La Marseillaise


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18 responses to “La Marseillaise

  1. Just happens I watch this video a short time ago.

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  2. What a wonderful clip. Humanity sucks though, at the end of the day humanity sucks. A few terrible human beings makes the rest of us look like senseless animals.

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  3. I’m taken aback at how upset I am over this. I saw a sketch of the Statue of Liberty hugging the Eiffel Tower and lost it.

    Are you going to watch the Dem debate tonight? Another homework assignment for you.


    • I can well see why you’re so upset. You were in NYC on 9/11, weren’t you? So this is very close to home for you. Horrible. Cowardly.

      I have the debate set to record, so I may watch it, but probably not tonight. My husband has been working all day and wants to watch a movie. But I think the fresh reactions will be helpful. Because we all know this won’t be the last attack.

      It is times like this when I’m glad I have no authority Because it is so human to just want swift retribution.


  4. I keep trying to find words, but I have nothing.

    At one point, we were a hair away from making Paris home, but The Boffin’s company pulled the plug on the plans. I always keep wondering what life would be like, if we did make it over.

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    • Paris is just such a wonderful city. I don’t know it well at all; I’ve just been there (3x) and visited the tourist sites. I’m sure you would have loved it. And really, with the world as crazy as it is now, it doesn’t seem to matter where anyone is — bad things can happen anywhere.

      The most difficult thing for me about living in francophone Switzerland (and just across the border in France for 2 years) was the language. Merde!


  5. I was just thinking about this scene about two minutes ago!
    I can’t stop thinking about Paris.


    • What a horrible, horrible crime. So cowardly.

      What I like about this clip is that when the movie was filmed, the war’s outcome was still unknown. Now we know that the good guys win. I’m guessing (hoping) that is how it will work out in the end with these cowards who kill innocents.

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  6. It is a horrible day. We are nothing more than animals…maybe a few but that’s all it takes. Eff us.

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