo hoo…I’m registered. Thanks for the reminder, though. It would have been a sad day come election time if i wasn’t.

    I laughed when I heard about Trump’s kids. Freudian slip maybe?

    Love the tags. 🙂

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  8. Amen. Quaking in my boots, I’ll be there if I have to battle a hurricane.

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  9. I would if I could!
    So Trump’s kids couldn’t vote in the primaries because they weren’t registered? That’s a bit strange, no?

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    • I know you would, Trend. I wish you could!

      Yes, Trumps kids — Erik and Ivanka — couldn’t vote for him in the NY Primary because they weren’t registered as Republicans in time. Because they didn’t pay attention. Morons.

      Sorry. I am just so disgusted by this whole thing. How can Trump possibly be the GOP candidate? How did this happen?????


  10. Here in California, we don’t seem to mess with the right of people to vote. I promise you, Elyse, I will vote. And often.

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  11. I’ve never been terrified before an election the way I am for this one.

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  12. You know that your tags are like museum masterpieces, right? *In this election year, where every smile is like desperately sucking in a breath of fresh air, (in our polluted and stench-filled “voting-is-absolutely-mandatory” environment), your lovely tags keep my weary lungs in working order.

    *sung to the tune of “The Wind Beneath My Wings”

    <<<<<<<<<———————————– I'm with her

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    • Aww, shucks, 99! I think of you and a couple of other people when I add them. I used to just do it for myself until people started commenting on them. Now I feel challenged to come up with fun ones!

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      • Just keep doing what you already do … use the tags to help vent some of your frustrations, and to call attention to the absurdity of the political clusterf*** we find ourselves experiencing in ‘Merica 2016.

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  13. Hmm. I entered my data to check whether I’m registered and it says that I am not. But, I am. I have my proof of registration in my wallet. ??

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  14. Paul

    May the Force Be With You. 🙂

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