This Post Is A Complete Waste of Time

Is there anything that you do that you know is a total waste of time, but you do it anyway?

Of course there is.

Mine is to take those stupid little quizzes that are all over the internet.  I have no idea why I do it.  But I always do.

In fact, just now, as I turned on my computer to do some work that didn’t get done at work yesterday, I continued to not get it done.  Because my old bloggin’ buddy, MJ Monahan, posted a piece.  I hadn’t planned on checking out any blogs, because I have work to do.  But MJ hasn’t posted in a million years or so, and he is really good.  So I figured, well, what’s the harm.  How long could it take?

MJ posted Who Am I — 12 Buzzfeed Quizzes and reported what they revealed.

So I had to take the 12 Buzzfeed quizzes.  Because I have an incredible amount of work to do and no time to waste.

And now I have to report what they revealed.  Because I have an incredible amount of work to do and no time to waste.

However, I plan to steal the entire format from MJ.  Because I have an incredible amount of work to do and no time to waste.

1. The fruit I’m most like:

I’m not entirely sure that in this day and age that this question is politically correct.  Nevertheless, I took the quiz:

Like MJ, I am a strawberry.

Strawberries are tiny berry bosses. When the strawberries come in, it’s serious. SERIOUS FUN. Is there anything more fun and flirty than a strawberry? Everyone loves them. But not everyone can have them, especially when they’re not in season. You’re IN DEMAND.

Strawberries are OK; I have wonderful memories of strawberry picking with Jacob when he was young and we lived near a farm.

2. What I should have been named:

Also like MJ, I like my first name, Elyse.  I didn’t as a kid, though.  I wanted to be named anything common — Mary or Marie.  Anything that folks could read, pronounce, and spell.  But I came to like it a lot, and I love the fact that I was named after one of my coolest relatives, Tante Elise.

I got FLOSSIE.  FLOSSIE! WTF Buzzfeed?

You’re Flossie! Congrats — this name is amaaaazing. It was more popular at the turn of the 19th century, but you’re bringing it back!

No.  No.  A thousand times No.

3. Which season I would fall in love:

While we knew each other for years, John and I started dating in January, moved in together in April, and married in September of the following year.

For this question I got Autumn

Autumn is a time for new beginnings, and this will be the biggest one of all. You and your new boo will flirt with each other over yummy fall-themed drinks and steal each other’s sweaters and basically live the beautiful autumnal clichés of your dreams while falling slowly and sweetly in love.

Not exactly, Buzzfeed.  And Buzzfeed? It should be “IN which season would I fall in love.”  Grammar matters.

4. My most annoying office habit:


I got: Asking people what they had for lunch

You like to keep tabs on your co-workers, and what better way to do so than asking each of them individually what they had for lunch? What people eat says a lot about them, and you consider yourself somewhat of a lunch detective. Keep on questioning!

Um, No, Buzzfeed.  In my tiny office, you can smell anything anyone is consuming down the hall.  So there is no need to ask.  And I have far more annoying habbits.  Trust me!

5. My personality type:

I’m a wanna-be laid back person who isn’t really as laid back as I think I am or as I want to be.  At least that’s what my husband tells me.

I got: Passionate

You are a blustery and sentimental ball of emotion. You live hard and love harder. It’s just one adventure after another and you despise those who can’t let themselves chew on the meat of existence. “LIVE, YOU BLOODLESS AUTOMATONS!” is a phrase you have said or will say in the near future.

Well, I do tend to get a bit worked up, now and then.  But only when pushed to it.  Ammirite?

6. What other people find attractive about me:

I would have guessed my sense of humor.  But I was wrong.
I got: My Independent Nature

Some people are made into leaders, but you were born one. You’re driven, ambitious, know what you want, and know how to get it. You’ve always done things on your own terms, and you’re a BO$$ in your own right.

Ummm, somewhat.  If I were more so I would be rich and famous.

7. My ACTUAL personality type:

To quote from MJ, “Because just knowing one’s personality type isn’t enough, one needs to know their ACTUAL type.”
I got: Type B

You like to play things by ear and have always been a carefree person. You’re all about achieving balance and living life to the fullest. You’re relaxed, take things as they come, and always aspire to live a life full of happiness.

I’m probably Type B unless you’re working for me on this project.  Then I come earlier in the alphabet.

8. My favorite color:

Who Am I, Favorite Color
Image stolen from MJ’s post.
Blue is in fact, my favorite color.  Sky, clothes, eyes.  Blue.
I got: Green

You are practical, down-to-earth, and like your favorite color implies, you love nature and the outdoors. You tend to wear your heart on your sleeve and connect well with people, which sometimes makes others “green” with envy.

