Second Prize in A Beauty Contest

Do you know Michelle of The Green StudyI discovered her during the holidays when we were both hanging out at C4C, Company For Christmas — the open blog for folks who were alone on the holidays.  Neither of us were alone, actually.  In fact, I don’t think that I “chatted” with anybody who was alone.  But I made some friends, including Michelle.  We followed each other, and I entered her Christmas Story contest.

And I won 2nd Prize!

Second Prize

 Recently, I entered another one of Michelle’s contests, this time for “The Worst Job I Ever Had.”  And I did it again.  I won second prize.  But next time, I’m going to take this bit of advice:

Second Prize -- more judges

Check out the first prize winner, The Wisdom of Life.  That job was way worse than mine.

And check out mine over at The Green StudyThe Gray Zone.


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60 responses to “Second Prize in A Beauty Contest

  1. Freshly Pegged! Your starting a whole new rush for the award. It should have its own ‘How-to’ page! Congrats and well-done!


  2. That was such an assholisitc story! Made me shudder remembering a few of my worst jobs. Once I walked out of my job on the first day. During lunchbreak.


  3. I spent 2 1/2 years working for the temp department of a very large corporation. My last 3 assignments were exactly like your Gray job. Even though I tried to report them to the Head of Personnel they wouldn’t take my calls & I ended up losing my job over it last August. I was crushed because even though I felt lower than the lowest rung on the ladder I stuck with each one & did my best to give a good representation of the temp. dept.


  4. Congratulations!! Man, I’ve experienced a few Geralds myself, also when I was temping as a secretary back in the day. I could feel my colon clenching just reading your description of the cubicles, the boxes, and him talking about answering the phone before the third ring.


  5. Congratulations x 2. The Company for Christmas blog was a great way to meet quality people.


  6. Well, 2nd prize is still a prize. Congrats! But if you are planning on sleeping with more judges, just be sure to bring protection…


  7. Congratulations! I love the placards for the prize, too!


  8. LOL Damn you are funny, girl. Congrats on your wins but I agree with TwinDaddy – you would always get First from me xo


  9. Congrats Elyse! Gerald has no idea how lucky he was not to cross the path of a more seasoned Elyse….so, so, lucky.


    • Thanks, Tops.

      Sometimes silence is golden. Especially when it is sooooo clear that the asshole will be hoisted on his own petard shortly!

      Hugs to you.


  10. I like Michelle’s response. And, well done.


  11. I would’ve given you first place.


  12. I think the only reason you didn’t win first is that someone needs to stop your take over he internets…


  13. Second place is nothing to sneeze at. I mean, think of some other great Americans who finished second: Mitt Romney, John McCain, Nancy Kerrigan


    • Oh Cutter — the unfairness of linking Nancy in with the losers — she was assaulted. Mitt & McCain assaulted their own chances by being total putzes. And having bad policies. And bad running mates.

      Poor Nancy only had a bad teammate. And that was not her fault!


  14. But.but.but.but.but, don’t they know you write like Margaret Mitchell?


  15. I am thinking, sleeping with the judges after a certain point doesn’t win you anything. Just a thought.

    Congrats on winning 2nd prize. I think it is your writing that won. I will read later.


  16. aFrankAngle

    Stay with the effort … and the glories of first will come your way … well, that is if the sponsors realize the fear at hand.


  17. I have to warn you, Elyse. I snore. Congrats on your winning entry!


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