End Gridlock and Buy A Bridge

Have you heard the latest?

Well, maybe you should put down that beverage — I love making liquid come out of your nose, but only when I’m brilliantly funny. This is funny in that “You know folks are gonna buy this one” sort of way.

You see, Mitch McConnell ‘a latest tactic is to claim that the way to end gridlock in Congress, is to elect MORE FUCKING REPUBLICANS.. I am not making this up. Here is the article http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/6087292

Remember, Mitch (aka Yertle the Turtle) was one of the architects of Gridlock.. He famously worked with other GOP leaders in an effort to ensure that the then-newly elected President Obama failed. Because you see, the GOP is more important than America. And Republicans are more important than Americans. AmmIRite Folks???

Personally, I don’t thinkEricans are that stupid. But if Americans buy that malarkey, then I am going to start selling bridges and swampland.


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32 responses to “End Gridlock and Buy A Bridge

  1. Not buying any bridges, but just wanted to stop by & say hello! Have missed your cheery messages, but I keep seeing your name over at Gibber’s place. I guess if I want to get messages, it would help if I actually wrote something again, right?

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  2. Forget the bridges. these people won’t know what to use them for.


  3. Living in Kentucky, I’ve had to see some of the tripe he’s running for political ads here. It’s gotten REALLY old.

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  4. My teeth have commenced chattering phase for tomorrow…

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  5. Can I have a bridge please to go next to the one in Sydney Harbour. And can it have a giant swing on it so we can transcend the silliness that universally afflicts all pollies … apart from which it would be fun, wouldn’t it? Please let me know when it’s ready so I can arrange the pick up:)

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  6. The turtle ought to crawl back into his shell and hibernate (or do whatever turtles do) forever. Better you, he out to crawl into his own… Another self-serving, miserable old white man.

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  7. Paul

    Yep, those that have wealth want to maintain it and consider those without wealth to be lesser humans.Republicans are not for Americans – republicans are for wealth. There are many less wealthy republican hanger-ons who also desire wealth. Wealth is threatened by democracy which preaches all are equal.

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  8. In a country of 300,000,000 if the best we can do is another Clinton and Bush in 2016 I am moving permanently to Ecuador.

    In the meantime, you and I are going into partnership and the bridge and swapland thing.

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  9. They really have no sense of irony at all… or stupidity…

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  10. the closer we get, the more the frustration mounts … especially in my state (Texas), where ‘publicans rule the roost, shouting in every direction, enough so that you stomach churns … and it’s not even 2016 yet

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    • My husband and i were just talking about 2016 — if it’s Hillary v. Jeb i’m going to sleep now!


      • please don’t say Jeb out loud … it hurts my ears and makes my stomach churn … all hail the mighty legacy … okay, now that I’ve truly given myself heartburn and nausea, I think I’ll go bury my head in the sand, at least for a few minutes, until my head quits trying to explode

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