Green’s OK.  Except that horrible lime green that is so popular now.  And I was once in a play about the 8 deadly sins and I played envy, so OK.  I’ll go along with green.

9. What’s my sixth sense:

Clearly it’s procrastination.  Because I really have a lot of work to do.
I got: Magically knowing when someone hot is near

That’s partially because you, yourself, are also hot. This hidden sense then comes from your own hotness, as well as your desire to be around other hot people.

Buzzfeed, you’re just messin with me now.

10. What color is my aura:

Chartruse.  I’m not even sure what color that is, but that would be my guess.
I got: Orange

You’re energetic, outgoing, and fun to be around. You’re a people pleaser who also enjoys being the center of attention. Still, you are highly attuned to others and sensitive to their needs. Your enthusiasm might lead you to start too much too quickly; if you can focus, you will succeed.

So I am an extroverted suckup?  Thanks Buzzfeed.  And don’t you try to suck up to me by telling me that if I don’t screw up I might succeed.

11. More right-brained or left-brained:

Sometimes I figure I am just plain hairbrained.  Or is it harebrained?  Bugs?  Bugs?  Can you answer that?
I got: Right-brained!

Well, hello there, naturally creative person! You’re super curious, and have a wicked imagination, which means you’re drawn to things like art, performance, and music. You can also be impulsive, and tend to follow your heart more than your head. People love you for your creativity and independent spirit — never lose that!

Well, I’ll go along with the right-brained much of the time.  Except when I’m not.

12. Where should my next vacation be:


Wonderland, Mount Dessert Island, ME. I think. It’s in that general area anyway. And it is lovely. My picture, from god knows when.

Most of our vacations involve driving up to Maine. So I was quite interested to see what this one would show.

I got: Road Trip!

You’re spontaneous, inquisitive, and all about experiencing new things. Exploring is everything to you, and you don’t need a big city to do that in. Eat at local diners, stay in tiny motels, and snap photos along the scenic routes. Small details matter to you, and getting there is half the fun. Potential trips you should take include winding your way through Italy’s Amalfi Coast, riding through Alaska’s Seward Highway, discovering Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail, or taking the 113-mile drive from from mainland Florida to Key West.

Well done, Buzzfeed.

Hope you weren’t doing anything important today …


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79 responses to “This Post Is A Complete Waste of Time

  1. I don’t work anymore & I wouldn’t have time to do all those quizzes! I do one every once in a while but they never seem to “get” me.

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    • Lucky you! I wrote this on a Sunday, when I was working extra hours and needed to get something in. Instead, well, you see what I did!


  2. I don’t do the quizzes … but, I get caught up in the endless cycle of lists “15 cute child stars who grew up to be ugly” and “10 stars who are bisexual” … and, before I know it, I have a head full of totally useless information and have lost an hour or two that I’ll never get back …. *sigh*

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  3. First of all, your post was better than mine, so there. And b) Why is that weird off-green color so popular now?? I don’t get that at all.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Actually, MJ — my post was remarkably similar to yours. But if it was better it’s because I ended up being Flossie — I mean, if you want to add insult to injury …

      Nice to see you. And I HATE THAT COLOR — it is chartreuse, which I thought was sort of plumb colored. The actual chartreuse is ghastly! Except, perhaps, in plaid.


  4. Julie

    Great. Thanks. Now I will also have to do this. Because I have an incredible amount of work to do and no time to waste.

    Then I will have to share with you my results also Because I have an incredible amount of work to do and no time to waste.

    And, of course I will have to go check out MJ, since you speak so highly of him and I think so highly of you. Also Because I have an incredible amount of work to do and no time to waste.

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    • Julie

      1. Apple
      2. Bertha. Bertha? I feel much more Agatha.
      3. winter.
      4. Lurking
      5. Optimistic
      6. Well Rounded Intelligence.
      7. Type A
      8. White. (Or Red.)
      9. just too stupid an answer to share.
      10. violet
      11. Right brained
      12 Party-cation.

      Now we all know me so much better! Because I have an incredible amount of work to do and no time to waste.

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      • Now that I am finishing up work for the evening — please do note that I am posting this comment at 10:06 after a 13 hour work day (less occasional blogging breaks). Wait. What was I saying?

