Let Me Be the 4,894,307th Person to Remind You: VOTE!

Yes, I’m sick of the reminders, too.

Sick of the candidates’ signs.

Sick of the damn phone ringing with robo-calls and folks who can’t pronounce my name calling during dinner.

Still, it is important.

Tomorrow, is election day.

Vote!  Keep the crazies in office down to a minimum.

Elections Matter!

   *     *     *


  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi

State Legislatures:

  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • New Jersey
  • Virginia


Anchorage, AK; Arlington, TX; Charlotte, NC; Colorado Springs, CO;* Columbus, OH; Dallas, TX; Denver, CO; Duluth, MN; Fort Wayne, IN; Fort Worth, TX; Greensboro, NC; Houston, TX; Indianapolis, IN; Jacksonville, FL; Kansas City, MO; Knoxville, TN; Lincoln, NE; Memphis, TN; Montgomery, AL; Nashville, TN; Philadelphia, PA; Phoenix, AZ; Raleigh, NC; San Antonio, TX; San Francisco, CA; South Bend, IN; Tucson, AZ; West Palm Beach, FL; and Wichita, KS


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50 responses to “Let Me Be the 4,894,307th Person to Remind You: VOTE!

  1. San Antonio did good. Ft. Worth did as expected. Houston did ok, though the asshats voted down the equal rights law. Arlington I think just elected a younger version of what they already had.

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  2. In Washington State, ballots are MAILED to us well in advance. All we need to do is fill them out, put a stamp on them and mail them back. If that’s too much trouble, they have a zillion places you can drop them off for free anytime before election day and a zillion more places on election day. They were hoping for 48% voter returns. They got 28%. How is that even possible? I mean really? 😐

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  3. Um…I had to work? Honestly, I had no idea today was even election day.

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  4. Of course I’m not really involved in this but I still agree with the sentiments 🙂

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  5. Glazed

    Maybe the slogan in your state should be, “Vote or be Shot”. I understand that the dems in Virginia want a large turnout so they can take over the state Senate and pass some sensible gun control laws.

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    • Yes — that’s true. And actually, based on my own personal experience voting at more or less the same time every election, there is a good turn out. I am normally about the 40-45th person to vote (on my way in to work). Today I was the 168th. Fingers crossed! Eyes too if it’ll help pass sensible gun laws!

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  6. why do Americans suck at voting?

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  7. Good points, Elyse. I’m all in favor of voting, but only if the voter is reasonably informed about the issues and candidates of course. I suspect that some vote the party line regardless of knowledge or judgement and others are against spending of any kind. They are doing no one any favors.

    In our district in Missouri the only issues are rural and local to specific areas, so I’m sitting this one out.

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    • I disagree about voting by party to a great extent. If the Dems take over the state leg, we might be able to work on important issues like gun control. Crazies are currently flocking to the GOP in all races. So for those races that I don’t know the particulars of, I’ll go Dem every time.


    • One other point. Folks who win at the local level move on up. My current congress rep started out as a staffer, then state house, then state senate. Now she is representing me in the US Congress. She is a vile, right wing nutcase. Will be a thorn if Hillary becomes prez.

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  8. aFrankAngle

    I don’t need a reminder because I can only think of one vote I’ve missed as an adult. … and that was a special election that I simply forgot. Three state issues here, plus city council … no state officials. …. but I’m damn tired of the TV ads for Kentucky governor and attorney general!

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  9. Just remember, you guys, there are people in Australia watching what you do… 🤔

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    • Today’s election is mostly for small offices — the traditional breeding ground for the lunatics in our government because so few people pay attention. Once the nuts are I office


    • Oy. Hit send too soon!

      But once they are in office they dig in and move on up to more important offices. They are weeds that need to be pulled early.

      I’m afraid the nonsense I the presidential race will continue for another year (God help us all)!

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  10. Why is your post filed under #Crazy people category? Are you saying we should be voting for crazy people? 🙂

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  11. Did already. So I keep my right to bitch!

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  12. I’m so thankful that there are no elections in my area requiring me to show up (so, therefore, no robo-calls). Good luck to all of those who do have important elections! Defeat the crazies!

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    • I am happy to vote — I think we lose our right to bitch when we don’t vote (and I do love to bitch …). But I wish those of us who pay attention and do what needs to be done could be spared the constant barrage!

      And hopefully things will go well for us tomorrow


  13. I’ll definitely be out there!


  14. Mr. Militant Negro

    Reblogged this on The Militant Negro™.

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