I’ll shut up now

You might have noticed, but I’ve been a bit, ummmm, opinionated lately.  OK, so I’m always opinionated, but lately I’ve been opinionated about politics and I pretty much stopped writing about anything else.  My bad.

In case you didn’t notice, I have reason to celebrate.  So do you.  Here in the US we re-elected President Obama and Vice President Biden.  We elected intelligent folks to the US Senate over the “Rape Rappers.”  Women had great success except for the one who made money off of scantily clad women rolling around in mud while wrestling in an undoubtedly dignified manner.  Three of the stupidest Congressmen were defeated (Alan West, Todd Akin and Joe Walsh).  And we still get to laugh at Michelle Bachmann.

My blog has reason to celebrate, too.  Every Republican I made fun of, with the exception of my BFF Michelle, lost.  Damn I’m good.

But I’m going to do you, and especially my international readers, a favor.  I’m going to shut up about politics for a while.

Well, at least I will after I tell you that Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell has already let President Obama and the new Senate know that he won’t cooperate.

Portrait of an ASS

Now remember, Mitch is the guy who stated in 2008 that the Republican’s primary job was to make sure that President Obama was a one-term president.

How’d that work for you, Mitch?
But did Mitch learn his lesson?  Nope.  Here’s what he said today:

The American people did two things: they gave President Obama a second chance to fix the problems that even he admits he failed to solve during his first four years in office, and they preserved Republican control of the House of Representatives. The voters have not endorsed the failures or excesses of the President’s first term, they have simply given him more time to finish the job they asked him to do together with a Congress that restored balance to Washington after two years of one-party control. Now it’s time for the President to propose solutions that actually have a chance of passing the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and a closely-divided Senate, step up to the plate on the challenges of the moment, and deliver in a way that he did not in his first four years in office. To the extent he wants to move to the political center, which is where the work gets done in a divided government, we’ll be there to meet him half way.

Ummm, excuse me Senator McConnell?  You lost your chance of gaining control of the U.S. Senate in an election year when there were tons of vulnerable Democratic seats.  You blew it.  So shut up and learn how to get along.  Stop stamping your feet.  Cooperate.  That’s what’s in the best interest of our country.


*     *     *

OK.  I’ll shut up now.


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57 responses to “I’ll shut up now

  1. He looks like a clown without makeup.


  2. cooper

    so when does the funny stuff start????


  3. GOF

    Thanks for keeping us ‘foreigners’ up to date with your political process.
    If you’d posted a picture of the mudwrestling I would have got appropriately appalled too. 🙂


  4. Now if everyone will work TOGETHER and stop the name calling and bitter partisan stonewalling and force feeding – maybe – just maybe – we can all grab a rope and pull ourselves out of this mess. As I said in my piece about the election, if the president succeeds, we all do, and vice versa.


    • Well, Renee, as much as I’d like to say, yeah, that’ll happen, you know it isn’t true. In spite of the routing the American people gave to the ideas of the GOP they are already planning to obstruct. In addition to Mitch above, Speaker Boehner is expecting to start, START with the Republican plan and work from there.

      They lost. They don’t get to choose where we put the starting gate.

      I would love things to work the way they used to when the GOP was run by folks to the right of the Dems who were just a bit to their left. The Dems have moved to the right and the GOP has moved to another planet.


  5. If Bachmann had lost, you would have needed power tools to get the grin off my face.


  6. Running from Hell with El

    As I said on my Facebook Page:
    I’d like to congratulate all of my friends who voted for President Obama. He ran an outstanding political campaign. And so did Mitt Romney. I hope and I pray that the President continues to do his best in what must be the hardest job in America. I hope that we can all bury our differences now and work together, with love and respect, to make this country better. God bless you all.
    And for the record, I was delighted to see Todd Akin go down.


    • Isn’t it great that the rape guys lost?

      I am hopeful that politicians on the other side will get it — that they lost and lost handily (they actually got significantly fewer votes in the House, but gerrymandering kept them in power).


  7. We do not want you to shut up now. But yes if you want you can change the topic. 🙂 It seems like, you have plenty of things to celebrate both as human and American coming your way in next four years. But can you ask Mr Obama to never say no to Bangalore while saying yes to Buffalo. 🙂


    • I think that depends on what Bangalore and Buffalo are asking! But I am sorry to admit that the President rarely asks my advice. You’d think he would given that he’s been asking me for money for several years now!


  8. cooper

    Women had great success except for the one who made money off of scantily clad women rolling around in mud while wrestling in an undoubtedly dignified manner.
    Huh? Where? How did I miss that??? glad that you are happy….


    • Linda McMahon, former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO ran for Senator in Connecticut. She ran in 2010, too. Both times she lost. In the 2010 race, her scantily clad women wrestling was quite a subject of the political blogs. This time not so much (she was so busy trying to fudge her abortion and contraception stance). Here’s more info: http://www.mothersopposingmcmahon.org/.

