You are all invited to my coronation. OUR coronation. I must get used to the royal WE.


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  1. Coronation? But you’re ALREADY the Queen, my liege. You don’t need to hold a party for what you’ve already done, your magnificence.
    By the by, I’ve never tossed a cape over a puddle, but I DID give a fair lady the coat I was wearing when she was cold. Seriously. I even have a picture of Grace wearing my coat! (I was chivalrous long before I was a knight. 😉 )


  2. Glad to see the word is getting out about you.
    Seriously, it was getting to be a hard secret to keep!


  3. I bow, grovel and otherwise well you know. This is quite wonderful.


  4. Yay for Rara!

    Congrats, your graciousness!


  5. Your Majesty, if I may call you that, it’s about freaking time you were noticed for your greatness.


    • We newly anointed monarchs cannot stand on too much ceremony, Tops. So yes, you may address me as “Your Magesty” or as “Everybody’s Magesty” if you prefer.


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