One in Thirteen?

Appearances are deceiving, but I have to admit that circumstantial evidence points directly to me as one of the 13 Russians indicted by  Robert Mueller.

After all, long time followers will recall that I used to post all the time.  I used to comment on politics, and on Donald Trump.  I sought to sow confusion, discord, and rancor here at FiftyFourAndAHalf.  I sought to get folks to the polls.  Get them to vote my way.

And then I stopped.  Practically disappeared.

Long time followers will also note that since Trump entered sullied the White House, that I haven’t been writing a whole lot.

But really, it is entirely coincidence.  Completely.    I’m not a Russian agent.  It’s all coincidence.  I have had a bit of a make-over, though.


But appearances can be deceiving.  Trust me.


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37 responses to “One in Thirteen?

  1. When I was writing a particular new alien into my sci-fi novels, I used the voice of Natasha as her voice when I carried on conversations with the to get to know her. Did that make sense?

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  2. I miss you. Take care of yourself.

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  3. It’s just hard to know what to say, isn’t it? Miss you! Take care.

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    • Thanks, Melanie. I hope to be back more often soon. As more indictments come in, the news may well be fun again!


      • I’m not having fun. 😦 I determined this morning to carry a better attitude through this week, and then witnessed another spate of rudeness in facebook. Which of course doesn’t even address the continuing stupidity of people… ugh. So !! Here’s to fun, and let’s have a lot more of it.

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        • No, it hasn’t been fun watching everything crumble. It WILL be fun to watch Trump crumble, though. I’m hopeful, that we as a nation will get through this. And it has been a while since I felt hopeful.

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  4. Now you tell me. Seems a rational an explanation as any, I suppose.

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  5. Natasha, Dharling, I shall have to dust off my secret decoder ring to decipher the code above. Then I shall await further instruction.

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  6. Just PLEASE tell me you have the pee tapes in your possession and that they will be released shortly … PLEASE. We’re counting on you Natasha!

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  7. Oh Svetlana Elyse,

    Good work throwing the stupid Americans off the track. Nobody would ever believe that you are some kind of a Russian bot. After all, if you’re one, then I must be, too, since I have not posted in ages, and I am certainly not. They will never figure out that this is the way that we communicate.

    I was just mentioning to my Russian Wolfhound Dmitri American Bulldog Rex that once we saw they were stupid enough to buy those ridiculous MAGA hats stupid Americans would never fall for some glorious comrade Russian posing as one of their Fox News watching mouth breathers own.

    So keep up the good work, Comrade blog sistah! I lift my vodka Miller Lite in salute. Da svidahnia See ya later!

    Ludmilla Nonnie

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  8. Elyse I just got you mixed up with Rhonda of Fifty Shades of Gray. Or maybe not, I am so confused trying to hunt for a post reply on Rhonda’s blog. But I did mean the first sentence. Forget the PS part. 🙂

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  9. Dang I thought you were a double agent. Now I am disappointed.

    PS: I have no idea why my blog or possibly yours will not show your reply to me so that I can like it or sometimes even return another comment. Now I must go hunt for the post before this one. If not yes, write something about your pit but not the pits of the WH. 🙂

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  10. All I can say is that this proves there was NO COLLUSION. None, nix, nyet. None whatsoever. Case closed.

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  11. Oh, I think we knew that about you, Elyse. But your posts were always funny, engaging, and you said things in just the right way. None of us cared that you were actually a Russian robot! Hope you write more of that stuff soon, btw. 🙂 – Marty

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  12. That could be me too, if we’re talking about twitter. I did more or less all that and then disappeared from there, ostensibly because it became a jerkier place but maybe as a front for my nefarious doins. Oh well–we’ll find out, I guess.

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  13. Ha, I had my suspicions. Thanks for confirming them. 😉

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