      She spent nearly $100 million of her own money losing twice. Such a shame. Sniff, sniff.


  9. One step at a time, Elyse. Let’s take a few sighs of relief and joy that enough people saw through to the real MItt (whoever that is). If, in two years the stalemate continues at the “leadership” of Mitch, well, then we the people have some more voting to do, don’t we?


    • Funny that you should mention the “real” Mitt. Whenever I spoke with people who told me they were gonna vote for Mitt, I’d ask which one — “Severely Conservative Mitt” or “Moderate Mitt”? And which one will be in charge of the issues that are important to you.

      And Mitch will be up for renewal in 2014. I imagine he will be a prime target.


  10. Snoring Dog Studio

    I can’t stand that guy. I’m going to start writing him letters regularly to remind him that the country is sick of that kind of behavior. It’s appalling to see that some of our elected officials have no plan on moving us forward.


    • He really is a jerk. I don’t think he will be allowed to succeed. We have more armor and we’re going to get rid of the filibuster “reform” they agreed to about 10 years ago. Then having the majority means having the majority.


      • Snoring Dog Studio

        Absolutely we have to get rid of the filibuster nonsense – it’s so damn ridiculous. That’s a direct cause of the lack of progress we see.


  11. I’m so happy that I was able to participate in this historic moment, but the continued vow to divide is disheartening. I had the displeasure of dealing with my boss and his huge f’ing hissy fit yesterday over this win. I have to contain my happiness, which is about as un-American as you can get. Thank you Elyse for all of your hard work to get out the vote!


  12. I refuse to be in a bad mood this week. So many good things happened in our state. We elected Angus King (Independent) as senator and passed gay marriage by popular vote. I am over the moon happy. And I convinced my elderly mom to vote with me (she hasn’t voted in 20 years) So an all-around celebration for me. I haven’t felt this good about politics in a long time.


    • Maine also switched its legislature back to the Dems! Another great story for thinking folks everywhere! Good for you getting your mom out on Tuesday. Way to go!

      But you’re right, there is too much good news to harp on Mitch. I just wanted to have my marker down on him!


      • Oh, no. Harp away! I was just thinking along the lines of myself staying positive when it comes to politics in general. I’m usually far from it.


        • You’re right. I knew though that I’d come back to this statement, and wanted to be able to find it easily — so I cheated. I now have so many political pieces that I can’t find the one I’m looking for when I want to refresh my memory!


  13. This guy is more than a notion. I don’t pay him no mind. Though, actually, I’de been too preoccuppied with all the other ridiculousness of politics to give him much thought. He was a definite ringleader in all of this though.

    I’m gonna take a political break myself. With Mittens out of the picture, I’m I can resume some other nonsense.


  14. I was up way to late last night, in fact I was finally closing my eyes about the time ‘way to early’ was starting to air.

    WTF – Michelle Bachmann retained her seat. How did that happen? Oh well, we do need some humor left. Mitch is a right ass isn’t he, unbelievable! Eric Cantor is still there along with Ryan still swinging his, well you know.

    But we did it. Yeah, WE BUILT THAT!

    It is amazing to think the meme that comes from their mouth, they want our President to govern from the Middle? What the fires in hades do they think he has been doing all this time? Truthfully? He is a Centrist the problem? Their middle is three steps from the far right and take a fist right at the red light.

    Oh well, lets see what happens next. We have some pretty big problems coming up. Can’t afford these obstructionist azzhats sitting on it hoping he will fail.


    • Yes, Val, we did it. I have to write up my voter advocate story — I was still too tired yesterday. It was a memorable experience.

      I am really hopeful that with the second term and the chastened (Hopefully) GOP that things will go more smoothly.


  15. One thing that’s mystified me in this election is that the Republican talking point that Obama has been unwilling to compromise has pretty much gone unchallenged. I wonder whether that will continue for the midterm elections in two years.


    • I saw a pundit mention that yesterday, and the others on the panel jumped all over him. But hopefully that is where the conversation will lead. Somehow I don’t think it will be permitted to happen again!


  16. I literally laughed out loud when I saw the title combined with your name as author in my email. I thought, “Yeah, like that would ever happen…and how sad I would be if it did.” 🙂


  17. Meh, screw Mitch. He’s full of Mitt. 😉


  18. Clinton

    I’ve been waiting for this post (checking every couple hours) since midnight last. It is very nice. Thank you.


  19. Mitch McConnell is a true-blue partisan, thus not worth the time and energy to create this much to read about him.


  20. Michelle Gillies

    Congratulations, Elyse. We were all behind you 110% and you did a great job. I am doing the “Dance of Joy” for you.


  21. Hm. I thought turtles were suppose to be cooperative. I guess I was wrong. Any Republican that thinks this was a mandate for the Republican party is delusional.


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