Left vs. Right — You Choose

In the left corner, representing us, we have a true statesperson:  Senator Elizabeth Warner:

When was the last time the anarchy gang called for regulators to go easier on companies that put lead in children’s toys? Or for inspectors to stop checking whether the meat in our grocery stores is crawling with deadly bacteria? Or for the FDA to ignore whether morning sickness drugs will cause horrible deformities in our babies?

When? Never. In fact, whenever the anarchists make any headway in their quest and cause damage to our government, the opposite happens.


Why do they do this? Because the boogeyman government in the alternate universe of their fiery political speeches isn’t real. It doesn’t exist.

 Government is real, and it has three basic functions:
1.    Provide for the national defense.
2.    Put rules in place rules, like traffic lights and bank regulations, that are fair and transparent.
3.    Build the things together that none of us can build alone – roads, schools, power grids – the things that give everyone a chance to succeed.


 We are alive, we are healthier, we are stronger because of government.

And in the other corner, we have John Boehner and the Tea Party Tizziers:

Elections Matter!

*     *     *

My thanks to the Stephen D at the Daily Kos for the video link to Senator Warren (my hero).

And my thanks to one of my favorite blogging buddies, Frank of A Frank Angle for Groucho.


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26 responses to “Left vs. Right — You Choose

  1. Moe



  2. Well I’m from the UK and each government is different, of course, but good government will always matter, whatever country you are in


  3. I knew you would appreciate this video!


  4. Fear mongers love sheep who believe everything they hear. It’s so much easier to be a follower than it is to actually do some work and seek the truth. Thank goodness for people like Elizabeth.


  5. I oftrn think a lot of the talk is just rhetoric for, I’m arguing with everything until I get my way.


  6. Follow the money with these guys! It is always about the money


  7. It’s great that so many congressional representatives are drawn from such a wide pool of citizens.
    It’s a pity so many citizens are idiots.

    It’s cheap and petty of me, but I hope the shutdown turns around and bites every last one of them in the ass.

    But again, in the end, I think we the people are responsible for the pezheads in office. So what does that say about us?


  8. 1) Elizabeth is my Senator. Yay!!!!!!!!!!
    2) The antigovernment block lost all of its legitimacy when it cried, “Keep the government out of my Medicaid!”


    • Lucky you! I wish I had been able to vote for her — I gave her money but that’s not the same.

      But I think the anti-government crowd has been losing legitimacy for a very, very long time.


  9. So, in Groucho’s line, should Ted Cruz be part of any government that would allow him in? 😉


  10. I put Senator Warren up on my two FB accounts, should have seen the nastiness from those who fail to understand the function of Government. I am with you, she is my hero. Thank you again.


  11. Elizabeth Warren, you go girl!!! Thanks for your last couple of well written posts.


    • Isn’t she wonderful? She said (this week, I think) that she’s not interested in being president. Shame, really.

      Thanks for the nice words, too.


  12. People like Ted Cruz base their entire platforms on the “evil of government” and to me, it’s nothing but a ploy to prey on the ignorance and fears of the American people.


  13. I’m always a bit baffled when people are so anti-government. Imagine the alternative. I sure wouldn’t want to live in such a place. Of course things aren’t perfect, and checks and balances will always be needed. After all, Utopia is fictional. But woe to the country whose government collapses.


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