Before they Lost Their Minds, they Used Them

I just saw this video that shows reasonable Republicans (before that meteor made them extinct) agreeing with reasonable gun laws.  Imagine!


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16 responses to “Before they Lost Their Minds, they Used Them

  1. Isn’t it fascinating how the wheel turns, maybe they should all be tested for Dementia and Alzheimer.

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  2. The fact that it’s now “popular” to be crazy really scares the shit out of , but not as much as watching “normal” “well educated” people falling for this propaganda. When did society stop questioning?

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  3. I was reading an article about Bernie Sanders in the New Yorker yesterday and learned that he differs from other Democrats on gun control. He generally doesn’t talk much about it, reason being that his state, Vermont, is largely rural and gun-friendly.

    Now, it’s nuts to think that there shouldn’t be background checks on all gun sales, including private and gun-show transactions, but this is one of those single-issues that are more about paranoia than reason. Given the make-up of Congress and the NRA’s head-lock on them, maybe Bernie’s right in choosing his battles, at least this election cycle.

    Nothing’s going to change on this in the near future and meanwhile we could be working on bigger things that don’t involve knee-jerk reactions. Like, electing more Democrats, improving the economy, fixing our crumbling infrastructure and making it less vulnerable to attack. I’m frankly not sure, but it’s a thought. Isn’t it?

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    • I understand why Bernie takes the position he takes on guns, but, of course, I disagree with it. He has actually modified it somewhat since he’s been running. Or softened it, I guess is more accurate.

      The real answer is, as you say, electing more Democrats. And not ones who are in the NRA pocket. It’s the lower levels where they start, which is why it is so important to pay attention to THOSE offices — county supervisor, state and local reps, etc. The breeding ground of the crazies. Once they have name recognition there are with us for life.

      And if we would stop electing ijits who destroy our economy but cut cut cutting, people wouldn’t feel so paranoid, either. Everybody would get along better.

      I also like the campaign I read about to make guns, like smoking, uncool. People need to speak up and ASK — do you have a gun in your house? If so, my child isn’t coming over.

      I could (and often do) go on and on…


  4. wait… we can actually use our minds???


  5. Great post title! Debatable, in certain cases (Wayne LaPierre, for instance) — but great title. Wouldn’t it be nice if they all found them again?

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  6. I imagine there are still plenty of Republicans who feel this way. They’re just too scared to say it.

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  7. Glazed

    When politicians get crazy, follow the money.

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  8. Paul

    Can’t imagine.

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