Pretty Please?

Until this morning, I’ve been dreading 2016.

Politics, to me, is a spectator sport.  And so the idea of Hilary (ho hum) v. Jeb (ho ho ho) sounded like it was going to be about as much fun as cribbage.  Watching cribbage.

But this morning, I read that we may have some entertainment value to our next presidential race after all.  Whooeeeee!!!

Mitt Wants to Run Again!!!

And you know what idea he plans to run on?


Yup.  According to this article in the Huffington Post, Mitt is going to tackle poverty:

Romney, who made a fortune in the financial sector and was cast by Democrats in 2012 as a heartless businessman, wants to make tackling poverty — a key issue for his 2012 vice presidential running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan — one of the three pillars of his campaign.

Tell us another one! (Google image)

Tell us another one!
(Google image)

I wonder if Ann Romney knows she might have to eat tuna and pasta again.


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68 responses to “Pretty Please?

  1. Is he running in 2012? I thought he was running in your upcoming election? Maybe he needs better staff if his press releases are this bad already!

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    • No, as it turns out he is NOT running in 2016. Which is good and bad!

      Benze, I see that you have commented on a whole bunch of old posts. Does this mean you’re feeling well? I really hope so. I’ve missed you!


      • I have been up & down Elyse. I had a bad cold for 2 weeks & finally had to go get some antibiotics & cough medicine to help deal with some of the symptoms. Mostly my absence has been caused by emotional changes in my life. Three weeks before his 65th birthday my hubby got laid off from his job, so we made the decision to move back to Winnipeg where all our children, family & friends live. The bust & boom of Alberta oil has not been kind to us over the last 8 years. So I have been busy doing what I can to help pack & get ready for the move on Monday. Maybe once we’re settled in Wpg., hubby will find a part time job or a hobby – giving me the privacy I need to read friend’s posts & do some writing of my own.

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        • Oh dear — it sounds like you’ve had quite a time of it. But being closer to family sounds like a good move (usually!) I hope it works out well for you all.

          Good luck getting re-settled and re-employed. Have a safe trip.

          But don’t worry about reading all the back posts. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t anything all that vital!


  2. I want Palin to run again…


  3. Mitt just wants to keep all his ‘investors’ from looking for new opportunities. No really, Mitt thinks, “You like me, you really like me” and if it weren’t for that upstart Black guy you would have voted for me. No, maybe it is 3X the charm.

    What ever it is, it will be fun except the GOP has reduced the number of debates so we won’t have near the blood bath. Dammit.


  4. Your problem is that you live too near ground zero. Run! Run away!

    Romney didn’t give a shit about my family three years ago and he STILL doesn’t care. Fail.

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  5. Poor Mitt. .. so I ask this question. Is Mitt 3.0 really considering a run or is he trying to fowl things up for Jeb?

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  6. As I commented elsewhere … after 2012, there was very credible evidence published (I think it came from some of his family members or maybe even from Romney himself) in which he acknowledged that he didn’t really want to run for President in 2012. So, here’s what we have, a potential Republican nominee who was their nominee in 2012 who, after the fact, admitted that he didn’t really have his heart in it, he ran a horrible campaign, and revealed himself as being a charter member of the arrogant rich, and now he “wants” to run again and run on poverty? Seriously, this is a great example of truth being better than fiction. The only problem is that if Hillary is the Democratic nominee, I may just be compelled to vote for him. OK, maybe not, but the idea of Hillary as the other choice makes me want to vomit. Profusely.

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    • That is one of many reasons i dpn’t want Hilary — the vomit factor. She has waaaay too much baggage we as a country don’t need to look into again. Folks like her or REALLY don’t And their opinions aren’t likely to change with another dance.

      I like her well enough, but i wish she would just sit this one out.

      There is too much pressureon her, though, to be the first female president


      • Being the first female president is not a good enough reason to run. She has to have something to offer. On foreign policy I think she would be far too much like a Republican. On domestic policy, to be truthful, I have no idea what her positions are. And that’s the second problem, she’s a mystery on so many things, running on the belief it’s her turn, her entitlement, rather than actually convincing anybody she has the ideas and skills to lead.