        Oh yeah. I’m so glad to know these things about you. Except 9. I want to know what 9 is. Of course, I don’t remember what question 9 is either …


  5. Thanks for sharing, Flossie.


  6. Ha ha, I always get sucked into those quizzes as well and am currently opening new tabs to access some that you’ve mentioned because procrastinating is what I do best 🙂

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  7. Is there anything I do that isn’t a complete waste of time???????????


  8. I used to love taking personality tests when I was a kid. I so so relieved to know I had one…or two… or…well you get the picture! 😉

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  9. I hate to admit it, but I love these quizzes. For instance, I found out my psychic ability is clairvoyance, my great-grandmother is my guardian angel (that gave me goose bumps) and I know everything there is about 60’s sitcoms. What other self-knowledge can one possibly need?

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  10. Flossie, I am just glad I didn’t see this yesterday or NOTHING would have gotten done!

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  11. My ‘use up 2 1/2 years of my life in entirely futile activity’ confession is watching those ‘hillarious’ 94 second videos on Yahoo Homepage – Estonian Woman cheats death while doing shopping, Kitten break dances etc…

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  12. I finished a book today where someone named Flossie changed her name to Christmas. This past week, I took a class on time management that talked about time wasters and little about managing time…plus it went 10 minutes over…ironic much? That said…gonna take the quiz. Another time waster is blogthings personality quizzes.

    Thanks, Elyse. :0)

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  13. Brilliant. Thanks for that, there goes my next couple of hours 🙂

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  14. Hi, Flossie! This is funny because I was thinking about all the various responses I’ve had to quizzes recently. (One said I was most like Darth Vader…and that was pleasing). So I will now have to try very hard not to take my inner Swiss, Iris Goddess of Rainbow, shoulda been a motivational speaker self away from your post in case I waste too much of a sunny, Danish morning taking more of them.


    • Motivation is always good. Fear motivates me …

      Sounds like a lovely Danish morning — don’t take any more of these quizzes until winter starts — what’s that September?


  15. LMAO You are so funny, love the way you presented this trap most of us get caught up in. Thankfully, one has to sleep sometime lol 😉

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  16. I think we have a lot in common, Flossie. I had a green smoothie for lunch. Coincidence? I highly doubt it.

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  17. Lol because I have a lot of work to do but You are too much like me. Now off the iPad and back to work.

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  18. With all of this misleading information, half-truths, and outright lies as exhibit A, I think you should hire a lawyer and sue the world wide internets. Add on liability damages for wasting your time.

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  19. Fortunately, I don’t need to take a quiz to know that my personality type is Skeptical… which is pretty much why I don’t take these quizzes.

    Now, back to all the important stuff I was doing…

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  20. I’m as bad as you, Elyse. I just read your entire post to find out what you got on all 12 Buzz Feed quizzes. WTF?

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  21. Did you ever get your work done?


  22. Apparently green is my colour (For the record I hate green)
    Autumn is my fall in love season which is true. I got married in autumn
    My name should have been Noodle. WTF??
    My personality is type A-A go getter which can be true.
    I should travel to an all-inclusive resort. (Pretty close)
    I’m right brained (True)
    I’m a Strawberry. (I do like them)
    I’m Well-Rounded Intelligence (Hmm)
    My sixth sense is : Feeling the urge to internally scream all day long ( Maybe)
    And now that over a half hour is gone..Gibber out!

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  23. Thanks to you, I now know I’m an apple who’s passionate and who’s favorite color is red. I’m also ten minutes closer to death thanks to the time I spent on these three quizzes…

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  24. Thank you for helping me to procrastinate getting my back log of work done. Like you, I thought, “one post, how could it hurt?”
    Just for the record, I am pretty sure chartreuse is that colour of green you don’t like and think is really ugly.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It IS that color! I hate it. I had a dress that color in 6th grade that was very short and I always had to write math problems on the board … I have lived a hard life.


  25. Glazed

    I read your very long post that you had no time to write, because I’m busy today, myself, and had no time to read it. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this somewhat long comment, because of all the time you don’t have, due to the incredible amount of work you have to do. Please reply, with all that time you don’t have, and let me know how much further along you’d be with your work, if you hadn’t stopped to read my comment.


  26. Oh, you have NO IDEA how tempting it is to dive into this one today, but I was just about to turn off the computer and get back to … whatever. I’ll probably come back and play another day, but reading your answers was quite entertaining, so thanks for the smile. I’m still so far behind on blogs that I’m sure I’ll never get caught up, and I’m not even trying to juggle a career with blogging. Well, unless you count deep thinking. In that case, I’m pulling 80 hour weeks. 🙂

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