Changing The Name Game

A perfect weapon.  Because, after all, what’s in a name?


My thanks for this video, and for being the first person to encourage me to start a blog, goes to my friend and colleague Bao.


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34 responses to “Changing The Name Game

  1. Anyone needed enough time to clip also to utilize the coupons, consequently be sure they’re working out for you ultimately.

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  2. Ha ha! Love this, and LOVE your new ‘look.”


  3. Ha! This is awesome!! Loved the video and it totally made sense. Going to share it on my FB..hehe


  4. Reblogged this on Sheri de Grom and commented:
    I agree that it’s time we change the way we select names for natural disasters. Are they really natural or are we causing each event?


  5. I am extremely frustrated with our government and the mainstream media (including al gore) because discussions on global warming and greenhouse emissions completely omit the devastating environmental impact of factory farming. Want to save the environment? Go vegan. Eat organic.

    According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, “the livestock sector generates more greenhouse gas emissions as measured in CO2 equivalent – 18 percent – than transport. It is also a massive source of land and water degradation.”

    If everyone in the U.S. chose a vegetarian diet – the equivalent of taking 46 million cars off the road or not driving 555 billion miles.

    Yet he served burgers at his “save the planet parties”
    Want to go green? Stop eating flesh.


    • I’m afraid I will disappoint you — I could never go vegan — partly because of my GI issues, but only partly. Plants and my gut do not go together well. In fact, they make me add substantially to the mammal-based CO2 emissions. Not that I’d admit it if I’d cut the cheese …


  6. Tried to play it and an error came up. Shizzle. I read all the comments and it makes me really want to view it. 😦


  7. This is one of the best videos I’ve seen and I’ve read a lot. I want to reblog it. Is that okay with you. There’s so much that really hits home and I belive the American Public can actually relate to this video. This is indeed a job well done. Sheri. You’ll find my blog at Thanks in advance.


    • Wouldn’t it be great! It would be hard to choose, though. There are far too many climate deniers and folks who think that taxes are horrible until they need help in their home towns.


  8. Great idea! Until the pezheads decide any publicity is good publicity…


  9. How about Mudslide Rush Limbaugh? It’s heavy, covers everyone in dirt, and keeps going downhill.


  10. Clinton



  11. Oh my my … .sadly, this is too funny!


  12. I saw this yesterday and just laughed and laughed. Signed the petition. Laughed some more. Isn’t this wonderful, wouldn’t it really be awesome if they did this?


  13. Then there is Hurricane Donald Trump… who threatens and threatens and then just fizzles out.


  14. Loved the video and passed it on to friends.
    What about Monsoon Mitch McConnell?!


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