Yes, I’m a two timer. A cheater. A blog whore. Yesterday, I was at Peg O’Leg’s. Today, I am chatting up Darla at She’s A Maineiac. Who knows what tomorrow shall bring. Bwwwwwwhahahahahahah

She's A Maineiac

Welcome to a new feature where I showcase a blogger every month!
It’s super cool and totally unoriginal!

Plus, Elyse really is the cat’s meow–you’ll love her, her writing and her blog.

So go on over and be sure to check out her two, yes, TWO Freshly Pressed posts, both with the words “Hey Doc” in the title.

Oh and she has two Academy awards! Well, she had them in her possession for at least a full minute or two. And in my book, that counts.



Name: Elyse

Blog: FiftyFourandAHalf


Blog Post:   Hello WorldInterestingly, it was about how they were going to change Medicare eligibility for folks over 55 – I was 6 months away and it seemed horribly unfair.  That was close to two years ago and I was 54-1/2.  Today I read that they’re talking about…

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13 responses to “

  1. This reminds me of the double-mint commercial – two bloggers in one piece. Bravo!


  2. Life is so confusing sometimes, John. Especially when you have deja vu all over again.


  3. Hmm. I’m having the oddest flash of deja vu right now….. :p 😉


  4. aFrankAngle

    You are a power blogger!


  5. I feel so cheap…


  6. Going through my wp notifications now to find the missed memo saying you’re taking over the world…
    Great interview!


  7. Wow, you sure know how to get around! Good for you! 🙂 I’ll pop over there now…


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