Heads Up!

As a woman with Crohn’s disease, knowing where the nearest toilet is is something I have to think about a lot.  Sometimes it cramps my style, makes me avoid activities I might otherwise enjoy.

So imagine my relief when I learned that, in spite of the possibility of having to “go,” I can now help out outside.

Yeah, it’s true!  You can read about it here.  Someone has invented just the thing for folks like me — A special pooper scooper the inventor calls “Loo-cy.”

A motorized combination snowplow and toilet.

Me, I am flushed with excitement over this gadget; because everybody needs to do their civic doo-ty.

*    *     *

There is a conspiracy afoot to have me think about nothing but toilets.


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34 responses to “Heads Up!

  1. I have the same need except for my bladder since my hysterectomy & it keeps me from doing a lot of things I might like to do. It’s awful being tied to a toilet all the time, I can sympathize with you!
    I used to have the same problem with my bowels but found a medicine to help me as long as I don’t get stressed or overtired, etc.
    I’m quite a lot of fun to take on a trip – I cannot eat or drink the same day I’m traveling (even to the doctor’s office). Kind of a pain when Winnipeg is 14 hours away!

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  3. The sad thing is that I can relate! 🙂 So wonderful that you have such a great sense of humor about it all.


    • Truthfully, I don’t always — sometimes it gets me down. But mostly, well, what the heck — poop IS funny. And a motorized toilet/snowplow? That’s a gift!


  4. Elyse, I sooooooo want to see you scooting around town on that. It would be mighty cold if you had to use the “facilities” while scooping though. Beware of frostbite.

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  5. I hope it comes with either a heater or a blanket so you don’t freeze your bits and parts off! Great invention.

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  6. Ha! Not having a bladder and having to pee every couple of mins. keeps me home most of the time and it’s a big deal for me to go out. I know where every washroom is, in every store and place in the city. It’s so stressful.

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  7. Not really sure I want someone using that on the sidewalk… it looks like a human version of a manure spreader… like a big rooster tale of yellow and brown snow is going to go shooting out…

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  8. Now that;s creative … and delivering smiles as well. …. but it would be cold to use … and wouldn’t it leave a trail?


  9. Paul

    He had the lid down Elyse – he is an imposter. Ha! It is amazing how modern technology can help people get out and about more easily. As the owner of a colostomy, I have been known to engage in some poop humour. Obviously, since every asshole is entitled to an opinion, with two assholes, I am entitled to two opinions.

    As an aside Elyse, I just guest posted over at Cordelia’s Mom and would be bonored if you could find the time to drop by for a read,. http://cordeliasmomstill.com/2015/02/19/the-learning-curve-guest-post-by-paul-curran/comment-page-1/#comment-8942 Thanks so much. 🙂


    • With a colostomy, don’t you qualify as a two-and-a-half asshole? But given that you are a fellow bowel breaker, you can express all the opinions you like!


  10. I bet I know where h was when he came up with this brilliant idea.

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  11. Glazed

    I like the concept. As king of the castle, I do my most important work sitting on the throne.

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  12. I simply have no worthy response, none. Like Carrie, your tags are made me giggle. You amaze me, your ability to laugh at the entire thing. I think I tip over and worship you just a little bit.

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  13. This one bowled me over. Let’s see, what other poop-puns can I squeeze out? I wonder if he has different models: a #1 series and a #2 series? 😉


  14. Between you and Peg-O-Leg, toilets are turning into quite a theme. Perhaps you should join forces and create a toilet-themed blog called “Flush!”

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  15. I can think of few things worse that sitting down on an ice cold toilet seat. And he really needs to put some curtains around that contraption.

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  16. Well that’s one way to get yourself noticed! His grandsons should try it. That contraption oughtta bring all the girls to the yard. Not.

    Your tags made me laugh out loud. Love how you worked gun control in there. 🙂

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