        And, yes, there’s that other part. Her divisiveness, which isn’t necessarily her fault. But, here’s the thing I learned with the Obama Presidency. It doesn’t matter, if a Dem is elected, the Republicans in Congress won’t cooperate. So, divisiveness is becoming less of an issue for me. It’s more of a never ending reality regardless of the nominee or incumbent.


  7. Oh boy… even we remember that guy, up here. And it’s not a great memory.


  8. Paul

    As an outsider looking in, it strikes me that you folks aren’t getting much of a choice. Best of luck.


  9. They know how to pretend to care.


  10. You should be writing for Jon Stewart! 🙂


  11. You’re one funny lady! 😀


  12. We have our own General Election in the UK this year, and choices are ………… words fail me as we haven’t really got one.
    Mind you, I like cribbage.


    • I would love to have the types of elections you have in the U.K. Maybe I should suggest it…

      Primaries are really stupid, and they put the earliest — and most important ones in the states who represent the fewest number of people in the U.S.

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  13. Is he planning to outsource poverty to China? Or just keep telling people that voting for Romney will automatically make everyone rich?

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    • Paul

      Ha! Well said X.

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    • Oh, that made me think of that factory in China he visited and claimed that the barbed wire was to keep job-seekers out! That was up ther ein my top 10 stupid things Mitt said.

      Yes, I think he will send all the poor people to China because we know they’re all gonna vote for someone else (sigh, Hilary)…


  14. Those rumblings we hear are simply prelude to GOP implosion. Again!

    As for Mrs. Romney, never mind tuna, let her eat cake… to celebrate and mourn yet another epic mistake.

    I so look forward to throwing Jeb, Ted, and some lard from NJ into the mix. Never been a fan of cannibalism but watching it is going to take a lot of popcorn.


    • I wish they would implode and lose the House and/or the Senate. It’s gonna be a nasty two years, I fear, Eric.

      Ann Romney really got under my skin. Absolutely in the Marie Antoinette cast (caste???) So was Cindy Lou-Who McCain. Come to think of it, since Barbara Bush I can’t think of a single GOP wife who has been made of flesh instead of plastic. And Barbara is, of course, something that rhymes with “witch”!


      • Unfortunately, it *is* likely to get nasty which in my view is only going to hurt those responsible for initiating and perpetuating nastiness. At the same time, I do not underestimate a great majority of Americans when it comes to their awareness. They may not be overtly vocal but when it comes time to vote, many are sufficiently aware of who did or did not not ‘X.’

        It’s too bad that Sen. Warren knows she can and will be more effective from her Senate perch, otherwise, she could become a contender… a viable candidate.

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  15. Oh, man. This is gonna be pathetic.


  16. Amazing. Points to Mitt for chutzpah. Certainly, someone will overlay the policies he pushed last time around to see how it would have impacted the poor. Does he think we will forget? Not pay attention? Both? Probably.

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  17. Yep, but that’s my least favorite spectator sport! Lol!

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    • I used to work as a (low level) lobbyist. Watching politics — particularly in the House — was great fun. I’m older now and realize that these battles have consequences. Villages (and the people who live in them) are really truly burned … It is a scary world. But we all need to pay attention to this game. (Now doesn’t that sound like a good blog post …)


  18. AC

    Politics never ceases to amuse me.


  19. I can’t imagine running for president once, but three times? That’s just masochistic.


  20. NotAPunkRocker

    Tuna and pasta sound good right now!

    I am glad to find another left-leaner who isn’t all essai about Hilary. I don’t hate her, but I don’t love her either.


    • I’m with you. I like Hilary. I think she will (or would) probably make a fine president. But I am so tired of the drama, of the mudslinging. They already have so much Clinton-flavored mud. I want them to have to dig up some new stuff.

      But she is rather boring, too. And I think there is so much visceral hatred for her that it wouldn’t be a whole lot different than if we gave Obama another term!


  21. You and I agree on this, Elyse.

    No Bush. No Clinton. No Romney. Pasta is OK. Tuna is definitely out.

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