For Peg O’Leg, Me and Medbh and For What Should Have Been

One if the best things about blogs/bloggers/blogging is the camaraderie.  Because the more we all write blogs, the more we all read blogs and the more we all comment on each other’s blogs, the more fun we have.  And of course, the more likely we are to meet fellow bloggers face to face in the unemployment line.

No, no, no.  That’s not what I mean.

What I mean is that, we bloggers like to spread the wealth. Share the fun.  Tell each other about other fun places to visit and enjoy.  Other folks’ blogs.  The more the merrier.  (Hell, who wants to work at work anyway.)

Today I am honored to be pulled along in the wake of one of the funniest of all of my bloggin’ buddies, Peg O’Leg at her blog Peg-O-Leg’s Ramblings.  Yup, today I’m posted over at Peg’s in her pretty darn new Wednesday feature called

“THIS One Should Have Been Freshly Pressed”!

Most of you know Peg as a gifted humor writer who can stand her ground among other brilliant Irish writers like James Joyce, Bram Stoker and Medbh McGuckian.  Unlike Joyce, Peg is NEVER boring.  Unlike Stoker, Peg never terrifies us.  And unlike Medbh McGuckian, we all know who Peg IS.  Plus we can spell her name, which is nice.

Now Peg created her “Should Have Been FP’d” feature after realizing that all of us bloggers, from time to time, hit the PUBLISH button thinking-hoping-wishing that the brilliant piece we’ve just posted will hit the Big Time.  Reach the masses.  Be Freshly Pressed.  And then it misses.  It doesn’t.  It isn’t FP’d.  Our hearts are broken when only two people end up reading that brilliant post, our STATS tank, and we need to drown our whines, in wine, ice cream and chocolate.  Or, in Peg’s case, in anything Reese’s.

This has happened to you.  It has happened to me.  But Peg, with her big heart and blog feature eased my pain.  So head on over to Peg’s to sample one of my favorite humor pieces and take in a big bunch of Peg’s.  Please?  I bribed her into including me in the feature by promising her brilliant stats.  Don’t let me down!

The Ultimate Honor

The Ultimate Honor

Here’s the link in case you missed the other three links:  Not that I’m anxious, mind you.  I just don’t have enough chocolate on hand to cope if you don’t head on over to Peg’s.


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19 responses to “For Peg O’Leg, Me and Medbh and For What Should Have Been

  1. winsomebella

    Before I took the leap over to Peg’s, I increased the font size on my IPad and changed the background to black to better accentuate the words. All to see it more clearly, my dear. I so relate!


  2. Peg is the bestest, on my way.


  3. I shall be shuffling off shortly. And I NEVER hit the publish button expecting greatness. I’m shocked every time I get a single comment that doesn’t say “Get the heck outta here, ya cretin!” 😀


  4. Way to go, Elyse! You’re blog whould definitely be lauded from teh rooftops!
    I think there may be something wrong with me that I have absolutely no interest in being fp’d again.
    But I’m ok with that.

    Ok, off to Peg’s site. If i can find a link…


    • Awww, shucks, Guap. Being Freshly Pressed is over-rated. Now being Freshly Pegged, THAT’s an honor.

      Damn, I should have included a link in my post ….


  5. Great idea! Congrats to Peg for thinking of it. She will be a hero to the masses.


  6. I’m sooooo happy to have you visiting at my place. The chocolate supply is still holding out.
    Such a coincidence – my alternative blog byline is “Peg-o-Leg: almost as funny as Medbh McGuckian (and a damn sight easier to pronounce)”


  7. Just returned from there … well done!


  8. I’m on my way now! I love Peg, too. 🙂


  9. bigsheepcommunications

    Lovely to visit you in another blog neighborhood 😀


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