Chicken S*#t

[Washington, DC, February 15, 2013]  Pundits were astonished today when members of the GOP-led House Committee on Science, Space and Technology announced plans to hold hearings on science and the lack of federal research into the causes of natural catastrophes.

One witness agreed to appear:


*     *     *

Seriously, yesterday,  Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) announced that he was shocked, shocked that the United States Guv’ment had not been investing enough money into scientific reasons why that meteor that exploded in the skies over Siberia, injuring over 1,000 people.

Yup, they are finally going to look at science because the sky is falling.  And they’re afraid it will land on them.


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41 responses to “Chicken S*#t

  1. A Meteorite crater appeared in the middle of Washington Dc and a congessional committee are now looking into it.


    • Was it in the middle of Ted Cruz’ head? Or Michelle Bachmann’s?

      Perhaps there were a whole bunch of meteors that landed across the US and spawned the Teaparty. Yup, that’s the only thing that can explain it.


  2. Snoring Dog Studio

    Yes – they want to spend millions investigating a very random, incredibly rare event, but when it comes to climate change – nothing will convince them to take action. They’re really idiots and someone elected them.


    • Yes, the ignorant masses elected the ignorant few. People need to pay attention, starting with dog catcher. Because these ninnies come up through the ranks.


  3. I read the story in The Dallas Morning News online and while I wish I could claim credit for this comment, it did make me laugh enough to pass it on: “Lamar Smith’s colliding with reality is a bigger threat.” (Eric Foster)


  4. If history is any indicator they’ll find a way to blame democrats. These are the same people who “question” evolution, hormonal contraception, climate change, and even the age of the earth. As we’ve seen countless times before, the only time they’re interested in funding something is if they stand to gain from it. Glad to see a potential meteor strike on their homes or those of their constituents is providing the motivation for them to possibly change their ways.


    • Of course Democrats are behind it. Duh!

      I remember fondly the days of Robert Stafford and John Chaffee who understood science and how it could make our world a better place. Instead we have Ted Cruz. God help us, every one.


  5. aFrankAngle

    When science and Republicans from Texas are in the same sentence, I find it difficult to take it seriously.


  6. Sweet Fancy Moses. I would have expected them to start pointing the finger at the Russians and saying that this was God’s punishment unto them for all that Commie stuff.


    • You do have a point, Weebles. But you know, if it had hit then you would expect it to be God’s punishment for their ungodly ways. But it didn’t hit.

      Apparently, God is not so anti-commie after all.


  7. cooper

    but they still don’t believe in evolution. scientific hogwash.


  8. Clinton

    Posturing moron. Can’t be bothered to read NASA’s mission statement. Can’t be bothered to research and understand the technological challenges and limitations of finding and tracking small, fast, dark objects. Can’t be bothered to take his head out of his a**.


  9. Has the caucus found out yet that the earth revolves around the sun or does it still think it’s the other way?


  10. bigsheepcommunications

    Oh, so Chicken Little is a republican?


    • My original reply to you got lost, Lisa. I’m sure you will agree though that whatever I said was hilarious.

      I’m pretty sure that these new “science fans” are more chicken hawk than Chicken Little, though.


  11. Has the revolution started yet?


  12. Clearly the solution to large scary meteorites is more guns


  13. Well meteor falls, must be God Farting on those damned commies.


  14. The mirror is priceless…genius. I think Le Clown is right on!


  15. I’m surprised they’re looking into it.
    Or even realized the meteor happened.
    I thought the first rule of gov’t was “ignorance is bliss”…


  16. Le Clown

    If a meteorite had fallen on a USA landmark, say…the Pentagon, the US government would have sent troops in North Korea to fight against Nuclear tests and terrorism… or to capture Oscar Pistorius, and executed on live television. And now about Pope Benedict XVI…
    Le Clown


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