Throne Update

It seems like just the other day when I was telling you about David Siegel in my post Robbin’ a Better Hood.

You know, it was the story of David, the poor billionaire CEO of Westgate Resorts who likes to sit on a golden cherub-encrusted throne.  In case you can’t remember, he threatened his employees with termination if Mitt Romney doesn’t become president, if Obama wins and raises his taxes.  He also complained about not getting any happy hours.

Oh, it was just the other day!

Well, I’ve learned so much since.  And I just gotta share.

You see, I learned that apparently CEO’s are pack animals.  And a bunch of other CEOs are doing the same thing to their employees so that they can protect their billions.

At first I was confused.  How could so many folks, living high on the hog, come up with the very same idea?

Then I learned just last night that there is a common thread here that, well, I for one would never have guessed.

Because guess who is telling those CEO’s to do that?  Guess who is showing his leadership ability by actually getting billionaire CEOs to follow an order?  Guess who has the morals and ethics of a crack whore?

[26:30]  I hope you make it very clear to your employees what you believe is in the best interest of your enterprise and therefore their job and their future in the upcoming elections. And whether you agree with me or you agree with President Obama, or whatever your political view, I hope, you pass those along to your employees.  Mitt Romney, June 6, 2012.

Yup, it’s Mitt.  The guy whose team is in favor of voter suppression (heard the one about the Arizona Voter ID cards that were sent out with the wrong date for election date – funny thing, it’s only wrong on the Spanish ones).

Can you say “Watergate?”  Can you say “Iran Contra?”  Can you say “Tammany Hall?”  Are you listening Mitt Romney?

I heard that Ann will be cancelling her next few campaign stops.  She’s out shopping for furniture for the Oval Office.

Or maybe they should go on the Truman Balcony.
The view of the peasants is way better from there..


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40 responses to “Throne Update

  1. I tagged you, Elyse, but no need to join in if you don’t want to, it’s all good. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don’t. This time I did. You said this all so well. I hate suppression, opression – it’s all the same to me – wrong wrong wrong. Here are details on the tag


    • Thanks, Janice. I might keep it until after the election to do it. I like the tags — they give me something to write about when I don’t have anything to write about!


  2. You have no idea how seething mad I am. I already knew about this but you just really put an exclamation point on the end of it for me. I think if my employer even mentioned anything other than, “don’t forget to vote” I would yak. That is just plain gross.

    Elyse, please tell me it’s all going to work out?


    • I hope so. I really hope so. I will be heading out shortly to attend training to prevent voter suppression on election day. I will be hanging out at a polling station where problems have occurred in the past. Hopefully I will have a really boring day on election day.

      But I am worried. So much money. So much effort going into cheating and voter suppression.

      That and I’d really like to win the House and the Senate too. Yes, I am an optimist.


  3. I’m Facebooking this one. And early voting next week. I wish there were 100 of me to cast a ballot.


  4. I’m pleased to tell you that I have just nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. You may choose to accept or not. If you do accept the award there are some rules . . .

    ▪ Thank the blogger who nominated you
    ▪ Place the award on your site.
    ▪ Share 7 random things about yourself.
    ▪ Nominate 15 blogs. Let them know they’ve been nominated and how to accept the award.

    Thank you always for a great (and inspiring!) blog. MM


    • Thanks, M&M I appreciate the award. I’ll be glad to accept it and pass it on. Just have to figure out when!

      I think these awards are a good way to put forward new folks to the old gang. I’ve recently found some great ones!

      Thanks again!


  5. Why am I flashing back to “History Of The World, Part 1”? “Mr. Romney, the people are revolting!” “You said it, they stink on ice!”. 😀


  6. cooper

    cuz we all know those pesky employees certainly can’t think for themselves. i waas thinking of inviting my new CEO over for the weekend to show me how to boil an egg, how to walk and chew gum at the same time and how to wipe my ass…what would we do without them????


  7. And that friends is why CEO’s have no business running a COUNTRY.


    • What, don’t you think it worked out well the last time? Dubya and Mittans were classmates at Harvard Business school. So they were in the same place before we’d been unfortunate enough to hear of either.

      James Lipton of “Inside the Actor’s Studio” was on TV last night, assessing the debated. He said “Obama is running for President. Romney is running for BOSS.”


  8. bigsheepcommunications

    Soooo happy to have voted this morning here in NC. Now I”m going to close my eyes, plug my ears and pretend the election is OVER.


  9. Your always wanting me to play nice but I cannot play nice about this money grubbing neanderthal! How anyone can even look at him much listen to him speak and conclude that he would be anything but a shipwreck for this country is beyond me. He makes my skin crawl. No surprise that he is doing this and he will **** this country if elected!


  10. I was talking about the fundamental difference between Romney and Obama last night as part of a discussion about how the “average” American can’t possible get informed on all of the complex issues our nation faces and exactly how each candidate plans to address them.

    My response was that no one person has a handle on every nuance of every complex problem, but most of us can figure out the general philosophy of each candidate. Obama cares about people and giving everyone a chance at a descent quality of life. Romney cares about businesses and making sure they are thriving. One man cares about humans; the other cares about things. The choice is pretty clear in my mind. All the rest of it is fodder for political pundits.


  11. Sadly, this isn’t illegal.
    And because of Citizens United, it is also apparently not illegal for companies to force their employees to work on-the-job for political campaigns.
    Pretty sure Romney is also the type of guy who would tell female employees “Hey, you could get a lot further if you wore shorter skirts” and was then be surprised when HR wanted to have a word…


    • You may be right, Guap; it may not be illegal. Just immoral (but hey, what’s the problem with that?) I will actually be attending voter protection training this weekend. I will ask the experts.

      I also hadn’t read that forcing employees to work for political campaigns is now legal. What a great law that was, Citizens United. Really improved our democracy, don’t you think?


  12. Have you noticed that he hasn’t defined “small business”?


  13. And this Azzhat is moving ahead in some of the polls. And there are idiots that will be throwing away their votes on third parties not understanding just how critical this election is. And there are fools earning $50K and less that think this man is all that and a bag of chips, who has their back and a plan.

    I am so very afraid.


    • My thinking about those folks you describe is that they deserve Romney (just like they deserved Bush). Sadly the rest of us don’t.

      I’m not going to give up. We’re gonna win this thing.


  14. Tammie

    Seriously??? does the media know about this? I would love to see this splashed all over the news. Didn’t think I could despise the man anymore that I already do – but, yep, there it goes. Thanks!


    • As Guap (below) pointed out, I don’t think it is technically illegal. Ethical? Moral? Not so much.

      I read about this on, and they are often way ahead of the national news media. But it is getting to be like the Bush Era, when there were so many outrageous we all (and the media) just got WTF?-fatigue.


    • Hi Tammie — I actually just heard it on the news — MSNBC. Doubt the regular stations will pick it up.


  15. Great, now I need to punch something.


  16. This makes my blood boil. Now I need to go find a piece of chocolate.


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