My mother used to caution me:

“Be careful what you wish for,” she’d say.

“Why?” I’d ask.

“Because you might just get it.”

Her response usually baffled me.  As a kid growing up in what I thought was abject poverty (ummm, not even close), I felt like I never got what I asked for.  Or if I did, one of my four siblings had used it first.  Or “it” didn’t really live up to my expectations.  Or getting “it” not precisely what I expected.

Getting what I asked for always held a surprise.

You know what?  Mom was right.  And it is just as annoying now as a grownup as it was when she was right when I was a kid.

You guys know that recently I got what I asked for:

A Puppy! !!!!!!

Yup, here is an update on Duncan, that fluffy little guy who gave us such a scare last week when we brought him home.

You know what?

He came with teeth!  I knew that he would, but I had forgotten what it felt like to have razor sharp puppy teeth inserted into my arms.  Or my legs.  Or, during one memorable cuddle, into my nipple.

He came full of energy!  I knew that he would.  But I had forgotten just how much.  And how much energy went into those teeth.

He came determined to destroy my house.  I knew he would.  But I had forgotten just how many times I can say “no — chew on this”  during a single hour.  4,682 times to be exact.

Yes, this is a brief Duncan update — he is doing great.  He is full of mischief, sharp teeth and a desire to rule the world — or at least the household.  John, Jacob and I are holding our own, but it is only a matter of time before Duncan realizes that he is King Duncan.  And while none of us would ever murder him, I’m not sure I want Duncan to know that just yet.  At least not until he loses those teeth.

Who you gonna believe? I’m an Angel. (Well, except when I’m a Demon.)


Thank you all for your concern about the cute little guy.

I really did get what I asked for.  And Mom?  He’s wonderful!



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72 responses to “Angel/Demon

  1. OMG! He is absolutely adorable!


  2. Julie

    OMG! He couldn’t be any cuter if he tried!! Just remember he will eventually calm down, and omg, how do you not love him?? I don’t believe it to be possible. Not saying that you don’t love him, obviously, you have exemplary taste in dogs!, and it sounds like you taste pretty good yourself! 😉


    • Apparently, I am delicious! It is now three weeks later, and we haven’t yet murdered him, so I’m pretty confident that he is safe. He is at my feet now, pretending to be an Angel, but only because he is asleep. We are making slow but sure progress in stopping him from biting us (the tactics that worked with every other dog don’t work with him). It’s a learning experience for all of us.

      And we do love him. Most of the time, we just love him!


  3. awwwww, PUPPY! They’re so cute, yet so destructive. Kind of like human babies.


    • Duncan is currently in holy terror stage. I’m currently looking forward to the geriatric stage. Because by then I will have forgotten how many times he drew blood. Or at least I will have forgotten the daily count!


  4. I’m so glad he’s doing better! I guess filing down his teeth is out of the question, though.


  5. Ahhh, I’m so happy it’s been a good week. If you’re complaining about those teeth, then the fear of whatever was going on is receding.

    But still, yes. Puppy teeth: yowza!!


    • Thanks, Cindi. I’m currently in hiding from those teeth. But I sure am glad he is still around. Remind me of that next time he chomps!


  6. Little devils, they conquer both our homes and our hearts – in every possible way. Meditation may be a good resort for the first 6-12 months! It’s all worth it though! I mean… look at him! 🙂


  7. Yay! I’m glad he’s doing better!


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  9. Sounds like he’s turned the corner toward normalcy! … and he obviously doesn’t realize you are The Queen.


  10. Yay, King Duncan! So happy he’s doing well and biting his way through your home and your nipples. (never thought I’d type that sentence out)


  11. Aw, he’s gorgeous!! Just remember: he’s keeping you young. And I truly believe that it is impossible to be depressed in the presence of a puppy.


  12. Shall we, at least for now, just call him Prince Duncan. Elyse I am very happy for you and your kingdom. Seems like Duncan was exactly the addition you needed.


    • I don’t think he’d be fooled by expecting him to grow into his title. He has already stormed the kingdom.

      He is exactly what I needed. I really feel lovely without that love. John just needed more time. It all worked out, though. Things have a way of doing that.


  13. It’s just like having a human baby–those bite nipples too.


  14. And wear a padded bra until he gets his adult teeth… or maybe even then… HA!


  15. Hahahaha, love that last line (as snarky as it is ;)). He is such a beautiful boy! I’m so glad it’s you, not me, though. I think I’m getting too old for all that.


    • Me? Snarky?

      Every time I see a puppy in the park, I think exactly that: better them than me. But it really is best to start with a puppy. If doesn’t kill me! Puncture wounds can be very dangerous, you know.


  16. I warned you… you got the extra energy breed of puppy…


  17. Yay! I’m so glad Duncan has recovered….and ouch!


  18. He is just precious….razor teeth and all! Seems like he is training your family well so far.


  19. awwwww his cute dont trade him for anything


  20. Eva

    Is Duncan too big to stuff in a warm, cozy sock if he misbehaves? I’M SO JEALOUS but so happy for you, my friend. Please give him lots of smooches from us. 🙂


  21. Paul

    Dunc the hunk strikes again! Ha! My Mum had an energetic puppy and she discovered a thing called a “kong”. It’s a very tough rubber toy that lpoks like a small behive and is hollow in the middle. You put Dunc’s favorite food inside (Mum used peanut butter) and the puppy has to work really hard to get it out. It keeps them occupied for hours. They actually get very little food so it doesn’t interfere with their meals. You can order it on line if you google it.

    Duncan will eventually calm down – all puppies go throught hat stage. We used to breed Labradors and the litters were anywhere from 6-9 puppies. Holy Energy Batman! House wreckers. Ha!

    May the force be with you Elyse.


    • Thanks Paul. I actually bought Duncan a kong before we even got him. He loves it but I use it for when he needs to be in his crate. He has, ummmm, on or two other things to chew on, too, plus me.


  22. Well, looks like I’m getting what I asked for – a Himalayan. I have two shih-tzus who’ve lived with as many as four cats…but they weren’t mine, so I didn’t have to clean the litterbox(es). Of course I’ve scared myself shitless with all this (you mean I’m actually going to have to vacuum??), so you couldn’t have written this at a better time (and you wrote it just for me, right?)



    • Vacuuming is sooooooo overrated. As you know the thing with pets is that they are a whole lot of work. But the return on investment — all that love is worth it. At least until they bite you !

      Good luck with the new scamp !


  23. Clinton

    Let’s fast forward a bit. I remember Cooper, who would wait at the top of the stairs whenever you and John were out. While he waited he would think only of your safe return. Every sound would raise his head and his hopes. The sight always melted my heart. My guess is that Duncan will do the same. Though maybe a padded bra, until his teeth round off, is advisable. 😉


  24. So glad he is doing better and back to doing all things puppy-like 🙂


  25. Hmm, maybe he needs a playmate. Surely you could handle another puppy, right? 😉


  26. Nipple? Good grief! Perhaps you could have those teeth capped! He is a cutie. Enjoy him because before you know it, he will be grown and he’ll probably want a car and an education.


    • I would like to file them down, that’s for sure! He has already taken over half of one car, and I will be looking into obedience training.

      It is a good thing he’s cute!


  27. This post is exactly what I would have wished for, thanks to you and your once-and-future King.


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