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Get Fresh Pressed Now!

It’s your most cherished hope.  It’s what you wake up, day after day, wishing would happen.  It’s more important to you now than World Peace.

Yup.  You wanna be Fresh Pressed.

And I can help you there, my friend.  Just listen up.

You see, I have the power to make it happen.  To get you there.  To fulfill your wildest blogging dreams.

I would have mentioned it before but, well, I only just realized my power.  Until today I thought it was just coincidence.  I’m so ashamed.

Take a look at my blog roll – you’ll see.  I follow a lot of blogs that have been Freshly Pressed.  Even though my blogroll is hopelessly out of date, you can see that I’m there in the trenches with the best of the best.

But I just didn’t see the pattern.

Last winter when I was having problems receiving emails of some of the blogs I follow, I decided to follow myself – that way I’d know for sure that I was getting alerts of all the folks I wanted to read.

That’s when it happened.  Yup.  I was Fresh Pressed for Hey Doc? 

It’s happened since, too.  Well, not to me, of course.  But still I just didn’t notice the pattern.  Finally it dawned on me.  A couple of weeks ago when I started following Fear No Weebles.  She was FP’d almost immediately after I put my email address in the “Follow Me” slot for a post called There’s something about Mr. Weebles.

But the concrete proof came just this week.  For those of you who don’t know her, Miss Weebles is very fond of Le Clown of A Clown on Fire.  She even wrote a post politely recommending that Word Press’s habit of not FP’ing the Clown should end.  I clicked over there and realized that I’d been meaning to “Follow” him for a while, but, well, hadn’t.  So I did.

And one of the first posts I read with my coffee this morning was “WordPress To Retire Le Clown’s Not Featured on Freshly Pressed Jersey.”  He got into the club.  You’re welcome, Clown.

So I figured I’d help you guys all out and make a buck or two while I’m at it.  For a nominal fee, I will follow YOUR BLOG!

Get Yer Fresh Pressing Here!


Sorry.  No refunds.


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