Why White Men Vote GOP

At last I have an answer as to why a majority of white men in the United States vote for GOP candidates and swallow all those lame-ass positions touted on Fox news.  Their brains short circuit.

I found this via The Last of the Milleniums.

He got it from The Western World.



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48 responses to “Why White Men Vote GOP

  1. Just imagine what Fox news would look like if we replaced each person with the opposite sex and same level of attractiveness…


  2. NOW I understand American politics! I could never figure it out before.


  3. Wow. I never realized the Fox News headquarters was located in Stepford.


  4. Too funny! They’re all wearing the exact same style dress with the hemline so high they must spend half their waking day making sure nothing is showing that they don’t want showing. Hey! That’s the secret to Fox News! Spending all day just waiting to get a glimpse of forbidden lands… or something. And it’s so funny looking at the posture- sitting ramrod straight so there is no trace of tummy pooch. LOL!


  5. I had no idea! Thank you for enlightening me. Fox News will remain unwatched in this household.


  6. That explains how they stand by their credo of “fair and balanced news.” Blondes, brunettes and redheads. Of course! Makes perfect sense. Thanks for the chuckle! 🙂


  7. Well, ick. Vile little snipes all. This does explain it though, testosterone poisoning. Channel surfing from the Lazyboy they get sucked in by a face and are lost forever.


  8. White? Check (Do I have to check twice if I’m very white?). Man? Despite the fact that I usually act like a 5 year old, I have to Check that one too. Vote? No Check. Watch Fox News? Hell No Check


  9. Now we know why the make-up industry is so huge; just the contract for Fox must be a billion dollar market for the makers of eye, skin, and hair products… I consider myself to be fortunate in having allergies to hair spray, and the other chemicals used in such stuff, so all of those women look to me just like a night in the emergency room… not attractive at all.

    I agree that those women of color who have joined that parade should, if nothing else, be considered as “cop-ins”, for taking the money and allowing themselves to be exploited for their looks…. cuz nobody is fooled by any of the faux intellectualism that is scripted for them… It’s all a very sad indictment of modern culture in America…. or whatever we’re called now…. no matter, nationalism of ANY kind is dangerous….

    Sorry, didn’t mean to ramble/rant, there’s just SO much wrong in these pictures…. , but, one more….

    I am always surprised that Ann Coulter shows up on film; the legend about the soulless ones, vampires of the spirit, those who live on human misery and blood, must be inaccurate, for, if there ever existed on this planet in the last 5000 years, a woman more bitter and vindictive, against everyone alive, and, by deduction and obvious observation, hated herself more than Ann Coulter does, she didn’t live long enough to achieve any mention in history, or any degree of fame…. Which is, sad to say, another indictment of modern culture, which has made her a celebrity among the several hundred million ignorant caucasian bigots in the world…. SIGH….. 😦


    • Apparently, I touched a nerve!

      But isn’t the problem with the soulless ones that they don’t appear in mirrors? I don’t think there is a problem with film because there are so many soulless folks here. Sigh.

      And who in their right mind listens to Ann Coulter? She is not very bright, nasty and mean. Of course, she has nice legs, so …

      Thanks for commenting!


  10. cooper

    I’m white. But I don’t vote GOP, but I don’t vote dem either. I guess that makes me an outlier, statistically. It’s so lonely out here…


  11. Clinton

    That was funny. It makes me wonder about the demographics at the executive level at Fox.


  12. I’ve never seen Fox news. After the comments I’ve just read, I guess if I ever do see it, I won’t be tellin’ you!


  13. That about sums it up, doesn’t it? And those are just the type of men to refer to all these women as ‘girls’ too. But I don’t care how pretty Ann Coulter is–most of the stuff that comes out of her mouth is ugly debris!


    • Ann Coulter is vile. More snake than woman.

      The surprising thing to me was that they actually have “women of color” on Fox — why on earth would they demean themselves like that. Oh, I guess they all demean themselves, don’t they. My bad.


  14. Sadly, as a guy who appreciates intelligence at least as much as physical attributes, I found very few of them attractive.
    Mostly I thought, wow, what a waste of people…


  15. Jueseppi B.

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    What brains??? Thank you Ms. Elyse.


    • Thanks pal. On behalf of the other half of my race, I apologize. Except for my husband, he would never venture over there. Or my readers. Or any man with a brain.


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