He Nailed It

In today’s New York Times, Paul Krugman writes a post on the Paris tragedy and nailed it.

Again, the goal of terrorists is to inspire terror, because that’s all they’re capable of. And the most important thing our societies can do in response is to refuse to give in to fear.

I agree wholeheartedly.



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40 responses to “He Nailed It

  1. I agree with his idea, but I also think they work to increase cultural alienation and distrust and that is the last thing we need more of at this time.

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  2. People have always been vulnerable to fear. The speed and quality of the media just make it more effective these days. As it happens, I came across a discussion of Why Do They Hate Us? a few days ago and posted the clip. The discussion was among Bill Maher, Jay Leno, Michael Steele (a Republican no less) and some other guy. They nailed it too – they all agreed. FDR is somewhere, nodding sagely.

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  3. That sums it up well. I was watching the news yesterday and they were showing all the lines of “special police” lined up as security at sporting events here in the U.S. and I wondered if we’re going to let fear drive us into being and accepting a police state.

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  4. Shit heels. I hate those guys. I really, really hate those guys. I’ll be more gregarious next week but this week, I really hate those guys.

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  5. I’ll never understand how so many people cannot understand how our reactions so frequently play into the hands of the terrorists. It’s just stunning. Our country needs a good stiff upper lip. Instead, our chin keeps a-quivering. It’s okay to feel fear at this stuff, but we can’t let that fear allow us to betray our values and betraying our values always seems to be the first and only option for so many.

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  6. The situation (in its entirety) is huge and complex. Thanks for pointing me to Krugman;s column.

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  7. We cannot give in. We also cannot allow ourselves to become small.

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  8. No, we can’t give into it. Then they’ve won. So we still go out and do the things we normally would. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t scope out places more carefully before I enter them, or check out the people entering for any suspicious behaviors. It’s a shame we have to do this at places as innocent as movie theaters. And getting into a Cavs game now? Talk about tight security. And during every break or time-out, security and police line up on the court, all around its perimeter. Is quite the sight to see. So I guess in that sense, the terrorists unfortunately have their victory.

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  9. Glazed

    That about sums it up, simply and succinctly. Did you notice how much the audience behind FDR was milling about restlessly? I’ve never seen that happen in modern-day inaugural speeches. Nowadays everyone sits very still and stolid. Interesting how times change.

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